Easy Steps to DIY Speaker Stands and Ideas to Match Your Home Decor

A good sound system can bring musical vibes to the next level. You will create a DIY speaker stands to maximize its potential fully. It will not be causing harm to the ears once investing the best one that suits your style.

Not only used as a piece of furniture, but a speaker stand can also improve the quality of sounds. Besides, it will make sure the speakers stay above floor level or anything that can harm it like water damage, accidental kicks, etc.

No need to buy a new one, you can build a DIY speaker stands at home, so it will save your budget to improve the sound system. Here are some tips and stand ideas you need to follow.

1. What Are Speaker Stands

The DIY speaker stands to provide the advantage of most effective to the audience

The DIY speaker stands to provide the advantage of aiming the sound that becomes the most effective to the audience. It also allows users to adjust the sound to their height, and eliminate the problem.

This stands can help the sound quality to be better. Purchasing this stuff can ensure that safe for your ears and can be heard at all levels.

2. The Material Construction

choose either a wooden or a metal stand

Two types of construction material can be used on DIY speaker stands. Just choose either a wooden or a metal stand. Here is the explanation you should know.

Wooden Stands

DIY floor speaker stands made from wood is popular

DIY floor speaker stands made from wood is popular through the appearance and design. In most cases, this furniture can withstand vibration that interferes with the quality of audio.
Therefore, hollow wooden stands usually filled with sand to increase the weight and stability.

Metal Stands

Metal stands are more stable

Metal stands are more stable and durable than the wooden ones. The furniture is also painted in black or other colors most of the time, which blend with décor in your home.
Since the stand could be disrupted, make sure there are no vibrations around when getting a metal one. You can choose a DIY speaker stands from solid metal, which is better at reducing vibration.

3. DIY Speaker Stands Ideas

DIY speaker stands project using a simple tool and materials

Rather than buying a new one, you can do a DIY speaker stands project at home using a simple tool and materials. So money can be used to improve the sound system. Let us have a look at these awesome ideas.

Desktop Speaker Stand

DIY desktop speaker stands with cheap yet stylish furniture

DIY desktop speaker stands are the best solution for those who looking for cheap yet stylish furniture. It is not only budget-friendly but also simple to make.

You will need some materials and tools to build this desktop stand, such as 2 wooden chopping boards with 13×7 in size, metal bracket, 4 adjustable steel legs, adhesive glue, screws, drill machine, and screwdrivers.

First, you have to choose which wooden chopping board side that will be placed atop. After flipping it over, line the legs up with the corner area using a pencil or marker to mark the position of the holes.

Next, make holes right at the marked areas using drill and screw the legs to fix them in place. To give them support, glue metal brackets to the bottom side. Then, flip the DIY speaker stands back over to check whether it is stable or not.

Bookshelf Speaker Stand

bookshelf as a speaker stand

Using a bookshelf as a speaker stand can be a great idea that will save a lot of money. This cost-effective and modern style looks classy and appealing to your home’s interior.

Make sure you have the tools required before building this DIY bookshelf speaker stands. The first step is you should cut two large Drawer Front panels in half. They will serve as the stand top and bottom parts.

Then, pre-drill holes on three small panels for the sides and the back of the speaker stand. Assemble them to create leg support by using screws. Later on, make three holes using drill in the base and top.

You have to set the top panel above the leg supports and secure them with screw. Do the same things for the base as well. The last step, paint the DIY speaker stands to get a modern and stylish look for your home décor.

Two Column Speaker Stand

The two-column speaker stand is super creative and trendy

The two-column speaker stand is super creative and trendy that completely made of wood. It is perfect for your living room for a more rustic appeal.

This DIY speaker stands require tools and supplies, such as two wooden boards and planks, hammer, nails, and wood stain. All these materials are easy to find at any local hardware shop.

You need to join the wooden boards with the speaker stand base using a nail and a hammer. Then, place the top of the plank to the both of materials. Use a stain as final change to complete its rustic look.

Floating Speaker Stand

A floating speaker stand might be a great idea

A floating speaker stand might be a great idea for those who have to deal with small and limited space. Besides, this furniture will help you to avoid the stuffy living room.

To build this DIY speaker stands IKEA, all you have to do is to prepare the supply materials including 4 brackets, panel project, screws, non-slip drawer liner, masking tape, sandpaper, and spray paint. Those supplies are available at a local hardware shop.

Simple Speaker Stand

Making something cool like a DIY speaker stands

Making something cool like a DIY speaker stands can utilize your leisure. This simple one is easy to build and can even make it quickly.

Firstly, measure the wooden board, and cut it in any size that fit the speaker. You will also need the base, the leg support, and the back part of the stand. Try to assemble and screw them properly.

Surround Sound Speaker Stand

some wooden boards and straightened wood for build DIY surround sound speaker

The basic materials that need to build DIY surround sound speaker stands are some wooden boards and straightened wood. There are also complementary materials such as glue, nails, and other important tools.

