Wooden Gate Plans to Make the House Safe & Pretty

If you have been wondering whether you should install a fence or not, the answer is yes. They do not only protect your place, but they also play as additional exterior design to the house. Now, one of the options you can consider for giving both functions is wooden gate plans.

There are many reasons why every property should have a fence for its outside area. The most important one is they can protect the house, animals, and people inside. Without one, they can easily run off, injure themselves, and even get lost.

However, to make sure that your fence can protect everything, it is important to choose the right material and design. One of the most popular and used element is wood.

1. Benefits of Wood Fencing

benefits of wood fencing it is more affordable

Wood has become one of the most chosen and used materials for fencing. People consider it one of the best options because of many reasons.

One of the main concerns about why people choose wooden gate plans is because it is more affordable. They can use many kinds of wood for their fence, from cheap to strong expensive logs. Therefore, they can choose the best type of material based on their budget and needs.

The second reason why wood fencing is a favorite is that it is durable and resistant to many things. Installing a fence is not cheap. Therefore, everyone would surely like a strong and long-lasting gate.

With the right care and maintenance, wood can resist and have high durability against weather, temperature, and moss. If you can give it the right treatment, wooden gate plans can last for a decade without serious damage.

The next reason why people come up with wooden gate plans is that they are easy to install. Without the help of the professional, people can easily work with this material and build their fence. However, if you need it quickly, you will still need help from the experts.

Wooden gate plans are also lovable because they are suitable for all kinds of house designs, so whether you have a modern or traditional house, this material can adjust their looks.

For example, if you want a minimalist exterior design, then come up with simple wooden gate plans. The model can be very simple, and you can adjust the color to your theme.

If you are an environment lover, wooden gate plans are necessary for your fence. Unlike other materials, this option is easy to dispose of and does not harm the environment at all. You can recycle and reuse the wood for other purposes.

2. Modern Wood Fence Ideas

modern wood fence ideas simple but elegant

Although wood seems old fashion, you can get a modern look by choosing the right model and material. To help you get some ideas, you can apply these simple yet updated fence designs for your house.

Whole Wood Design

whole wood design with big size woods

Make your fence simple but elegant and modern at the same time using whole or big size woods. So, rather than cutting them in small pieces, utilize their original length and use it as your fence.

This kind of design can cause cheaper because you will not need extra service to cut the wood in pieces and the installment is much easier to do. However, this is bulk, so the model is very simple.

To make the fence look not too plain, come up with different wooden gate plans. So, if most of the model is made in a rectangular, make the door in a different style. For example, you can add a circular design or other types of shape on top of the original gate.

You can also come up with fancy wooden gate plans by giving some engraving only on the door side. This can also be a special characteristic of your place, so people can find the house easier.

Finally, most importantly, make sure that the finishing of the wood is right. For a modern touch, people will usually add some gloss to the fence to make it shine like a diamond.

Asymmetrical Pattern Fence

asymmetrical pattern unique kind of fence

For a unique kind of fence, why not apply the asymmetrical pattern design. So, for this design, the basic shape is still rectangular, however, the difference will be inside the frame. Unlike other models that are made with the same size wood, this one will be different.

Therefore, inside the frame, there can be a long, short, thick, and thin wood combined as one. It may seem strange at first but once your workers finish them it will look artistic.

You can apply the same design to your wooden gate plans. However, it is better to make it simpler as you already have enough unique patterns on the fence.

Horizontal & Vertical Pattern

horizontal & vertical pattern make it a bit more interesting you can combine both

A simple yet modern look design you can use for your fence is the horizontal and vertical model. Usually, people use only one type of pattern, however, to make it a bit more interesting you can combine both.

For the fence, you can use the horizon pattern. Next, for the wooden fence gate plans, you can use the vertical model. Just make sure that the total height is the same, so they look symmetric.

You can also come up with sliding wooden gate plans for the main entrance of the fence. This kind of design is also very popular these days, as they will not block any space when they need to be opened.

3. Combination Wood Fencing

combination wood fencing with other kinds of materials

Even though wood is one of the best to use, there is nothing wrong with combining it with other elements. You can mix it with almost any other kinds of materials from cement, bricks, stainless steel, and many more. Here are some of the best pretty ideas you can concern.

Modular Fence

modular fence is popular with those who have small yards in the cities

This kind of fencing is popular with those who have small yards in the cities. Despite the limited space, people can still stay safe and separate their houses from the sidewalks using modular fences.

