Let’s See How Great A Purple and Gray Bedroom Can Be

Purple and Gray bedroom is an idea to consider. Why? Both colors are complementary to each other. It’s a great combination that offers a classy and elegant look to the interior.

In this post, we’ll show you how great purple and grey together as the main color scheme of a room. Some people would assume that green and yellow are complementary to purple. Well, wait until you see these bedrooms.

1. Concrete Ceiling in Purple Bedroom

Concrete Ceiling in Purple Bedroom with awesome design

Check out this first idea of purple and gray bedroom. It looks like a complete showdown. The greyish element is represented by the concrete beam on the ceiling. The unfinished surface above this bed complements the charming purple scheme.

The existence of gray color neutralizes the atmosphere. Indirectly, it maximizes the interest in purple shades. That stunning rug is so elevating as the base for the bed. There are also some pink accessories to handle the dusky accent wall.

2. Modern Bedroom with Purple-Grey Matt Finish

Modern Bedroom with Purple-Grey Matt Finish

In this bedroom, the homeowner introduces a hint of purple hue with a matt finish paint. It looks like a mix of purple and gray.

It’s a subtle way to make a modern space look great in purple without being too bold. The addition of accent cushions on the bed, emphasizes the existence of purple on the wall.

3. Geometric Purple, Gray, and White Paint

Geometric Purple Gray and White Paint

The geometric paint in this bedroom has a combination of three main colors. It’s so easy to achieve this modern look. You can use painter’s tape to cover the space you don’t wanna apply with certain colors.

The white color is to tie the wall with the bed. Some traditional purple and grey bedroom accessories are hanging on the walls. It makes the wall more special.

4. Romantic Purple Master Bedroom

Romantic Purple Master Bedroom with flower wall picture

It’s such a romantic image on the wall. A huge purple flower that stands out on a gray wall. It’s surprising since the neutral hue always complements the lavender shade.

As a whole, this bedroom has a savor style statement. The floral mural is an amazing focal point of the space. That colorful modern chandelier goes in line with the accent wall scheme. As you can see, the entire space is full of purple and gray that support the romantic vibe.

5. Purple and Gray Bedroom with Funky Element

Purple and Gray Bedroom with Funky Element

A deep gray in this purple bedroom makes the space even darker. A dark bedroom feels more relaxing and comfortable for some people. It will help them to take some rest and sleep well. So, pairing the purple with deep shades of the neutral tone is the right move.

To give a nice character, add a funky neon right above the headboard. It makes the bedroom more special.

The bright lights look so enormous in this dark space. Don’t forget to have an open window to balance the brightness. It can be a perfect grey and purple teenage bedroom idea.

6. Minimalist Gray and Purple

awesome Minimalist Gray and Purple

It doesn’t have to be black and white to be minimalist. A combination of purple and gray shades is an option too. As you can see, there’s no bold colors and decors in this bedroom. That’s what makes it stays in the world of minimalism.

The amount of purple is kept minimal in this space. The gray scheme seems to be the majority since it’s neutral. Right above the headboard, there’s a greyish wall pattern. Once again, there’s no bold effect from the pattern but it’s an adequate character for this bedroom.

7. Bedroom With Traditional Purple Boiserie

Bedroom With Traditional Purple Boiserie

The purple paint makes the traditional boiserie more beautiful. Such artistic texture on that accent wall makes a good statement to elevate the value of this bedroom’s design. Besides, two gray elements balance the interior.

As seen, the bedsheet and all the cushions or pillows are in neutral shade as well as the drapery. You should find the matching purple and grey bedroom curtains too. Once again, it shows us how well a purple can be with this neutral shade.

8. Purple Accent Wall in White Bedroom

Purple Accent Wall in White Bedroom

Check out this impressive bedroom design. The scheme contains three main colors, white, purple, and gray.

Gray and white plays as the neutral color that goes well with anything. So, purple comes as the accent wall. It offers a bold effect to the entire bedroom space. Thanks to the large glass wall that allows the wall to go in to control the brightness of the space.

The gray hardwood floor blends well with the purple accent wall. The white ceiling and wall become a nice canvas for both colors. To tie all of them together, the bed has a dark grey sheet with purple floral patterns.

9. Feminine Purple Bedroom

Feminine Purple Bedroom with beautiful design

This contemporary bedroom shows its feminine side with the shades of purple. The combination of furniture styles defines the current style. There are three various tones you can find in this space.

The first one is the neutral lilac color that’s applied to the entire wall. It’s a tone that can go well with any accent colors.

Next, the second one would be the bedsheets. It has a slightly darker tone of purple. It’s called lavender Egyptian cotton. The last tone is the grape-colored velvet upholstery on the accent chairs. It adds a bold pop to the bedroom.

10. Grey Concrete Floor in Purple Bedroom

Grey Concrete Floor in Purple Bedroom

This gorgeous Purple and grey bedroom set are just what you’re looking for. It contains a grape-colored accent wall as the focal point. There’s a silver wall decor which is the personal taste of the owner.

Once again it’s a combination of three colors, white, gray, and purple. The natural concrete color is the main greyish element of this space. So, you can’t deny its existence. Both neutral colors complement the grape accent wall.

