The Trend of Metal Building with Living Quarters

Normally, to build a house or a place people will usually use brick as the main foundation. However, these days construction materials have become more expensive, causing the whole cost to spike up too. Therefore, an alternative that can substitute is a metal building with living quarters.

Usually, when people hear the word metal they think of a low cost and quality material. Whereas, this element is strong and sturdy just like bricks and concrete. It is better in many ways that you should know.

Metal building with living quarters may not be too popular in the cities, but this kind of building has been popular since the ’90s and it seems to come up again.

1. What is Metal Building with Living Quarters?

definition of metal building with living quarters

A metal building is a construction that uses steel as its main support or frame. Usually, to make it stronger and steadier, people can also combine it with other materials such as wood and concrete.

Well, many people are not familiar with this building because it is mostly used as storage. Yes, rather than using it for a house, many have been using it as a warehouse.

However, people can now utilize the function of metal building with living quarters rather than just a warehouse. So, the bottom part can be used as storage, whereas the second floor as the living place. Therefore, you can use it for business and personal needs.

2. Reasons to Build Metal Building with Living Quarters

reasons to build metal building with living quarters ideas

Even though this kind of building is not too popular yet, but people are starting to peek on it. Not only because it is more affordable but there are also many benefits of using it.

Compared to other kinds of material such as concrete and wood, metal is simpler to customize. You can shape it in nearly all kinds of ways. It can even be broadened with extra panels.

Another reason why many people prefer to use metal for a warehouse is that it is long-lasting. It is durable against any kind of weather from rain, summer to winter. Thus, even in the dry seasons, it is resistant to high temperatures, whereas in cold days it can protect your things from freezing.

Metal will also stand strong, even after going against the wind with an accelerated up to 150 miles. This is equal to a Category 4 Cyclone, which is quite big. So, do not underestimate the strength of this material.

Next, if you care enough about the environment, you will surely choose a metal building with living quarters as an option because steel is a material that is 100% recyclable.

People should know that steel is made of two main components, iron, and carbon. There are other elements inside it, but the quantity is very small, so it does not affect it too much.

Nevertheless, what is great about these are they can easily be recycled without any extra process.
Moreover, when you recycle steel, strength and function are still the same as before. Thus, there is no loss of ability or use of it, because it is just like the new ones you buy.

Now to maximize the use of metal, make sure to build the right metal building with living quarters. If you can make it right, it can be more energy efficient. One of the ways it by using white or light-colored roof panels as the ceiling. This way, sunlight can come inside the building without turning on the lamps.

3. Designing Metal Building with Living Quarters

designing metal building with living quarters ideas

Who says that steel building with living quarters is dull and boring? If you keep it plain, without any additional modifications, then it will look like that. However, you can make it more interesting by designing the exterior and interior.

You can start from the exterior, interior to the garage of the building. So, even though it is using a different kind of material, your metal warehouse can feel as comfortable as other homes.

  • Metal Building Plans with Living Quarters


steel buildings with living quarters ideas

Before going too far, it is important to make metal building plans with living quarters. Decide on how you would like your place to be and how you can utilize the area for both business and personal needs.

The best design of the metal building with living quarters to make them two floors. Therefore, you can use one floor for business, whereas the second level can be used for a place to live.

You can make your metal building with living quarters in a modern or rusty theme. Both ways are possible, it all depends on the color of steel and a combination of material.

If you want modern steel buildings with living quarters, then it is best to paint them all white. This color is identical to simple, clean, and advanced. However, if you like dark shades, you can make them dark grey with a touch of wood too.

To make the place look more advance and more efficient, install many glasses for the windows of the building. This way, you can get light from the sun and see the stars at night.

  • Metal Building Floor Plans with Living Quarters

metal building floor plans with living quarters ideas

If you are using it for business and personal use, then use the entire first level for the warehouse. As for the flooring, you can use concrete, as it is strong and easy to repair.

For the second level, you can divide it for your personal needs. If you have a big space, then make a few rooms, a bathroom, and a living room to gather with the family. If there is an additional area, then use it as a place to garden.

Planning metal building floor plans with living quarters is important to do in the beginning. Therefore, you will know how much material to buy to build the whole place. This will also determine the total of your construction.

