10 Terrific Fireplace Accent Wall Ideas You Will Admire

Having a fireplace accent wall is seriously important. The design feature adds character, texture, and focus on the space. Furthermore, it does not only define areas in a large, open-concept home but also improves the room.

The fireplace itself represents relaxation, warmth, togetherness, and light.

By creating an accent wall behind that architectural structure, you allow it to capture this. Whether yours is working or not, that element still serves as a natural centerpiece.

Before diving into these accent wall stunning ideas, make sure your fireplace is already captivating. Also, it is not highlighted by an unattractive or old-fashioned mantelpiece. Here are some walls worth adoring.

1. Red Brick Fireplace Accent Wall

red brick accent wall with rustic aesthetic

The homeowner incorporated a red brick fireplace into her room. Not only does it create a bold statement, but also injects the space with a welcoming atmosphere and a rustic aesthetic.

Moreover, the red brick fireplace lends the interior personality and a classic appeal. It also brings a rich texture to the room.

Since a red brick fireplace is already vivid, the homeowner paired it with a somewhat more subdued cool tone of teal-gray. The shade allows the accent wall to work as an elegant yet fresh backdrop.

The red brick fireplace mantel is beautifully accessorized with an unfinished wood clock. It adds energizing pops of color to the room. Meanwhile, a pendant lamp illuminates the fireplace and exudes vintage flair.

2. Fireplace Accent Wall Color

orange accent wall with grey colored fireplace for cozy living room layout and decor

When talking about fireplaces, people usually associate them with common wood, marble, or stone components. However, this one is made of concrete. It is great for a contemporary or modern living room.

A bright orange paint makes the accent wall the focus of the attention. The color exhibits a cozy vibe and a cheerful ambiance at the same time. Crisp white and taupe are a bland contrast to it.

The dark-painted mantel houses two deer antlers and a sentimental piece. In no time, they deliver a visual interest to the living room. Red blankets and patterned throw pillows on the hearth perk up the fireplace.

A black-framed round mirror over the mantel reflects the light. It also breaks up the monotony of clean lines and sharp edges. Moreover, the fireplace is delightfully flanked by cylinder wall sconces. They cast a soothing glow.

An acrylic coffee table is placed in front of the concrete fireplace. It effortlessly develops a stylish appearance and light feeling.

3. Wood Accent Wall Fireplace

modern cabin living area with stone fireplace

Are you searching for fireplace accent wall ideas? If yes, give this fabulous design a chance. We guarantee your living room doesn’t look boring anymore.

Here, the modern cabin living room features a stone fireplace. The reclaimed wood accent wall extends up to the ceiling. Not only does it generate a wow factor but also injects rustic details into space.

Furthermore, the gas fireplace is a perfect fit for the wood accent wall. Just be sure the design is non-flammable as well as safe.

The dark wood mantel lends the fireplace a bit of visual drama. It is styled with three black candlesticks. Those pieces generate a unified, sophisticated display. Black-painted exposed beams draw the eyes up.

There is a dark gray sideboard on either side of the stone fireplace. Two-cylinder table lamps sit on its top. Meanwhile, a gorgeous scenery painting over it spices up the wood accent wall.

You can see a black floor lamp is placed next to the fireplace. Tall and large windows along with crisp white accents maintain the room’s airy setting.

Two beige sofas face each other. They encourage an intimate conversation. Black and patterned throw pillows add comfort to the room. The animal hide ottoman, area rug, and wood flooring introduce cozy textures.

4. Corner Fireplace Accent Wall

corner fireplace accent wall ideas in living room

Do you have limited space? No worries. Implement this fireplace accent wall idea to create a focal point in your living room at an affordable price.

In this example, the living room employs a black corner electric fireplace. The element instantly compliments the contemporary interior. Additionally, it saves some precious space.

The faux stone accent wall is constructed from very lightweight recycled material. It offers the durability, texture, beauty, and timelessness of the real one without using specialized tools and calling professional installers.

Moreover, the construction of a faux fireplace accent wall only takes a few hours. This saves your time and effort. To attach it, you need a pre-mixed adhesive tub, a hacksaw, and a scraper or putty knife.

Further, that sleek mantel draws light gray shade from the faux fireplace accent wall stones. It displays black ornamental pieces. In a jiffy, they carry a contemporary appeal to the living room.

An oversized round decorative clock above the mantel poses as a stunner. It also softens the look of fireplace dominated by faux linear stones. A potted houseplant sits on the side table. It gives the space a more laidback atmosphere.

The pale gray carpet pampers bare feet. Black furniture units and metallic table ornaments ooze sophistication. Meanhile, the white ceiling and walls make sure the open environment of the living room is always maintained.

5. Blue Fireplace Accent Wall


blue wall fireplace ideas with plants in the room

If you are looking for an amazing fireplace and accent wall pairings, luck is yours. We have an idea that will add something worth admiring to the living room. Speaking of the color, consider using blue.

As the image shows, the living room boasts a white fireplace. The beige surrounding tiles provide an eye-catching geometric pattern. Meanwhile, books and decorative items are nicely arranged on the mantel.

Moreover, the accent wall is painted blue. It does not only infuses an invigorating burst of color into space but also highlights the actual living room’s focal point.

When choosing the fireplace accent wall paint, be sure the color frames something dramatic. That way, you can include a high contrast in your living room like the one pictured above.

The crisp white mantel itself is impressive. That’s the reason it needs to be accented with vibrant color.

Furniture arrangement frames the white fireplace and generates comfy seating as well as a conversation area. Besides, it fits the promise of the focal point, offering gathering and relaxation.

