How to Carve Out a Mind-Blowing Scandinavian House Design

Many people are dying for Scandinavian house design. What is it? Why can it be so mind-blowing? More importantly, how do you bring it into your home? Keep on reading to find out the answers to those questions.

Scandinavian House Design: An Overview

Scandinavian House Design: An Overview

Scandinavian house design has roamed since the 1950s. Although it was derived from the past, it turns out that it is still popular now.

However, today’s Scandinavian house design might be a little bit different from what you may see in the 1950s as it has been tweaked to fit in with the contemporary flair.

Scandinavian house design in a modern perspective entails functionalism and simplicity. Natural materials, such as wood, leather, hemp, and plants are also indispensable elements when it comes to carving out this style.

The shapes and accessories you may find in Scandinavian house design comprise geometric patterns, abstraction, and the use of natural elements in the form of paintings or pressed plant frames.

If you are eager to bring this style into your home, check out for more details about its significant features below.

Common Scandinavian House Interior Design: The Features

Common Scandinavian House Interior Design: The Features

Like many other houses, the Scandinavian style also has significant features that help you distinguish it from its counterparts. Knowing the characteristics will also enable you to carve out it well. So, what are they?

1. Ditch the Wall-to-Wall Carpet

Ditch the Wall-to-Wall Carpet

Scandinavian house design is renowned for its natural look. For this reason, ditching wall-to-wall carpet to show off wood flooring is your safe bet.

The flooring is generally made of light hardwood materials, which provides a more inviting atmosphere. It can be left as it is to accentuate the natural look or painted in white to make the other decor look more standout.

Since no carpet covers the floor, it will be uncomfortable for bare feet to step on it especially if the weather is cold. To overcome this problem, try laying a rug near the bed or under the couch.

2. Opt for Light and Muted Color Hues

Opt for Light and Muted Color Hues

Winters usually last longer in Scandinavia, resulting in a dark and cold atmosphere due to the lack of sunlight. For this reason, most homeowners paint traditional Scandinavian houses white to make the space look brighter.

Today’s Scandinavian house design uses various kinds of neutral color palettes, such as white, gray, black, and brown, which can create a clean and soothing effect to the space.

Just because the neutral color palette is the common thing in Scandinavian interior design, it does not mean you cannot do some sort of experiments with other hues.

You can incorporate pops of colors, such as fuchsia and sea greens, to enrich the look. If you are planning to go for this idea, you had better paint the entire room white so that the furniture and decorative pieces can stand out immensely.

If neutral color schemes are boring, you can try implementing muted color hues that will also bring in tranquility to the space.

3.Team up Wood with Metallic Finish

Team up Wood with Metallic Finish

Wood is one of the most indispensable elements that you have to include in the interior design of a Scandinavian house. It usually occurs in flooring, furniture, and fixture.

However, contemporary Scandinavian house design has elaborated on this idea. Now, you will not only find wood but also metallic finish in the furniture and fixtures.

For example, copper sconces and brass pendants suspended from a wooden ceiling would be perfect to add shed some light to the entire space while maintaining the style.

4. Keep It Simple

Scandinavian house simple and functional

Simplicity is the heart of Scandinavian house design. You will not find any sophisticated decorations and trims in this style. Everything remains simple and functional.

Your Scandinavian living room has to feature clean-lined edges furniture that denotes modern flair immensely. The legs of the tables and chairs typically have smooth and rounded edges.

If you want to add patterns to the space, they have to be in the form of geometric shapes, such as hexagonal tiles and a round mirror in a bathroom.

5. Clutter? Big No!

limited space scandinavian living room

Traditional Scandinavian houses used to be small. Thus, the homeowners had no choice but to downsize the furniture and other stuff as the limited space did not allow them to have more.

Today Scandinavian house design tends to be much larger than the traditional one. However, the idea of ‘less is more’ remains there to get rid of clutter.

To maintain a clutter-free room, many homeowners invest in functional furniture wisely. They keep essential things used regularly and do not add unnecessary items.

The use of storage is also taken into consideration. The one that serves a double duty like an ottoman with hidden storage would be perfect.

6. Let the Natural Light Come in

Let the Natural Light Come in

Because winter lasts longer in Scandinavia, the environment becomes dark. Therefore, most homeowners always try to get as much as natural light as possible by keeping the window treatments down to a minimum. Some people even forgo them.

Nevertheless, if you still want to add a window treatment. Just make sure it is simple and will not block natural light.

A sheer curtain would be enough as it can blue the view and alleviate the glare of the sun while letting natural light pass through it.

Another window treatment that you can try is roller blind or Roman shade. Ensure you avoid a fancy one like drapery that tends to be heavy.

7. No Natural Light? No Worries!

Scandinavian style No Natural Light

Just like what has been stated previously, natural light plays a crucial role in rounding out Scandinavian style. Nevertheless, some people are not lucky enough to have large windows that make this idea tangible. If that is the case, artificial light will do in a pinch.

The artificial light that you want to install depends on your style. If you were into industrial look, wall sconces and pendant lights would be your safe bet. Chandeliers can add romantic vibes into the space. You can also opt for recessed LED lights for modern flair.

8. Invest in Cozy Textiles

decorate your home with warm and cozy textiles

Most areas in Scandinavia have extremely low temperatures, which makes these countries cold. Therefore, warm textiles are one of the common things that you probably encounter there.