11. Endearing All-Purple Bedroom

Endearing All-Purple Bedroom with two window

This bedroom has a simple but appealing interior design. Almost all elements are in purple shades. The soft lavender wall paint color provides a light background for the whole space. On the bed, you can see multi-hued sheets that add texture to the area.

All the purple shades are there on the table. It’s a stylish way to separate the bed from other parts of this bedroom. Meanwhile, it looks like the flooring gets a light gray carpet. It keeps the contrast level in the balance between white and purple.

12. Simple Modern Bedroom with Lilac Walls

Simple Modern Bedroom with Lilac Walls

This bedroom’s interior design is so simple but modern. It’s got a soft-lilac wall that contains wall moldings and flower decal stickers. Those are there to accentuate the atmosphere. You don’t need to incorporate any wall decor items.

All the furniture is simple. There’s an ordinary bed with lavender and pink sheets. A storage shelf right beside the table also functioned as a bedside table. However, the petal-shaped side table gets separated. It’s right there at the corner.

As you see, there are two shades of lavender on the wall. Both of them are balanced with white moldings and decorations. The gray flooring is there to keep the space inviting.

13. Contemporary Bedroom with Fancy Furniture

Contemporary Bedroom with Fancy Furniture

At a glance, this bedroom shows its luxurious characteristic with its furniture pieces. Even though the design looks too simple for fancy space, it’s still considered as the luxury. The purple-colored accent wall right behind the bed adds a very subtle accent.

Mostly, all the furniture pieces have neutral-colored fabrics. As you can see, there are some with taupe, cream, beige, and white. Those pieces are what make the bedroom look more lively among others.

The concrete flooring seems to be the only gray element in this bedroom. It’s more than enough to show people that it’s the right color to complement purple.

14. Rustic Purple Gray Bedroom

Rustic Purple Gray Bedroom with classic design

This rustic bedroom is somewhat attractive. It has a combination of purple and lilac which is a great idea for space. That exposed brick is the real decorative wall background to deal with. Check out that distressed headboard paint.

There’s a slight gray accent on it. It gets even more obvious with the deep gray bedsheets along with lilac and pink ones. If you think the rustic vibe is a little bit too extreme, just skip this purple and grey bedroom inspiration. It’s only designed for enthusiasts.

15. Soft Gray Bedroom with Purple Bedsheets

Soft Gray Bedroom with Purple Bedsheets

The bed is the essential furniture piece of the bedroom. It’s like the focal point of the space. So, whatever the color is, it’s gonna something to lead the room scheme. As you see, the purple bedsheets and pillows need the other elements in line with them.

That would decide the color scheme of the bedroom. This one is a good design idea for those who enjoy the warmth. The gray accent wall behind the bed plays an important role as the main background for the focal point.

16. Bedroom with Purple and Turquoise

Bedroom with Purple and Turquoise with coastal experience

The design of this bedroom offers you a coastal vibe experience. You will feel like you can enjoy the breeze from the beach somewhere on the coast. Focus on the background wall behind the headboard.

It’s a fusion of purple and turquoise. It’s painted using the lighter shade of purple. The wall matches the carpet right under the bed. There are two pillows with different colors. It shows the color that’s mixed in the fusion wall.

17. Soft Purples in Plain Neutrals

Soft Purples in Plain Neutrals

This bedroom design idea has a minimum amount of purple elements. There are three obvious items, the curtain, bench, and the blanket. The rest of the space has neutral colors.

This bedroom looks so soothing. That’s because it contains a lot of soft purple colors and a plain neutral scheme. It provides a naturally calming vibe that is suitable for any bedroom. That grey patterned carpet adds decorative elements for a lively scene.

18. Serene Purple with Pastel Blue Wall

Serene Purple with Pastel Blue Wall

Many people said blue is one of the complementary colors of purple. Well, it seems to be true. This bedroom has a milky pastel tint on the wall that blends well with certain shades.

Blue offers you with relaxing atmosphere. Purple is muted colors. So, you have to add decorative elements with an attractive pattern to add a little contrast. It will keep the room away from being boring or monotonous.
The textured gray carpet looks great to accommodate the whole scene. It’s good enough to maintain interest in the focal point.

19. Small Purple and Gray Bedroom

Small Bedroom with combination color

If there’s a limited space of bedroom to deal with, purple and gray combination can be a great color scheme. One of the keys to the design bedroom is to make it comfortable.

This bedroom defines comfort despite its small space. It’s a nice idea you can apply to the guest room. Purple bedding, white wall, gray carpet, and black decoration are what this space has to offer. All of them work well together simultaneously.

The clean white walls and windows make the bedroom visually more spacious. All the purple elements are the group in the middle of the room. It decides the focal point of the space. The shaggy rug and ottomans become a nice textured base for the bed.

20. Stylish Gray Bedroom with Purple Accents

Stylish Gray Bedroom with Purple Accents

That gray shiny wall is the luxurious feature of this large bedroom. There is a lot of space on the wall. The owner leaves it that way to maximize the shiny effect. It’s like the specialty of this bedroom.

So, there’s no need to add any purple and gray bedroom wall décor. Let the wall impress you with its stunning appearance. The bedding and window treatments don’t give any domination to the scene. It’s almost got no impact at all.

Probably, there should be more bold elements with purple shades. As a whole, this large bedroom is very comfortable in a fancy way.


All of those ideas show use how well these two colors together. So, having a purple and gray bedroom should be on your redecorating list.

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