21+ Geometric Wall Paint Ideas to Try Out

Geometric wall paint seems to take over the world of design lately. You might see it often in public places and events. The rising trend of using this decorative pattern as part of the interior is all over the world.

You will be dealing with geometric walls filed with triangles, modern accent pieces, and rich tones. The vibrant colors will transform the wall space into something more eye-catching. It will surely make a big statement to any space.

There are many styles of design you can choose, from the soft ombre pattern to a bold color splash. All of them are available on this page.

1. Colorful Kaleidoskop Art on the Wall

colorful kaleidoskop art on the wall

As we know, a minimalist interior doesn’t want a lot of colors involved. This kind of style tends to use a monochromatic or neutral color scheme for the whole space. However, there’s a chance to introduce some different tones to space.

Take a look at this living room. The Scandinavian and minimalist style gets supported by colorful geometric wall designs paint. That’s quite risky for such a simple interior but you can’t go wrong with colors. In this scene, there’s only a partial wall that takes all the colors.

This living room is not fully minimalist. It might be a new kind of style that is called modern colorful minimalist.

2. Simple Geometric Paint on the Wall

simple geometric paint on the wall without the dark geometric shape

Imagine the wall without the dark geometric shape. It would be an awkward wall that has no character. It’s a simple addition but having a bold impact on the space. A huge amount of dark color on the wall doesn’t give any more chance to decor.

From this point of view, it looks like a space for stairs in the background. Well, it’s not. It’s just a simple bold accent that takes over the wall. The pink couch looks comfy and it doesn’t give any impact whatsoever.

3. Cool Pastel Pallete on the Wall

cool pastel pallete on the wall with brass lines

Cool pastel wall accent with brass lines. This bedroom is not an ordinary one. You don’t see this scheme so often.

Let’s focus on the geometric wall paint. The brass lines are what bring the space out of this world. The fancy and unique vibe is all rolled into one. The lighting from the windows brings out the best of the surface.

4. Monochromatic Mural Minimalist

monochromatic mural minimalist with shades of neutral

In this Scandinavian space, the geometric paint is still in line with the style of the room. Minimalist enthusiasts don’t want their space to be involved with a lot of colors. So, it’s best to have the geometry image with shades of neutral like this one.

There’s only a small amount of wall used to have geometric paint. However, it’s big enough to create a new life for your minimalist space.

5. Triangle Tessellation Wall Paint

triangle tessellation wall paint to spruce up the white wall

This is a simple color introduction to spruce up the white wall. It contains a lot of triangles in various shapes. There are two colors involved in this wall, green and gray. It’s enough to create a decorative effect on the white wall.

You can apply this kind of geometric accent in the form of paint or stickers. These are also available at the stores.

6. Soft Pinks in Pretty Wall Paint

soft pinks in pretty wall paint to show your feminine style

To show your feminine style, this one is a great idea to apply. The wall won’t change significantly but it will surely have a beautiful transformation.

These feminine hues are a dreamy option for girls. It’s perfect for minimalist interior design. That pink modern chairs give a nice emphasis to the pink domination.

To balance the soft geometric wall paint, you can add other decor items to the wall like the functional black and white clock.

7. The Fanciness in Simplicity

the fanciness in simplicity is very impressive

This modern geometric wall paint is very impressive. The choice of colors and shape design make a big statement in the space. The huge size of the image on the wall plays an important role to draw attention.

Don’t forget about the combination of colors. Orange, blue, and gray is contrast enough to dominate the entire atmosphere. That stylish chair embraces the energy of yellow color on the wall.

8. Colorful Pattern on Backsplash

colorful pattern on backsplash improves the eye-catching look of the cooking space

In this kitchen, the only busy element is the backsplash. The rest of the space is calm and peaceful. The colorful backsplash improves the eye-catching look of the cooking space. It would be a nice focal point that stands out at any angle.

Having such a colorful pattern in the middle of soft gray cabinets and natural wood tones are significant. It will make the other elements seem invisible.

9. Beehive Wall Paint Idea

beehive wall paint idea is a unique choice for wall paint

This is a unique choice for wall paint. In this kitchen bar, you see that it’s using beehive tiles instead of a painting. Well, you can take this picture as an inspiration for your space. The contrast tone is the key to make it obvious.

The designer doesn’t introduce any new color to space. It’s just taking the opposite tone to give an accentuating scene.

10. Vibrant Mossy Tones

vibrant mossy tones there are only three triangle shapes on the wall

As you can see, there are only three triangle shapes on the wall. Each of them has different colors that contrast with each other.

Geometric wall paint purple, green, and pink is not a good combination. However, the designer seems to know how to deal with these. So, all the elements in this room have similar tones with the wall. It’s good enough to keep them all peacefully.

11. DIY Geometric Pattern Black and White

diy geometric pattern black and white is the most attractive bathroom you could ever have

It’s the most attractive bathroom you could ever have. It’s full of hypnotic pattern which is applied all over the space. There’s no space left uncovered.

As seen, it is a result of a DIY project using painter’s tape all over the white wall. Then, paint it all with black paint. There you have it a geometric black-white paint.

12. Geometric Popham Design and Abstract Mural

geometric popham design and abstract mural it an example of a custom complementary design

It’s an example of a custom complementary design. As you can see on the floor and one side of the wall, there’s a pattern called geometric baguette tiles from Popham Design. It gives a pleasing character to this Moroccan dining space.