The concept of this design is using hanging pickets or slat horizontally or vertically. As for the base, people usually poured concrete and cement. To make it match with your home design, you can paint the base a similar color to the house.

Now, for the wooden gate plans, make it the same design and color as your fence. However, you do not need to combine it with other materials nor elements, as it is good just the way it is.

Natural Stone & Wood

natural stone & wood is great for villas

To get a natural theme for your exterior design, combine natural stone and wood as a fence. This kind of fencing is great for villas, houses in the village, or the mountains.

You can combine two materials in many ways, from making the stones the base of the fence or using it in the middle part of the frame.

One of the simple combinations is using them in turns, stone-wood-stone-wood, and so on. Then use wooden fence gate plans for the front side of the design.

Sheet Metal & Wood Combination

sheet metal & wood is combination cheapest material

As for those with a limited budget and want to make a DIY fence, they can try the sheet metal and wood combination. Not only are they the cheapest material but both are also sustainable and durable against many kinds of conditions.

The first step you need to do is make a wood frame for the fence. Make sure to give some space in each part of the wood (top, down, and sides) to attach the sheet metal afterward.
After you have the frame, then install the metal onto it. Hang them on in a vertical way and make sure that are attached tightly. To save some spending and time, it is best to make the frames the same size as the sheet. Therefore, you do not need to cut them into smaller pieces.
As for the entrance, make simple wooden gate plans, such as sole wood doors. You will not need extra effort to install this kind of design onto your fence.

4. Wooden Fence Gate Plans to Complete the Look

wooden fence gate plans to complete the look

Whether you choose to make your fence with one or two combinations of material, for the gate it is still best to use wood. Not only are they suitable for any kind of design but also a great improvement of value to the exterior design.

Another great thing about wooden gate plans is that they give great privacy and security for the property. Usually, the panels of wood are solid and have smooth surfaces so it will make it hard for people to break in.

Wooden Driveway Gate Plans

wooden driveway gate plans not need too much material

If you do not have a front yard and only have a parking area, then make wooden driveway gates to secure your car. You will not need too much material, as the areas are usually not too big.

Now one of the designs you can use for wooden driveway plans is horizontal fences. The concept of this design is just piling up pickets tightly together, so they become solid and tight. Some of the best kind of wood for this design is ipe, cumaru, tigerwood, garapa, and massaranduba.

To get a glamour looking exterior, wooden driveway gate plans can also be combined with marble materials. So, use the wood for the fence and the door, whereas the marble will be used for the connector or pole.

If you do not want to get disturbed on how it will open, then choose sliding wooden gate plans as an option. This way, you do not have to worry about whether to push the fence in out because all you need to do is slide to the side.

Wooden Farm Gate Plans

wooden farm gate plans is very simple and easy to make but can secure your barnyard

As for those who live in the village and need to secure animals from running out, they can use the wooden farm gate. This kind of model is very simple and easy to make but can secure your barnyard.

One of the models you can use for your wooden farm gate plans is the double V design. This concept is stronger and can be used for single or double doors.

Therefore, the V shape wood in this plan is to make sure that the pickets can stand longer and stronger. Normally, the pickets are attached to the frame. However, there is no element in the middle part of the gate. Therefore, to give additional strength, extra wood is added on both sides of the rail.

Arched Wooden Gate Plans

arched wooden gate plans give a vintage look to your exterior design

Make arched wooden gate plans to give a vintage look to your exterior design. The models are simple yet beautiful especially if you put them in the backyard.

Arched wooden gate plans are best to use for a backyard garden where flowers and plants can grow near them. This will make them look like the entrance to the magical secret garden.

However, if you do grow some plants around them, make sure to give extra attention to the maintenance. If not, then it can damage the fence and the gate.

Wooden Deck Gate Plans

wooden deck gate plans is easy to make

If your main purpose of making a fence is to protect your pets, then just build a wooden deck gate. They are easy to make and can protect your cats and dogs from running away. You can either buy them at the nearest furniture store or make one on your own.

Wooden deck gate plans are also the best option because they are cheap and easy to make. For this kind of fencing, you will only need three different size shapes of wood. Then, with a drill assemble them to cover up space.

Therefore, every house should have at least a fence or a gate to protect their property. They can also secure your pets and animals inside the yard.

However, to make them for than just a fence, you can choose modern and fancy designs. For example, use wooden gate plans for the entrance so it will look fancier yet more beautiful. This will also add the exterior value of the house.

So, whether you are planning on a fence or fancy wooden gate plans, choose wood as the main material. This element is adjustable for any kind of theme and you can combine it with others to get a better design.

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