Light gray tones down blue on the accent wall. Two black-framed arts of work catch the eye in an instant. The indoor plant, wood flooring, and ladder bring the outdoors indoors.

Pure white ceiling and floor lamp impart a sense of cleanliness. Leather armchair emanates a glamorous air. A two-tone area rug adds coziness underfoot. The number of decorations on the ladder is limited for a clutter-free look.

6. Fireplace Accent Wall with Wallpaper

fireplace accent wall with floral living room wallpaper

The perk of using your creativity only on the fireplace accent wall is it can save your money, time, and effort. Just papering the room’s centerpiece gives you a budget-friendly splendor. Remember that wallpapers are typically not cheap.

Now, many wallpapers are available in removable forms. They are dedicated to the homeowners’ scared of long-term commitment. If you are one of them, give them a go. Just change the wallpaper up when boredom strikes.

Here, the living room in the quirky old house features a white fireplace showing off its gorgeous trim. Black surround marvelously contrasts with it. The square tiles carry a pretty pattern to the area.

The light blue-and-white floral wallpaper covers the awkward fireplace accent wall. Not only does it exude a fresh appeal, but also adds a bit of French country charm to the living room.

Furthermore, floral wallpaper keeps the space from becoming monotonous. It also transforms the wall into a true head-turner.

Leafy branches and flower stalks in bud vases nestle on the mantelpiece. They carry natural beauty to the interior.

The wood bookcase with a glass front is located next to the accent wall. It lets you see the colorful spines of the books. Metallic pedestal tables and white blooms give the living room a classic look.

7. Electric Fireplace Accent Wall

katlyn wall mounted electric fireplace

The electric fireplace is undoubtedly a great alternative to gas or traditional wood counterparts. If you are into it, take inspiration from this living room.

Here, the European style wall-mounted electric fireplace allows easy installation. The unit comes with a touch screen, heat temperature, and remote controls. It also offers three natural-looking LED flames that work without heat.

Furthermore, this fireplace provides ten different colors of the media bed. It is a heater that includes electrical components for creating the warmth and appearance of the traditional one.

The recessed, linear fireplace carves a modern vibe. All you have to do is simply hanging the unit on your living room wall and then plugging it into your electrical outlet.

White mantel and hearth add a sleek touch to the living room. The ivory decorative piece and greenery jazz up the fireplace. Faux stone tiles make for interesting jambs.

The accent wall around the electric fireplace is painted black. Not only is it on-trend, but also carries character, sophistication, and depth to the living room.

When it comes to living room walls, black is one of the most infrequently used neutrals. That’s the reason the shade works well as an accent color for the fireplace backdrop.

The fireplace accent wall certainly looks great when it is deeper than other living room walls. To keep things airy and bright, install a light-toned fireplace against the background, while for a modern look, you should choose the dark one.

Wood flooring and cream area rug add comfortable textures to the room. Side table accommodates table lamp and decorations. Potted indoor plants set a natural mood. Well, don’t you love this accent wall with a fireplace and TV?

8. Fireplace Accent Wall Tile

contemporary walls surround a warm home

You want a fireplace accent wall that is far from boring and offers something different. The herringbone pattern is the way to go then. It infuses a contemporary vibe into the room.

Make sure the tiles for covering the accent wall are heat-tolerant. They are not just appealing, but also protect the surrounding structures of the fireplace from heat damage.

In this example, the stainless steel fireplace accent wall is clad in marble tiles for a sumptuous feel. The herringbone pattern makes it stand out.

Moreover, the dark-toned round dining table and two-tone chairs create a cozy conversation area. Concrete floor tiles deliver masculinity to the room.

French door, windows, and pale taupe walls keep the dining area from being gloomy. Large pendant lamp and downlights illuminate the whole space, while an ornate decorative bowl adds a feminine touch to the otherwise masculine design.

9. Fireplace Accent Wall Design Ideas

wall design ideas with decorative lights and mini potted plants

Lean into a French country aesthetic by hanging a dark-painted wood mantel. That item is such a nice addition to the rustic fireplace and accent wall. You can put vintage candlesticks, mini potted plants, and gold decoration on.

Moreover, you need to blend tone and texture. That way, the fireplace will become the star of the show. Mount a faux sunburst mirror on the reclaimed wood accent wall over the mantel.

Place two crisp white bookshelves on both sides of the fireplace. They do not only hold chopped fireweed logs but also showcase sentimental items and other decorations.

Dark brown wood flooring takes the chill off blue-gray walls. Wingback chair, leather tufted coffee table, and round metal chandelier deliver a high-end appeal to the living room. The houseplant, rug, and throw pillows enliven the space.

10. Moroccan-Inspired Fireplace Accent Wall

Moroccan style accent wall with led lights attached to a tile accent wall

If you want to get exotic vibes in your living room, steal this idea. The multicolored mosaic tiles adorn the fireplace accent wall. They inject shine and interesting details into space.

The Moroccan style LED pendant lamps are hung from the metal rod fixed to the tiled accent wall. In a jiffy, they radiate both warmth and light. An arch-shaped black screen compliments the non-functioning fireplace well.

Limestone flooring blends nicely with the mosaic-tiled fireplace. The exposed ceiling beams draw the eye upward and exude a cozy ambiance. Floor throw pillows, jars, and henna lamp add pops of color to the otherwise neutral room.

We hope you find our fireplace accent wall ideas helpful. Do not forget to apply any of those to elevate your room. The result will amaze everyone who sees it.

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