10 Split Level Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Inspire You

Bi-level homes were so popular in the 1960s to 1980s. However, one of their major drawbacks is they have areas separated by an unnecessary wall. If you own such abode, read on for some smart split level kitchen remodel ideas.

Many families chose two-level homes because they wanted to divide the kitchen from the living room without spending too much money. Typically, a few steps are leading down to the sitting area.

Furthermore, the split-level kitchens are normally dated. They cannot pair with modern furniture. In this article, we have collected some renovation projects to help you improve your culinary space and make it functional yet attractive.

1. 1970’s Split Level Kitchen Remodel

remodel kitchen with white ceiling and cupboards

If your house was constructed in the 1970s, steal this split level kitchen remodel idea. Before the makeover, the culinary space was a complete nightmare. Now, it features a white ceiling and cabinets. They create an open environment.

In addition to having lots of white, the kitchen boasts a glass-front upper cabinet, light gray walls, and stainless steel appliances. They team up nicely and ooze a stylish appeal.

Another downside to the 1970’s homes is they usually lack natural light. That’s the reason you should install a big window over your sink to upgrade the kitchen. Since it receives plenty of daylight, the room will appear bright and airy.

To keep your bi-level kitchen from becoming dim, install both overhead and under-cabinet light fixtures. Here, the downlights brighten up the whole area. Meanwhile, pendant lamps lend the space a contemporary flair.

The black kitchen island allows you to have an extra work surface and casual seating with the addition of some stools. Granite countertop and backsplash tiles pose as the eye-catchers.

Moreover, the black countertop brings visual drama to the interior. The dark-toned wooden floor exhibits a warm atmosphere.

2. Small Split Level Kitchen Remodel

remodel a small split tier kitchen with chandelier and vase

Do you have a small culinary space? If so, no worries. By applying this split level kitchen remodel project, the area will get more beautiful and functional. In this example, the room includes a window for a light feeling.

The kitchen has ample storage options after the transformation. It employs wall corner cabinets to optimize vertical space. White ceiling, apron-front sink, and backsplash tiles assert a sense of airiness.

There is no wall between the kitchen and the living room anymore. It was taken down in the remodel. The island and stairs are a part of the sitting area now. Meanwhile, stainless steel appliances provide industrial appeal.

Can recess lights were installed in the ceiling. They illuminate the entire room and exude a modern vibe at once. Pale gray furniture units set a relaxing ambiance, while deep wood flooring sends out a cozy vibe.

Marble countertop and gold detailing infuse a touch of luxury into space. The small island and curved stools make for a chic dining area.

Furthermore, the pendant lamp gracefully hangs above the island. The countertop was embellished with vases flowers.

3. Split Level Ranch Kitchen Remodel

renovation of the culinary space with an open concept near the living room

Tranform your ranch style culinary space into something more welcoming by implementing this split level kitchen remodel idea. The image shows that sticking to a classic theme still lets the space meet modern-day needs.

Back then, the kitchens in bi-level homes were enclosed. The renovation offers an open-concept culinary space that is linked to the living room. Here, the demarcation lines between those two areas are blurred.

The windows allow a good amount of natural light in. Meanwhile, shutters and curtains help minimize sun damage in the kitchen. Painting and wood-framed artworks decorate the walls.

Wood furniture enables the patterned rug to steal the show. Moreover, white molding separates the ceiling from the walls. The oddly shaped kitchen island comes with lots of cabinets and drawers.

Furthermore, the bottle rack was incorporated into the upper cabinetry. Stone backsplash tiles and black quartz countertops lend the kitchen a touch of nature. The stainless steel refrigerator generates a clean look.

Speaking of a split level kitchen remodel ideas, many homeowners usually opt to install extra light fixtures. You should do the same.

Here, the downlights give the whole kitchen general illumination. Meanwhile, ranch-style pendant lamps emphasize the island. The under-cabinet light fixture produces a shadow-free work surface.

4. Split Level Kitchen Remodel Before and After

fixer top remodel white indoor split level

This kitchen belongs to the home constructed in the early 1970s. The space was dark and uninviting before the makeover. It employed dull wooden cabinets and a grungy floor. However, now the room appears airy and light.

With the split level kitchen remodel project, the culinary space is an absolute breeze. It had no flow of sight and air across the walls earlier. The renovation is truly fabulous.

As seen in the picture, the room includes a lot of crisp white. The color opens up space and visually makes it bigger.

Additionally, the board and batten beautifully cover the bottom half of the walls. Meanwhile, the upper part was painted light gray. The white molding titivates the walls and adds elegance to them.

White stove and cabinetry coordinate well with open shelving. The dishwasher and double sink bring more functionality to the kitchen. A large window lets ample sunlight pass through.

The kitchen remodels also employ a long narrow island table hugging one wall. Its bottom shelf houses three wicker baskets. They keep pans and pots in place. Dark wood flooring fills the space with a homey ambiance.

5. Split Level Kitchen Remodel with Skylights

split level kitchen remodel with skylights in the living room

We love this split level house kitchen remodel. It takes the culinary space from meh to mesmerizing. The dividing wall and formal dining area have gone. Meanwhile, that open-plan culinary space is nicely connected to the living room.

Typically, a bi-level kitchen is associated with a dark space. However, it features light gray pillars and white vaulted ceiling. They make sure the light atmosphere and open setting of the room is always maintained.

Putting the walls down will certainly help, but you can go the extra mile to give the kitchen a brighter look. If your room is not so spacious, consider installing bigger windows and skylights. They revitalize the area.