The other two walls have other kinds of geometric murals. However, it’s still having the same shapes and colors. The color coordination is what keeps them all together.

13. Moroccan-Inspired Geometric Wall Paint

moroccan-inspired geometric wall paint making the space more attractive

That colorful accent wall seems to be the main attraction of this bedroom. This blueish space feels cozy to support your relaxation time. The Morrocan-inspired paint right on the background is essential in making the space more attractive.

The coral blue rug under the vintage Italian bed is an awesome match to the accent wall geometric wall paint. However, the bold color makes space looks smaller. It doesn’t matter as long as you feel comfortable and enjoyable being around.

14. Jagged Burgundy Lines

 jagged burgundy lines is such an astonishing idea for your fancy house

This is such an astonishing idea for your fancy house. The lines are just beyond expectation. It seems there are a lot of things going on the wall. But, it’s just a bunch of lines that create a random geometric pattern.

It’s a wall covering from Kelly Wearstler. It stands out without feeling too bold for space. The oxblood sofa connects with the wall lines.

This is such an interesting idea you should copy. It can be achieved with the help of painter’s tape. Showcase your artistic creativity on your living room wall.

15. White-Lined Blue Wall

white-lined blue wall with the geometric pattern is what brings the space to life

Take a look at this blue wall. The geometric pattern is what brings the space to life. The white bookshelf that sits in front of it makes the white lines stand out even more. It’s such a simple application but it gives a huge statement.

However, this kind of bold geometric wall paint will only look great in a small part of the walls. It’s not gonna be as attractive if there’s a big wall involved. So, enjoy the impressive appearance in a limited visual space.

16. Bold Patterned Wall Paint

bold patterned wall paint makes it eye-catching

This living space has a white couch and a natural concrete floor. As seen, this room doesn’t have any other statement-making elements besides this geometric wall paint. Such a bold combination has been taking over the entire ambiance.

It can be good and it can be bad too. Well, it depends on how you get the scheme to work well together. Bear in mind, you better choose a neutral color for the furniture.

Deep green, light blue, yellow, and gray combination is an uncommon mix of colors. That’s what makes it eye-catching.

17. Pastel Colored Geometric Bedroom

pastel colored geometric bedroom has less punch than the other rooms

The geometric wall paint in this bedroom has less punch than the other rooms. You can achieve this pleasing scene in a DIY project. This ultimate effect of pastel geometry is a product of pattern taping method using painter’s tape.

You don’t wanna end up the wall from looking too dark. So, you have to keep a white color in the combination of the pattern.

Tips to get a stand-out look is using two shades of one color and one complementary color as the accent.

18. Energizing Geometric Wall Paint Patterns

energizing geometric wall paint patterns this is a stylish way to inject energy into space

This is a stylish way to inject energy into space. This is a decorative wallpaper that makes the space more attractive. You can easily fill the living room with this pattern but you need to know the risk. There’s a chance that space will become overwhelmed.

That geometric pattern should be combined with elements that have a more cohesive look. Make sure the furniture and accents will manage to balance the full-patterned wall.

19. Funky Geometric Design for Bathroom

funky geometric design for bathroom with elegant-colored wallpaper

Check out this elegant-colored wallpaper in the bathroom. The choice of dark combination of bold colors gives a warm atmosphere to this cold space. With a good amount of lighting, you don’t need to worry about the room being too dark.

It’s such an inspiring geometric wallpaper that you can take as an idea to paint your bathroom. One more thing, you need to make sure that you’re comfortable enough being in a darky room. If not, maybe this is not your cup of tea.

20. Cool Geometric Wall Paint Home Office

cool geometric wall paint home office it gives a nice connection to the wall and floor

It’s probably one of the coolest home offices you will ever see. Imagine having such a stylish working space. It will give a good mood to finish the work. The big blue triangle reflects the floor space.

As seen, it gives a nice connection to the wall and floor. This simple but clever paint is a great idea to try in your home office or even a study room for your teen. Both can work well with some furnishings arrangements.

To make the scene stand out, even more, you have to choose the Scandinavian furniture to maintain the visual effect.

21. Midnight Sky Geometric Wall Paint

midnight sky geometric wall paint

Take a look at this unique idea. It’s a different kind of geometric wall paint. The image represents the beauty of stars in the sky. Some lines of shape portray the beauty of starry with geometric patterns.

Well, it’s not something flexible for any kind of interior. You have to be clever to consider whether you should have this or not. The most friendly space for such wallpaper or geometric paint is a bedroom.

22. Energetic Bright Colored Geometric Wall Paint

energetic bright colored geometric wall paint will deliver a great mood for your everyday

Instead of using pastel, bold, or darker shades, why don’t you try the brighter shades? This combination of geometric wall paint will deliver a great mood for your everyday. A good amount of lights that goes through the window will make it stand out even more.

This DIY geometric wall paint is easy to achieve using tape. Just copy the choice of colors and shapes applied in the scene. That rattan chair seems to be out of place but the addition of well-patterned pillows is just a clever way to tie them together.


Mostly, all the ideas of geometric wall paint can be achieved in the DIY project using painter’s tape. With a little bit of creativity in mixing the colors, you will be a successful decor painter.

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