8 Design Ideas for Your Firewood Storage Shed

Does your house need firewood for the winter period? Are you having trouble storing the firewood? If so, this article will give you a guide to help you. After reading this, you will have design ideas for your very own firewood shed.

Firewood storage plans a simple solution for you. The firewood storage will help store your firewood. The storage will also give an additional aesthetic look to your house. Usually the firewood shed comes with many design and plans. Moreover, you can always try and firewood storage that are up for sale. Therefore, you can either plan to buy or make one. This guide will show you the best firewood shed storage designs for you to choose. The list will also include firewood storage shed images. Here are the lists:

1. The Small Firewood Rack

The small firewood rack is the first option to choose. This is the smallest model of firewood storage that you can build. The storage is perfect for houses that do not need many firewood to store. It is also perfect for a minimalist type of design. There are many small firewood rack designs that you can find. However, it is also possible to design it by yourself.

the small firewood rack

The benefit from this design is its simplicity. You can adjust the placement wherever you like. The design also has a good value. To build the design, you do not need to spend a lot of money. Therefore, you could save up more for other things. Nevertheless, it can only store a limited amount of firewood. Since the build is simple, it does not include a rooftop. Hence, the firewood is not protected from the rain. In the end, this design if suitable for those who do not need a lot of firewood. A starter choice indeed!

2. The Long Firewood Rack

If you find the first choice to small for you do not worry! The firewood long rack is a great option if you want to make it longer. This design is quite similar from the first one. The difference is how the foundation of the rack is longer. The rack expands for about 2 meters long. This suits perfectly if you have a wide space. The amount of firewood stored will also double from the previous one.

the long frewood rack

The benefit from building this design is its capacity. However, you need to spend quite a bit more compared to the previous one. Like the previous option, it does not include a rooftop. Therefore, no protection from the rain. Even so, this type of firewood shed is still buildable by yourself. This design is perfect for those who are in constant need of firewood. Perfect for a winter full of warmth!

3. The Pyramid Firewood Rack

The next design is the pyramid rack. If you are looking for a themed firewood shed, this is for you! The design is quite unique because it is shaped like a pyramid. From a distanced view, you can see the triangular shape. Firewood that are stored inside the pyramid rack are varied according to their sizes. This is due to its triangular shape. Therefore, you must manage the sizes of your stored firewood.

the pyramid firewood rack

However, this type of rack comes with its benefit. It has a stack of merged wood covering the top. This prevents water from running through inside. The also provides spaces when they are lined up. You can decorate the spaces with pots of plants. Hence, allowing you to make this natural vibe into it. The design is a bit difficult to make since proper measurements needs to be taken. However, it pays off because of its authenticity.

4. Firewood Shed with Doors

For the fourth design, you can have firewood shed with doors. Firewood shed with doors is good choice for secure storage. The shed has a door installed on it. The door makes the shed more secure rather than the previous open build. With this design, you do not have to worry about losing your firewood. Even so, it is going to be costly to make one. You must plan the budget for the door instalment. However, the benefit comes greater with the cost.

firewood shed with doors

The firewood shed with doors can also be used as a storage. It can be used to store other things when it is empty. You can store things such as your gardening tools. Hence, making the firewood shed with doors a multipurpose storage house. It is good for your money’s investment. You can have either a sliding door or the usual open close one. It is customizable according to your needs.

5. Firewood Shed Box

If you liked the previous design with doors, this is also an interesting design. This time instead of doors you can have the firewood shed box. The firewood shed box is a designed like a small compartment. Similar to a box, you can open and close the lift anytime you want. This design also offers great protection from the rain. The firewood shed box is also capable to be used as a storage. Makes sure to get it locked so that it is secured and safe.

firewood shed box

However, this design will also require good management. It is also harder to clean because of the bottom shed is hard to reach. You will need long tools to clean the parts of the shed. Nevertheless, it is a compact build and a cool box to store your firewood in.

6. Pallet Firewood Rack

For the next one, you can have pallet firewood rack. If you happened to have a farm on the outdoor, this is the perfect choice. This firewood shed kit is easy to make and cheap. You can use left over parts of projects for this outdoor shed. This build mainly consists of rack pallets. Rack pallets are usually used for a storage foundation. They are thrown away after being used as guards for moving objects. That is why they are cheap.

pallet firewood rack

The build design for the rack pallet is very simple. You must prepare at least a few pallets depending on your size. Structure the pallets together and connect them with nails. However, this build is not as robust as the usual firewood shed. The foundation is not as strong as the other builds. Hence, it is good to have it on outdoor areas such as farms. It is still usable as a normal firewood shed, a good pick for your wallet.

7. Two Layered Firewood Shed

The next design, you can have the two layered firewood shed. Why is it called two layered? It because you can have two separate space for your firewood. The firewood shed building consists of two layers. The top layer and the bottom shed. For the top layer you can store small firewood. On the bottom, you can store your big firewood. For this build, you can arrange the space for each layer. The space of the layer is adjusted according to your design.

two layered firewood shed

This design is very good if you like to organize the firewood. The benefit for this design the ease of storing and taking out the firewood. However, this design might need a tight measurement. You do not want the top layer to be fragile. Therefore, a good foundation is needed for the top layer. This design can also store both firewood and other things. For example, you can store the firewood on the bottom. Then, you can store gardening equipment on the top. Therefore, it is a multi-storing firewood shed storage. Very convenient right!

8. Greenhouse Firewood Storage Shed

Finally, for the last design, you can build greenhouse firewood storage shed. This firewood storage shed is a combination of both greenhouse and storage. The foundation of the storage is the same as the usual firewood storage. However, instead of having wood covering the shed you need plastic. The plastic will then cover the whole foundation. Hence, it will simulate the greenhouse effect on the storage.

greenhouse firewood storage shed

The greenhouse firewood storage shed has multiple benefits. The plastic coverage will allow the sun’s light to come through. It will help dry off wet firewood. Aside from having it as a storage, it can also be used as a greenhouse. If you happened to be in the summer, use it as a green house. You can replace the firewood with plants of your choice and grow crops. Therefore, it serves as both storage and a garden. Nevertheless, the plastic cover is not that durable. You can have unexpected holes. That is why checking it every often is a good idea. It might also be costly for taking care of the shed. Yet, it has multiple benefits and a unique design.

That is all the firewood storage shed designs that you can have. The designs can be built by yourself or made by a carpenter. The sizes vary as it all depends on your need. Do not forget to measure your backyard so that it fits. Remember to take care of it after usage so it does not get mouldy and smelly. Please share this article on Facebook and other platforms!

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