12 Tub Shower Combo Ideas That Will Tempt You

You are planning on renovating your bathroom. However, limited funds and small space become real big challenges. Don’t despair. Try applying these fabulous tub shower combo ideas to create a delightful personal sanctuary.

The bathtub and shower combination is not just sturdy and affordable, but also makes clever use of small bathroom space. Furthermore, this 2-in-1 piece saves your money and increases your home’s value.

Shower tub combo can be used to make your bathroom more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, you can get the best of both worlds in just one place. Without further ado, read on for some magnificent options.

1. Two Person Tub Shower Combo

two person bathtub combo in a white color scheme

Do you have a pocket-sized bathroom? If so, take inspiration from this picture. It is one of the most amazing tub shower combo ideas worth stealing.

In this contemporary bathroom, there are marble tiles around the rectangular tub. They add timeless beauty and a high-end appeal to space. Those pieces also evoke a sense of pure elegance.

White color scheme, window, and mirror make sure the bathroom’s airy setting is always maintained. A skylight allows the area to bathe in natural light. Glass shower door offers a sleek touch that creates the perception of more space.

Built-in shelving holds bath necessities. Two showerheads enable you and your spouse to have a relaxing shower together. Wood accents send out a warm ambiance. The flower in a bud vase titivates the scene.

2. Corner Tub Shower Combo

corner bath to give a lovely touch to the bathroom

For those of you who are space-challenged, building your dream bathroom is doable. We have had some corner tub shower combo ideas to try.

As seen in the image, the corner tub shower combo has a compact look. It instantly lends an alluring touch to the bathroom. This space also proves that something basic can be trendy and appealing, too.

Pale taupe and crisp white generate an enchanting contrast. The clear glass partition and stainless steel finish fixtures carve a modern feel. Black tiled flooring adds depth to the tiny bathroom.

Furthermore, the white corner tub lets you unwind your mind after a bad day at work. Meanwhile, a quick shower offers a hassle-free morning.

3. RV Shower Tub Combo Ideas

rv bathtub combo idea with monochrome patterned curtains covering the splash area

Searching for RV tub shower combo ideas? You’ve come to the right place. As seen in the picture, the small two-in-one unit is a great space-saving solution. It makes your recreational vehicle feel like home.

It would be better if you choose custom-designed tub and shower pieces for your RV because they can be made to fit your needs. The skylights let lots of sunlight into the vehicle. A monochrome patterned curtain covers splash areas.

The mirrored medicine cabinet tricks the eye into thinking space is larger. Medium-toned wood accents exude a welcoming atmosphere. The RV’s interior provides lots of legroom to let you travel in comfort.

Beige walls and countertop impart a sense of serenity. Vanity enables you to brush your teeth comfortably. The flush mount ceiling light illuminates the bathroom after dark. Don’t you love this RV shower tub combo?

4. Luxurious Shower Tub Combo Ideas

luxury bathtub ideas with clear glass walls

Are you a luxury lover? If yes, give any of our glamorous tub shower combo ideas a go. In this example, the entire bathroom is clad in marble tiles, except the ceiling. They bring unmatched extravagance and beauty to the interior.

Stainless steel shower fixtures ooze modern industrial charm. Instead of curtain, the homeowner installed a clear glass wall. It produces a sleek look and a light feeling.

A black framed window allows for breathtaking outside views. The white ceiling evokes the feelings of cleanliness and openness.

The rectangular tub in this sophisticated bathroom enables you to enjoy a leisurely soak after a hectic day at work. Mosaic and hexagon patterned tiling create visual interest. Pops of color liven up space.

5. Soaking Tub Shower Combination

a combination of a soaking tub shower and a white brick wall

If you want to indulge yourself in the comfort and grandeur, this would serve as one of the most marvelous tub shower combo ideas. Here, the bathroom employs subway white tiles. They quickly inject a contemporary flair into the room.

Medium gray Arabesque tiles steal the spotlight without overwhelming the bathroom. Furthermore, corner shelves keep bath essentials in place. Rain showerhead lets water caress your back.

Black slate flooring is a dramatic contrast to white walls, cabinetry, and a soaking tub. It lends the bathroom unique beauty. The patterned area rug offers ornate details and provides warmth underfoot.

Black metal rod and hooks deliver industrial charm to the bathroom. A white curtain ensures privacy. The cabinet holds spare towels. Meanwhile, potted plant and tree stump stool bring the outside inside.

A freestanding soaking tub comes in pure white. It is a perfect spot to have a sudsy soak that will melt your tension away and leave you feeling relaxed.

The soaking tub lends a spa-like vibe to the bathroom. Be sure you add essential oils, Epsom salt, and dried flowers into it. Then, lean back and enjoy a deep, soothing bath. Small

6. Bathroom Ideas with Tub Shower Combo

small bathroom ideas with a bathtub shower combo with a side shelf

There are so many tub shower combo ideas, but we only show you the best ones. As shown in the picture, the contemporary bathroom features large cream subway tiles. They exude a tranquil mood and create an effect of widening.

White ceiling, tub, vanity top, floor tiles make space feel bigger than it is. The built-in shelves maintain the bathroom’s clutter-free and stylish look.

Metallic shower fixtures add shine and industrial charm to the small shower tub combo. The stainless steel rack holds a white towel in place. That can recessed lights brighten up the whole area after the sunsets.

Dark gray vanity cabinet brings sophistication and function to the bathroom. Speaking of tub shower combo ideas, no space is complete without decoration. Here, white coral ornament emanates a coastal ambiance.

Wooden pedestal stool is placed in front of the white soaking tub. It gives the pocket-sized bathroom unparalleled warmth.

