Choosing Gray Stained Cabinets for the Kitchen Furniture

If there is one room in the house, which must be made with great design is the kitchen. This is the place where people will spend their time cooking and trying new experiments to make something new, so at least the furniture should be interesting like gray stained cabinets.

There is just something unique about the color gray that can make the kitchen look modern and simple but also industrial. Natural color is not too boring, yet not used much either these days. Therefore, for those who like any of these themes, should consider this color.

However, many people have been thinking the other way around. Most people say that a kitchen with gray stained cabinets will make them dull or boring. This is true if you cannot combine it with other colors. Therefore, this is the moment to collaborate with other tones with it.

1. Why Choose Gray Stained Cabinets?

the reason why choose cabinet for kitchen

Well, by choosing gray stained cabinets for the kitchen, it means the theme will also be the same color. Now, why use this tone compared to other neutral lightings such as white, crème, or others?

Well, both colors are neutral and can combine with other tones. However, white is just too common and almost every house uses it for their kitchen too. Therefore, if you want a little change, gray is surely an option to choose from.

One of the main reasons for using gray stained cabinets is that it will not look dirty easily. On the other hand, white is a tone that can show dirt quite faster even without you knowing yourself. Just a small smudge or stain on your finger can transfer with ease to your kitchen.

However, this will not easily happen if you use a gray stained cabinet. Even though there is a small smudge, you will not get disturbed with it because of the main design seems like it originally. It will also not catch the eye, so you can keep focus in the kitchen.

Another great thing about the color gray is it can make many kinds of conditions in the kitchen. For example, it can bring a cool yet simple feeling inside when you use the light tone. On the other hand, for a heavy theme use the darker ones for the painting.

Besides, people need to remember that gray is not just one color. Many people might not know various types of gray can create a beautiful touch.

Thus, whether you like ceramic, marble, or wood for the other parts, you can easily combine it with gray stained cabinets. No need to worry, they will match perfectly.

2. Types of Gray Stained Color

types of gray stained color ideas

When people hear the word gray, many must be thinking of just one type of color. Usually, they will think of the darker version, which they see the most.

However, people must know that there are many kinds of gray colors and you can also mix them with others but still get the same tone. So, prepare to open your mind and eyes to see more options for this painting.

Who does not know an elephant, a big size animal that has wide ears? Well, this animal can be an inspiration to your cabinet colors. At least, this may be the most common gray that people know and see.

However, if you look more closely, their skins are not just purely in one color. The gray in their skins have small stains on them making look more natural and cooler.

Now if you apply them in your kitchen, you will get gray stained cabinets. This will look beautiful with some additional touch of marbles or even wood.

For those who want a darker version can use charcoal gray. This color tends to have blacker and is the perfect shade for those who want to combine light and dark at once. For example, you can mix it up with light blue, navy blue, or even orange.

Have you ever heard of green-gray? A mixture of both colors has a beautiful and unique result. Not many people have used this color, so it will surely make your kitchen stand out.

However, because it is unique, you may have to combine it with neutral colors, such as cream and white, because darker colors will just make it worse.

3. Styling with Gray Stained Kitchen Cabinets

styling with gray stained kitchen cabinets ideas

Well, whether you are choosing a modern, rustic, or traditional theme, gray stained kitchen cabinets will complete the look. Come and explore to see how this kind of design is neutral but beautiful at the same time when you match it up with other shades.

  • Modern Gray Cabinets

modern gray cabinets decor ideas

To create a modern theme, use dark gray stained cabinets and combine it with something bright like white marble. With this combination, both colors can stand out as they contrast each other.

However, if you like to make it more natural, you can combine it with dark wood as the flooring or other furniture. Whether it is oak wood or light color ones, they will fit properly with the cabinets.

  • Light Gray Stained Cabinets with White Tops

light gray stained cabinets with white tops ideas

If you have white storage and starting to get bored with the design, then why not use change it to light gray stained cabinets? This way you do not have to change your design and keep the original color a bit.

For your upper cabinets, you can keep them white, as for the bottom ones make them into light gray stained cabinets. This way, you will have different colors of boards that will lighten up the room.

By breaking the upper and lower cabinets into two different shades, not only does it keep the kitchen more alive but also mix up the theme into something modern and traditional.

For the handles, you can use gold or silver color. These two shades are a perfect match to make your kitchen look modern and elegant. However, if you want a softer tone, then it is better to use silver.

  • Gray Stained Wood Cabinets with Dark Tops

gray stained wood cabinets with dark tops ideas

Another way to make a contemporary kitchen is by combining gray stained wood cabinets with dark tops. So, rather than putting the boards up high, the boards are under the tops, where people can also use them as a table.