As the fundamental work, the boards will be placed at the top and the bottom of the speaker parts. You have to decide the width and the length of these DIY speaker stands by doing thorough measurement.

Copper Speaker Stand

attaching the DIY speaker stands

Do you want to add the vintage touch in the living room? Attaching the DIY speaker stands are the right solution. If you happen to have copper pipes at home, recycle them and turn them into pieces of creative and stylish furniture.

The materials like copper plumbing pipes, superglue, cutter, and 90-degree corner pieces are needed to build this speaker stand. Firstly, you have to measure and cut the plumbing pipe that will be used. Then, assemble the plumbers using the connectors and put the speaker on the stand.

Solid Wood Speaker Stand with a Rack

Multifunctional furniture is now everyone favorite

Multifunctional furniture is now everyone’s favorite because it saves money and space. You can use it according to its placement and requirements. Besides, this DIY speaker stands offers two different functions.

You can use it as a speaker stand or the rack to place the CDs, gaming consoles, books, etc. A large piece of wood, a few screws, a drill machine, and a hammer are needed to build this multifunctional speaker.

The DIY technique is also easy and less time-consuming. You can use primer and wood polish to make it look nicer. To give it support to stand up properly, make sure to place it against the wall.

Movable Speaker Stand

The movable speaker stands

The movable speaker stands are a great idea and most wanted item in your house. Not only can to simplify your activities, but you also make it more functional to store some stuff in.

To make a movable speaker stand, you need to prepare the supplies such as wooden board, drill, wheels, and screws. These materials are easy to buy everywhere, like in the local hardware store.

In the first step, you have to measure and cut the wooden board. Start to set and drill-screw them properly. On each of the DIY speaker stands corner, attach the wheels as the last step.

Square Box Speaker Stand

couple of wood boards that should be applied on each side

To make this speaker stands ideas; you have cut a couple of wood boards that should be applied on each side. Do those steps to the upper cart to create some holes to chime the stabs in.

The metal trip cap also is installed at the bottom of each corner. Just make them vanished if you want to make it look nicer.

4. Benefits of Speaker Stands

DIY speaker stands are one of the best audio accessories

DIY speaker stands are one of the best audio accessories to complement the sound system. They also have some advantage that suits your need. Here are a few benefits of the furniture stand you should know.

Sound Quality

DIY satellite speaker stands is the improvement of sound quality

The main benefit of the DIY satellite speaker stands is the improvement of sound quality. It can help the user hear it more fully when placed towards the ear level. Meanwhile, it will cause extra vibrations if it is placed on a table or a shelf.

Once the music is played, the vibrations take into effect that makes it harder to get a complete sound. So, make sure to opt for the right speaker stand to prevent vibration and preserve the sound quality.

Listening Height

Picture of DIY Speaker stand with protected ears

As an important rule, you must always set the DIY speaker stands at the level of your hearing. This is because someone will be able to hear fluently of higher pitches sounds and protect the ears.

Everyone who uses the speakers is different in height so get a stand that has an adjustable height setting according to their needs.

Bass Issue

speaker stands with appropriate speaker stand

The bass can become blurred once the music is played without a DIY speaker stands. This issue prevents the listener from hearing music correctly and destroys the color of the sound itself.

You should use an appropriate speaker stand that allows the user to control the bass. It will also help it to play at a normal rate.


speaker stand for making the best output sound of best recording

The speakers are important for studio engineers. They will allow the user to the artist clearly and give them direction to improve the sound.

DIY PA speaker stands make the process of recording a bit problem-less. It allows the user in finding the voice pitch correctly and making the best output sound.

Showing off Speakers

Speakers for The furniture offers aesthetic benefit

Once you get your DIY speaker stands, it is about to show them off. The furniture offers aesthetic benefit by placing it in a heightened position, so everyone will be able to see in plain view.

By doing that, you are not only able to show them off but also preserve the quality of the sound. Get a speaker stand so the stuff will be displayed properly.


A secure DIY speaker stands with a heavy and solid vibe

A secure DIY speaker stands are important things you should check. It will have a heavy and solid vibe. To see whether it moves, try to tap it using your knuckles.

The stand is solid if there’s no sound found in the speaker. Besides, the sand placed within it can increase its safety. You have to be aware that the stuff can fall over and can result in damage and broken in some parts.

5. How to Place Speakers on the Stand

make sure it can fit the stand properly

Before you place the speaker, the first thing that needs to do is make sure it can fit the stand properly. Do not forget to measure the weight because you should not attempt mounting it if it is smaller.

Place the speakers on the shortest wall since most rooms are designed to be rectangular shaped. That way, you can hear the sound clearly. The stands should be placed at a 60° angle.

Moreover, keep the DIY speaker stands away from the wall to prevent weaken the sound quality and reduce the bass. Make sure not to place it in the 1–2.2 cm range.

That is all about DIY speaker stands ideas and tips on how to build it. You need to know the best products instead of just learning about the benefits and usage of a stand speaker.
Understanding the DIY techniques can help someone to construct stylish and unique furniture. Choose the one that fits into the size, color, and style of your home décor.

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