Shipping Container Office Modification, a Low-Budget Step to Success

Shipping container office could be the answer to business problems currently hit the world. As we know, the capital problem is not the only obstacle to running the economy. People also experience difficulties related to business locations.

The limited land, the high cost of building rent, a complex construction process, and various complicated bureaucracy related to the use of the location are the real problems existed now. Of course, it is not something easy to overcome.

However, a new hope seems to emerge among businesspersons. The development of the shipping container office building is now become extensive and brings a new trend that is considered a surefire solution.

Building a shipping container office means that you will say goodbye to complicated bureaucracy, long work, and various things that usually become obstacles in construction. All you need to do is making modifications.

This concept cannot only be applied to offices. Lately, many people have adopted it for the coffee shop, eating places, even homes. All can be done with just one finger flick.

With low prices, you also no longer need to worry about quality. Containers are different from concrete buildings that are sometimes fragile and easily collapse. Its strength is guaranteed and will make it comfortable.

However, choosing a shipping container office must be done carefully because there may be several factors that can hamper. If you want to know more about it, please read this review until the very end.

1. What is the Shipping Container Office?

Shipping container using unique material

The Shipping container office is a workspace made from unique materials. Instead of using cement, bricks, cement, and others, these are only made from used boxes that are commonly used in transportation services.

For many people, this idea does seem crazy. How could a container be converted into a room functioned as an office? However, this idea has developed rapidly and is widely used everywhere.

The container is made from zinc material, which is known to have a strong resistance to weather. It has a strong framework, thus certainly will not collapse easily. To prevent it from rusting, you can use paint and do not forget to keep it clean as often as possible.

There are many reasons to apply the shipping container office idea, one of which is because of the low cost. Only with a giant box, you can turn it into a comfortable place to live. You will need your creativity and imagination to create a fun place to live in.

Nowadays, this kind of ‘building’ will be easy to get. You can order a container online or call a professional to provide your best office in a blink. When purchasing the unit, you will get a package of shipping container office kit to be assembled and turned into a beautiful place.

2. The Facts about Shipping Container Office

The Facts about Shipping Container is fun for all

After learning a lot, it turns out that the shipping container office is so fun in many ways. Here are some facts and benefits of using this phenomenal building concept.

  • Low in cost – Unlike building or renting, you can get your unit at a very affordable price.
  • Flexible and movable location – You can place it anywhere, as long as it does not interfere with the interests of others. Besides, the position can be moved at any time and anywhere.
  • Does not require much maintenance – Because of the steady frame, you do not need to do much maintenance. Just clean it up so it does not look dirty.
  • Having good endurance – Containers are made of strong materials so they will not be easily damaged, moldy, or collapse.
  • More practical – You do not need to make a frame, foundation, or anything else as building a real office. Simply modify it to be a beautiful masterpiece. No time wasted.
  • Can be modified as you wish – You can put out all creative ideas to build it into a beautiful office. Use the best colors, decorations, and settings to make it comfortable.
  • Locking hot air – As the material is made of zinc, using a container will make hot air inside. However, this is not a big problem. You can place the air conditioner or open a large space so that air can enter freely.

3. Things to Consider Before Building Shipping Container Office

Things to Consider Before Building Shipping Container

Seeing the benefits above, of course, you will be interested to start building shipping container office. Moreover, many service providers currently offer units and help design.

However, you still should take note of some considerations, as building this kind of workspace is not as easy as imagined. You must consider many factors. Before you start to hunt containers, you should first learn the points below.

Find Out What You Need

First, you have to read the conditions. Not all executives are suitable to use the shipping container office for businesses. Read the opportunity of whether its use is fitted your future needs. If the prospects are not good enough, then you should not proceed.

Besides, you also have to make sure that the dimension and size of the container are suitable for your business needs. Plan the system of your container office, security, and shipping container maintenance well. Everything must be done carefully to avoid loss.

Understand Your Surroundings

Do not just assume it is cheap. Every activity in public places will certainly bring consequences. Observe your surroundings and learn the conditions around your future shipping container office place.

Some things to consider:

  • Is the location strategic enough?
  • Do you need to get special permission?
  • Does your office not disturb the environment later?
  • Everything must be examined in detail to avoid undesirable things.

Plan Your Shipping Container Office Space Arrangements

Even if the location and raw material matters are done, there are still other things that you also need to consider. An office certainly needs to be well designed to create a productive work climate. Then how will you organize a container into a comfortable room to work in?
Therefore, you must prepare the right design not only for yourself but also for other people who will occupy it. Various furniture, security systems, and other aspects must be prepared on target. Once again, you must understand your business needs.