Do not be afraid of using dark gray stained wood cabinets with black tops too. It will not make your kitchen look spooky or narrow if you use other colors for the other decors.

In fact, for the small decors, you can use unique colors that you might not be too confident in. Remember that gray and black are two natural shades, so you can adjust it with almost any other tone as orange and gold.

  • Gray Stained Cabinets with Kitchen Island

gray stained cabinets with kitchen island ideas

Match your gray stained cabinets with the kitchen island so that the whole room can match. Rather than making them into two contrast colors, make them look the same so they can stand out more.

To make them stand out more, it is best to use dark gray for all the cabinets whether they attached above or on the kitchen island. Then for the top and splash kitchen, use light color like white or crème. If possible, make the two the same patterns too.

  • Gray Cabinet with Gray Splash

gray cabinet with gray splash decor ideas

Do not be afraid of using too much gray in your kitchen because it will not make it dull. On the other hand, combine two different tones to make an industrial look.

Use grey stained maple cabinets and combine it with concrete as the splash. However, use different kinds of shades so that they do not look to plain.

  • Gray Stained Oak Cabinet

gray stained oak cabinet decor ideas

The gray stained oak cabinet is just like other wood cabinets that people use in their houses. However, this wood is not easy to stain the other kinds of wood because it has strong patterns on the surface.

However, it is not impossible, as you can still change them into gray stained cabinets. Nevertheless, the colors you choose must be darker and cannot be lighter than the color before.

If you are planning to make grey stained cabinets DIY, then make sure to clean all the cabinets first. Wipe up all the dust and clean it with water. Then, when it is all dried up, you can stain it by soaking it down in the water. Let it for 10 minutes, so that the wood can absorb it well.

In the end, you will still see the patterns on the gray stained cabinets. Nevertheless, it is one of its beauty and characteristic, so it will not ruin the design at all.

Some other types of wood have strong patterns on their surface such as Maple. The steps in staining them are just the same as before.

  • Rustic Look with Grey Stained Hickory Cabinets

rustic look with grey stained hickory cabinets decor ideas

Now for those who like rustic look can use grey stained hickory cabinets. Just like oak, this kind of wood has a strong pattern on its surface, making it stand out. However, that is what makes the kitchen look antique and unique.

To strengthen the rustic theme, use bricks as the kitchen splash and brown wood for the top. Thus, even though you live in the city, you can still get a traditional touch in your house.

4. Other Use of Gray Stained Cabinets

other use of gray stained cabinets ideas

Even though most cabinets are available in the kitchen, but there is nothing wrong with making one in the bathroom too. Not only will you add storage but also an additional décor inside.

Now, one of the best options you can use is grey stained bathroom cabinets. Most bathrooms are dominated by white color. So, to make it more alive and not too boring you can add this color into it.

Alternatively, if you decide to apply a natural theme, you can still apply gray stained bathroom cabinets for the storage because gray will fit perfectly with natural colors such as white or crème.

To make them last longer, it is always important to keep them dry. If you happen to splash water on it, then make sure to wipe off instantly. Therefore, your cabinet will stay strong and steady for a long period.

5. Tips to Make Gray Stained Cabinets Look Good

tips to make your cabinet look good ideas

No matter what kind of design you use in your kitchen, gray stained cabinets will always look good in it. It will not fade and never get old.

However, to make sure that it stands out in your kitchen, you should use some materials to support it.

For a modern model, marble and dark wood are the best combinations. Alternatively, if you want it to stand out, then use contrast colors for the cabinet and the opposite for the top. For the floorings, you can use the same tone as one of them too.

On the other hand, for a more rustic and traditional look, use lighter colors that are a bit pale. This will make the gray stained cabinets look more antique and old looking.

Most importantly, if you use gray stained cabinets, pay attention to the maintenance. Just like other wood, it can be damaged if you do not take care of it well.

It is also important to prevent it from being splashed by water, so it is best to put them on top. However, if you install cabinets on the bottom, make sure to wipe them up once-twice a week.

Well, overall gray stained cabinets are worth to have whether they are for your kitchen or in your bathroom. Their simple style makes it adjustable for any kind of theme in the room, from modern to traditional design.

Gray stained cabinets can also be combined with almost all kinds of materials, making it favorable to use. Thus, if you are planning to change the storage in your kitchen, you can easily stain them without having to change the whole style.

Moreover, best of all, gray stained cabinets is a style that will never get old or die because it is a neutral color that will always be used.

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