Baseboard molding and gray shiplap wall adorn the kitchen. They carve a welcoming ambiance, too. The distressed wood sideboard and stone fireplace exude an outdoorsy feel.

Moreover, the unpainted wood cabinets add lots of storage space to the kitchen. Sofa and black dining chairs provide ample seating area, while herringbone wood print rug generates a comfortable environment.

The downlights ensure that the kitchen has proper illumination. Both LED strip lights and pendant lamps keep the counters from being drab, while potted houseplant in front of the window purifies the air.

6. Contemporary Split Level Kitchen Renovation

kitchen renovation in a contemporary classic style

Since her space is small, the homeowner opted for space-saving storage options in the split level kitchen remodel. She outfitted the room with Shaker cabinets. There are also built-ins and hidden shelves.

Double-wall oven, refrigerator, and hardware inject a modern flair into the room. White ceiling, backsplash, cabinetry, and countertops create the perception of a bigger culinary space.

The kitchen has no access to natural light. That’s why the homeowner installed downlights. They prevent the space from becoming gloomy. Two vintage pendant lamps stunningly highlight the island.

Glass-front upper cabinets instill a light ambiance and display dinnerware. Needless to say, the split level kitchen remodel is amazing. The open plan increases the functionality and flow of the culinary space.

Wood handrail and flooring bring the outdoors indoors. They infuse warmth into the kitchen dominated by cool tones. The contemporary upholstered dining chairs make for an informal, cozy dining area.

Cream wall imparts a serene atmosphere. The white color scheme makes the space lack interest and life. Fruits and green glass decorations jazz up the interior in the blink of an eye. What a lovely kitchen!

7. Split Level Kitchen Design

kitchen design and chandelier in traditional style

This culinary space went from blah to beautiful after a clever split level kitchen remodels project. The homeowner wanted her room in a traditional design. She furnished the area with classic and contemporary furniture pieces.

Before the makeover, there was a kitchen door leading outside. However, it didn’t receive adequate natural light. To keep the space from feeling dark and cramped, the homeowner installed French doors. They let in lots of daylight.

Those walls of the cooking area were painted cream. In no time, they exhibit an inviting atmosphere. Meanwhile, the molding tastefully divides them from the white ceiling. It also raises the kitchen’s beauty.

Wood cabinets accommodate dinnerware and metallic appliances. The round clock next to the window oozes vintage charm. Moreover, the white peninsula provides an extra prep space for cutting ingredients.

The TV screen was mounted on the wood cabinet over the peninsula. It allows the homeowner to watch the news while cooking meals. Floral curtains in muted green infuse the space with more classic appeal.

A French country chandelier produces a superior illumination. It accompanies downlights and rectangular flush mount ceiling light. That two-tone rug defines the kitchen from a nearby formal dining room.

8. Split Level Kitchen Layout

the kitchen layout has lots of clean white on the ceiling

We admit that the split level kitchen remodels layout is marvelous. The room has lots of crisp white on the ceiling, wall, door, and dining chairs. In a flash, they emanate an open atmosphere and make the room seem larger than it is.

The home was built in the 1980s, so it doesn’t have sufficient daylight. After the split level kitchen remodels project, there are windows and doors with a glass pane. They allow the space to get ample sunlight.

Furthermore, the wall that connected the kitchen with the living room is now gone. The same wood flooring stunningly continues in the sitting area. It develops a unified appearance and a homey ambiance.

In the kitchen’s new look, the room does not boast a formal dining area. The island and high chairs generate a cozy space for sitting as well as enjoying meals. They keep you from feeling left out from your friends or family.

Before the split level kitchen remodel, the living room was outfitted with old fashioned furniture pieces. In the renovation, the mid-century modern and contemporary units spruce up the whole space.

Marble counters lend timeless grandeur to the interior. Three glass pendant lamps light up the dining area. The floor clock exudes classic charm, while ornate decorations over the minimalist mantel grab the attention.

9. Split Level Kitchen Wall Remodel

remodel the kitchen walls to limit the culinary space of the living room

In the split level kitchen remodel, the homeowner removed the solid wall. It demarcated the culinary space from the living area. Since there is no clear visual division anymore, the room has a great passage of sight and air.

White cabinets were painted pure white. They produce a seamless look and contribute to the room’s mess-free environment. The window was tiny before, but it is bigger now.

Moreover, stainless steel appliances give the room a modern feel. Dark kitchen island with marble countertop wraps the space. Two dining chairs accompany it and add a vintage touch to the area.

Shiny wood flooring makes guests feel truly welcome. A pair of glass pendant lamps offers stylish lighting solutions. Taupe rug and walls set a relaxing ambiance.

The kitchen also features a formal dining room to host a dinner party. The blue area rug separates it from the casual hangout spot. Navy sofa infuses drama and energy into the otherwise neutral space.

10. Split Level Open Floor Plan Remodel

remodel open floor plans with clear glass panels in the room

As the homeowner climbs down the stairs, she enters a multi-functional space. The split level kitchen remodel has an open concept cooking area that is smoothly connected to the living and dining rooms.

Aside from taking down the dividing wall, the homeowner also installed windows. They ensure that the kitchen is not gloomy. The door with clear glass pane gives the room more access to the natural light.

Wood flooring and dining set along with brown living room furniture evoke a pleasant atmosphere. Downlights, classic chandelier and pendant lamps give the space appropriate illumination. Red accents add a bit of vibrancy to the scene.

By trying any of those split level kitchen remodel ideas, you can make your outdated culinary space more trendy and terrific. Although the room poses its unique challenges, a smart renovation will tackle them.

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