  • Upstairs Design

metal buildings with living quarters upstairs ideas

If you decide to make your metal buildings with living quarters upstairs, then you will have to design it to make it comfortable. Plan it just as you are making a normal house, so adjust the theme and furniture inside.

The first thing you can design for metal buildings with living quarters upstairs is the separation. Make sure to separate your place and the warehouse differently, so that none gets disturbed. If possible, make two different entrances, so that people cannot enter your house easily.

For the interior, even though your house is made of metal, it does not mean you cannot design the interiors too. To make it as comfortable as normal houses, you can install some wood for the inside. As for the furniture, you can choose a combination of logs and marbles too.

The only thing you must pay attention to is when you hang things on. If you do not use other materials for the walls, then make sure to drill it well. Pay attention to the strength of the wall because it is not strong enough it will damage it.

  • Metal Building Garage with Living Quarters

metal building garage with living quarters ideas

Just like other houses, there are also metal buildings garage with living quarters. Thus, this is the place where you will keep and protect your vehicles.

You can make the metal building garage separated or in one place with the living quarters. However, to give more space, it is better to split it from the house.

The first thing to do is to determine the size of the garage. Determine this based on your vehicle and the quantity you have. If you want additional storage for your warehouse, you can make it a bit larger.

For a metal garage, you can make one your own or buy a ready garage. The material is also steel, so it is strong and steady. However, if you do not want to waste too much time, then buy one instead.

All you need to do is assemble the parts to build the garage. To make sure that it matches your house too, choose the same color and theme. Usually, the ones available online can also be adjusted easily.

  • Small Metal Building with Living Quarters

small metal building with living quarters ideas

A great thing about metal is that it is adjustable for small or big sizes living quarters. If you want to feel more comfortable, then you can separate the warehouse and your place.

Therefore, you will have to build separate small metal building with living quarters. Make sure to give some distance, so that both of your activities do not get disturbed.

4. The Disadvantage of Metal Building with Living Quarters

the disadvantage of this materials and the solution

Other than just knowing the benefits, it is also important to know the disadvantages of metal building with living quarters. This is important to know, so you can find solutions to prevent them from coming.

One of the minus parts of using steel for metal building with living quarters is that it holds back moisture. If you cannot prevent it well, then when the cold weather comes, the moist will stay in the elements that cause imprints.

These left marks are known as ghost marks as they suddenly appear without notice. You will not be able to remove the imprints, except you paint or change the steel. If you hurry and clean them up, then molds may grow too in your house.

Once they grow on your metal, then it will be hard to remove, and it is more expensive. So, make sure to prevent this from growing by cleaning it routinely.

Another bad thing about metal building with living quarters is that it may disturb some people’s health. Continuing the effect of mold, it can extend to the environmental issues and cause numerous health problems.

Other than that, the finishing of metal building with living quarters will need a special kind of painting. Some people are allergic to this kind of chemical, which can cause them to serious health problems. So, before determining to live in this kind of place, check your medical record of allergic.

Despite the many benefits you can get, if you do not take care of your place well, then be ready to have an extra expense. You will have to spend a routine cost every month to make sure your metal building is safe and clean.

Metal building with living quarters is best to build in tropical areas so that it can keep you warm even in the night. Otherwise, you will need to install a fireplace or heater to make heat up the house. However, you must be extra careful when you build one.

5. Maintenance of Metal Buildings

important point of maintenance the metal buildings

One of the important points of having metal buildings is taking care of it well. Whether you live in a tropical area or somewhere cold, make sure to give extra maintenance for the metal.

One of the easiest ways to maintain it is by cleaning and wiping it regularly. If possible, wipe it up every once-twice a week so that it keeps clean. This will prevent mold from growing which can cause danger for the people inside.

You can also prevent it by polishing the metal with special paint and polish. However, the cost of these chemicals is a bit expensive, as they are made different.

So, do you want to build a metal building with living quarters above or just one floor? Well, whichever design you choose, you can get many advantages, starting from the affordable cost to energy saving if you make it right.

If you happen to live in a tropical area, then metal building with living quarters is one of the best options. Not only will you stay warm, but it is also environment friendly.

On the other hand, if you live in a cold area, metal building with living quarters is not recommended as you can freeze inside. It can also ruin the material itself if you do not take care of it well.

Overall, metal building with living quarters has many advantages for the owners. Thus, if you consider the points above and you can fulfill most of them, then it is best to build one.

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