So, how do you put this idea to your Scandinavian house design?

Try to decorate your home with warm and cozy textiles even if the place where you live is not as cold as most countries in Scandinavia.

You can drape a knitted or mohair throw over your couch in the living room to amp it up while allowing you to grab it in no time when the weather is getting cold. Lay a faux-fur or sheepskin rug on the floor to complement the look and give your feet comfort.

9. Add a Lively Lift with Plants

Awesome Scandinavian house with Plant

Plants have always been a part of any interior design including Scandinavian home. They are the agents that are responsible for not only helping to produce good air circulation but also creating a dramatic view in the space.

You can incorporate any plant you like in your living room or bedroom. However, if you want to carve out modern Scandinavian house design, greenery like Monstera, Majesty Palm, or Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree would be awesome.

You can also opt for succulents for a low-maintenance indoor garden.

Scandinavian House Design Ideas

Amazing Scandinavian design inspirations

Now, you know the essential elements of a Scandinavian house design. Nevertheless, if you are still looking for some inspirations about how to put these features together to create a fantastic one, look at the following ideas.

1. Scandinavian Design Tiny House

Scandinavian Design Tiny House

Oftentimes, a small space is the biggest challenge for any homeowner to carve out the style he wants. Do not let it discourage yourself from creating your dreamy Scandinavian house design.

This apartment looks awesome despite the limited space. It is simple and clutter-free as the homeowner only incorporates the essential furniture used daily. The combination of metal, wood, and cozy upholstery make it a comfortable place.

A platform bed is located over the kitchen and wardrobe that feature green-matte finish. The bubble-like pendant lights infuse modern flair into the space.

2. Scandinavian One-Bedroom House Design

Scandinavian One-Bedroom House Design

Some people have to put up with a minute apartment with only one bedroom. Again, it is not a big deal if you can make the most of the space while jazzing up it.

This one-bedroom apartment has carved out Scandinavian house design well. The entire rooms are painted white to create a cohesive look and make them appear visually larger.

The absence of window treatments allows natural light to illuminate the space. Some planters with different shapes host several plants. They look great on the coffee table, kitchen island, and window sills.

To complete the look, cotton throw blanket drapes over the gray couch, and tufted satin covers the bed nicely.

3. Scandinavian House Design Ethnic

Under the dining table lies a jute rug with an ethnic pattern

Adding ethnic items in Scandinavian house design is worth trying. Besides, it is a common thing when it comes to embellishing the space.

This kitchen has a crisp white finish acting as a blank canvas that will make the decorations look more standout. Wooden dining table and chairs add the touch of rustic look into the space while the metal hairpin and square legs infuse modern flair.

Under the dining table lies a jute rug with an ethnic pattern. To round out the appearance, a pendant light with bamboo lampshade is suspended from the ceiling to illuminate the dining area.

4. Rural Scandinavian Design House

A comfortable and stylish Scandinavian house

The serene ambiance of a rural area is a perfect retreat for those who want to escape from the hurly-burly of city life. A comfortable and stylish house will just make it even better.

This house is not that big, but it is a haven for the dwellers. The exterior design is quite simple, which makes it a nice inspiration for a modern Scandinavian house design.

The brick wall is replaced with large clear glass panels that will not block both natural light and sight, making you feel as if the rooms blended with nature. Sheer curtains are used to cover the glass walls and give some sort of privacy.

5. Rustic Scandinavian Bedroom

Rustic Scandinavian Bedroom

Wood is a must-have item if you want to bring in the Scandinavian style to your home. As a bonus, you can add rustic charm, too.

This bedroom features distressed wood flooring that incorporates rustic ambiance into it. A well-worn bench stands at the end of the bed, accentuating the style immensely. Artificial twig in a round vase adds more drama to the space.

6. Scandinavian Living Room with Teal and Pastel

Scandinavian Living Room with Teal and Pastel

This living room brings in Scandinavian house design by playing with color scheme. White is the base hue that acts as a blank canvas.

Muted pastel mint couch adds a soothing ambiance into the space while brown throw drapes over it. A teal armchair with metal peg legs adds a pop of color without overwhelming the living room.

To bind all the elements together, a rug with hexagonal patterns containing all the color hues found in this living room lies on the floor.

7. Scandinavian Bathroom with Wooden Accent Wall

Scandinavian Bathroom with Wooden Accent Wall

Never overlook your bathroom!

Just because it is not the first place that will come to sight when you step into the house, it does not mean you do not have to decorate it. The truth is a stylish bathroom can refresh you better.

This bathroom small bathroom features a wooden accent wall that can draw the eyes instantly. Two pieces of artwork accentuate it better. Snake plants and ferns add a lively lift into the space.

8. Soft Coral and Gray Living Room

Soft Coral and Gray Living Room

The use of pastel coral and gray makes this living room look stunning without being exaggerating. Some greenery in geometric planters is placed in several different spots to purify the air as well as beefing up the space.

A rug under the coffee table will make your feet stay warm.

9. Monochromatic Kitchen

Awesome black-and-white kitchen

Who says that the black-and-white color scheme is dull? This kitchen has proven that being monochromatic is awesome.

The white kitchen island, walls, and ceiling contrast the black cabinets, backsplash, and countertop immensely, accentuating boldness and modern flair well.

Embracing a Scandinavian house design is not that hard. However, you still need to do it meticulously to get a mind-blowing one.

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