Building Installation

An office needs a variety of things, ranging from electricity, telephone, water, internet, security systems, and others. You must consider it very carefully so that problems do not occur in the future.

Do not forget to prepare a maintenance system also to overcome any problems related to the installation. You will never know what could be happened in the future.

What Kind of Office Do You Build?

After finishing the space planning process, it is time to start implementing the system. From the start, you must have had an idea of ​​how to run your office. Now that everything is ready, you have to start everything according to the style designed.

Those mentioned above are just some critical considerations you need to note. However, if later you build a business place or shipping container home office, other problems may arise. Nevertheless, every problem will have a solution, right? Just keep your spirits up!

4. Starting Your Shipping Container Office Building

After making a concept, completing the administration, and so on, it is time to build your shipping container office. Below are some steps that you must go through to start it all. Please learn the points carefully.

Costs to be Prepared

Setting up an office for a team does require substantial funds. If you intend to rent an office in a strategic location, it will be about tens of millions per year. Even then, you still have to pay for various expensive service fees every month.

Many people then use private homes for offices. This method is quite popular because it can reduce costs, but another problem arises when the needs of the office collide with personal ones. An unfair calculation will cause inconvenience.

Therefore, the use of containers as an office can be an alternative. The price of one unit is currently still under $5,000, of course in an empty condition. With this price, the property is already in your hands to modify.

However, for those who do not want to be bothered, many parties are offering fully furnished shipping container office manufacturing services. The price depends on the desired facilities and spatial planning. You can buy it at around $90,000 per unit.

If you have prepared the desired container, then you can start using it. Do not forget to complete your new office with the various office equipment needed. The design is as comfortable as possible to make the residents comfortable doing activities.

Shipping Container Office Kit You Need to Prepare

If you choose to buy an empty unit and try to modify it by yourself, then you must recognize the shipping container office kit you will get. Usually, the package will depend on the size and dimensions ordered. One example is the one reviewed on the Modal Art page.

For a full 20-inch shipping container office purchase, you will get several items, including an insulated office, dual pane vinyl windows, and fire-rated insulated door with accessories. The package includes BTU A / C, security cage, electrical package, and exterior junction box.

Those standard items will be included in some bigger units, but with some addition. For example, if you buy the 20-inch Combo package, there will be a ‘partition wall with man door’ added. However, the kit provided may differ from one seller to another.

Managing the Shipping Container Office Layout

After all the kits are at hand, it is time to start shipping container office conversion. You can start assembling units based on the specifications ordered. However, you still have to plan the perfect layout by utilizing the objects that are already in hand.

For the shipping container office with one floor, the layout might be simpler because it only uses one space. Nevertheless, in it, you can provide insulation so that the room can be used for several needs.

You can also create multi-floor offices by using stacked containers. An artificial ladder can be installed for those who carry out activities upstairs. Do not forget to give beautiful colors to keep the spirit of work.

If you have successfully designed a convenient shipping container office, do not forget the surroundings. Not only indoor, but the decoration is also needed on the outside of your office.

To avoid a too rigid atmosphere, try to make modifications to the shipping container backyard office. Leave a little space to relax where you can enjoy the coffee-break moment peacefully. You can also complete it with a beautiful mini garden.

Another thing to remember, electrical installations must also be considered well. It should hamper the performance of the workers inside. Place it in a corner, or provide a special room with a partition to avoid danger. Alternatively, you can also use the outside part.

5. Using Shipping Container Home Office

Using Shipping Container for your home office

After talking a lot about the shipping container office, maybe you are interested in using it privately. For example, you are a freelancer who does everything without going to the office. Certainly, there are times when you feel bored and want to do work in a comfortable place.

You can even design a shipping container home office for yourself. You do not need to buy a big one, just make room for yourself. Afterward, you can design as you like and make it a comfortable workplace. You can place it in one favorite corner of the house.

Besides, using a shipping container office at home can also be an alternative escape when your mind is too tired. Decorate every part of it by your style. You can even design it professionally in case you want to accept clients at home.


Based on the explanation above, we can conclude that the shipping container office is a fun way to build a business. Many benefits you can get when using this concept. Besides, you can explore the wildest part of your creativity to create a good office.

However, once again, everything must be taken carefully. Apart from the low cost and flexibility, the shipping container office must also be chosen and built with full consideration. However, whatever it is, at least it can be a breakthrough for young businesspersons in pursuing success.

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