7. Shower Tub Combo Remodel

remodel bathtub combo with additional curtains and plants to make it more beautiful

If your bathroom is small, you could benefit from our captivating tub shower combo ideas. After a successful yet inexpensive remodel, this space went from blah to beautiful.

Before shower tub combo remodels, it was so outdated. The homeowner transformed her tiny bathroom into a modern personal retreat.

White subway tiles develop a clean environment while offering a contemporary appeal. The rectangular built-in tub is a perfect place to take long relaxing showers and baths.

That wall niche accommodates brown pump bottles. Also, the homeowner added labels to them. They keep her from grabbing the wrong bath essential. Brushed gold shower fixtures instill a sumptuous setting.

Rain showerhead allows you to get the most marvelous aquatic massage. Stainless steel rod introduces a different metal finish. Light turquoise curtain offers privacy and spruces up the bathroom at once.

Wood flooring and table produce an inviting atmosphere. They embrace the raw beauty of nature and take the chill off cold tones.

The scented candle creates a calm effect and lends a heavenly aroma to the bathroom. Meanwhile, indoor plant poses as a natural air purifier. A book on the table lets you read in the bath.

8. One Piece Tub Shower Combo Ideas

one piece shower combo ideas with shower combinations

Probably, the bathroom is the narrowest space in your home. If that is the case, you need to apply our tub shower combo ideas. Various designs can evaluate a tiny area.

We suggest choosing prefab units. In terms of design options, they are certainly limited. However, you can personalize them with some upgraded shower fixtures of your choice. Don’t forget to install grab bars for safety.

Here, the single-piece shower and bathtub combination comes in pure white. The unit adds a modern flair to the bathroom. It also boasts built-in ledges. They house your soap bar and pump bottles.

Moreover, the one-piece bathtub shower combo is simplistic but appealing. It is suitable for those of you who want starkness, comfort, and something completely unfussy.

A pure white oval bathtub softens the look of the bathroom dominated by sharp edges and clean lines. It lets you enjoy an exclusive soak after a very busy day. Metallic shower fixtures add some shine to the interior.

Brown walls allow the crisp white single piece to be more noticeable. A two-tone rug is both soft and absorbent. After getting out of the shower, you can step on it to dry your feet.

9. Freestanding Tub Shower Combo Ideas

freestanding bathtub ideas with geometric candle holders and overhead metal showerheads

Are you into classic tub shower combo ideas? If so, start taking some notes from this bathroom and then create your hideaway.

Here, space is outfitted with a clawfoot tub. The piece quickly evokes great memories of a Victorian period long gone. It’s an era when women’s small bathrooms would have their signature styles.

Moreover, the traditional clawfoot tub infuses Old World charm and ultimate comfort into the bathroom. Geometric candlesticks, metallic overhead shower, and other fixtures along with glass walls lend the space a touch of modernism.

Talking about tub shower combo ideas, you should put a color scheme into consideration. Here, pure white dominates the bathroom and makes the space feel airy. It creates a soothing look as well.

Patterned floor tiles draw the eye in a split second. They tastefully contrast with crisp white tiled walls. The tiling keeps the bathroom from being too sterile.

The 3 legged table holds bath products. Meanwhile, a black wire basket keeps rolled up towels in place. Gray and blue glass vases adorn the bathroom. A window allows ample sunlight to shine through.

10. Walk-In Shower Tub Combo

an economical bathroom design that offers an extra benefit by incorporating a vanity into the area

Looking for impressive tub shower combo ideas? This bathroom definitely can be a good source of inspiration. The white color palette develops a light feeling and an open atmosphere.

That walls around the built-in soaking tub were covered in wood look tiles. They are easy on the eye. Moreover, windows add natural light to the bathroom. Curtain rod and shower fixtures have brushed nickel finishes.

Furthermore, the corner shelf accommodates a pump bottle. A blush pink curtain provides privacy. It also infuses a feminine feel into space. The towel bar keeps your stuff off the floor.

Cream flooring sends out a relaxing atmosphere. The upholstered X leg stool and two-tone rug are located in front of the window. They raise the comfort in the bathroom. Vibrant bath essentials spruce up space.

This space-saving bathroom design in the otherwise large space offers the extra benefit of incorporating the vanity into the area. You can take a long hot bath during winter months and have your everyday makeup done.

When it comes to tub shower combo ideas, lighting does matter. Here, the mirror over vanity is flanked by glass pendant lamps. White framed artworks fill empty walls and tie the room together.

11. Rustic Tub Shower Combo Ideas

small rustic black painted bathtub with shower

Just because you don’t have a master bathroom, doesn’t mean enjoying a long soak seems impossible. By stealing these tub shower combo ideas, your dream will turn into reality.

Gray wood flooring calms your mind. The black clawfoot bathtub sits on it while oozing visual drama and a classic appeal. Whitewall, curtain, and door open up the room in no time.

Grungy red galvanized metal sheet lends the bathroom a rustic feel. The overhead shower head and curtain rod give an industrial flair to the interior. Red star towel and retro eagle wall decor exhibit patriotic vibes.

12. Deep Soaking Tub Shower Combo Ideas

deep soaking bathtub combo idea with glass shower wall

Some people like juxtapositions. If you are one of them, try using this tub shower combo idea. Here, the skylight lets in lots of sunlight to keep the bathroom bright.

Moreover, the white Siglo Japanese soaking tub comes in a round shape. The deep bathtub ensures you can get submerged up to your shoulder. It evokes a spa-like ambiance and offers a modern feel, too.

Marble flooring and walls carry an opulent touch to the area. Glass shower wall and built-in shelves give the space a sleeker appearance. Black metal shower fixtures are a dramatic contrast to the rest of the bathroom.

It is seriously essential to have a dual-purpose bathroom, especially if you are short on space. Last but not least, choose tub shower combo ideas that meet your budget, personal style, and design needs.

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