DIY Wood Shelf Brackets, Simple and Easy Storage Ideas for Your Home

Shelves are the perfect solution to add a bit of decoration or maybe need more storage in your home. There are a lot of DIY wood shelf brackets inspirations to store beauty supplies, daily essentials, and even baby items in the nursery room.

You can hang the brackets on the walls or set it on the floor to give the perfect touch and function of décor in the room. Not only solve the storage problems, but shelves will also make your space feel clean, sparkly, and organized.

Browse your favorite collection, then take a couple of hours to build the shelves using materials and tools that have been prepared. Here are some steps to build DIY wood shelf brackets that need to follow.

1. Identify the Shelf Space

Identify the Shelf Space of DIY Wood Shelf Brackets

Before creating your own simple wood shelf brackets, the first thing to do is to think about exactly what space needs. Try to identify the function as décor or storage, and the things will be placed on it like plants, towels, plates, photos, etc.

Nowadays, any possible conflicts such as eye-level hazard, or open doors are also important to figure out. Don’t forget to think about how the shelves will be installed in your room. It will be easier to choose storage.

2. Select Shelf Size

Select Shelf Size of DIY Wood Shelf Brackets

Wood shelf brackets for open shelving depends on the board dimension. There are so many material options like reclaimed that can be so hard to choose. You should select what type and size of storage that you want to use before ordering one.

Besides, you can find common and popular DIY wood shelf brackets sizes that fit storage needs, such as the kitchen or pantry shelves that are sized in 11.25”-12” and 15”-8” deep.

3. Shelf Brackets Style

Shelf Brackets Style of DIY Wood Shelf Brackets

The function of brackets is to securing to a wall and supporting the shelf. You should know what size and type of wood that will be used as the materials. Each style has a few pros and cons to think about, so here’s the explanation.

L Brackets

L Brackets for Shelf Brackets Style

The shape of an L or known as the angle is the most general and simple bracket. This style is one of the easiest to use that also good for the uncommon sized shelf which needs to go at least 2/3 in depth.

It is also perfect for the DIY wood shelf brackets project since they pack less of a punch and do not have the front lip. You can use this style for bathroom shelves.

J Brackets

J Brackets for Shelf Brackets Style

This style is similar to Z brackets that complete with the leg support above the shelf which is a great idea for the kitchen. You may need metal behind since the front lip comes around to hold it.

If you wanted the shelf sit flush against the wall, some people may want to notch their wood to the brackets.

Z Brackets

Z Brackets for Shelf Brackets Style

These brackets are one of the common designs that have a classic look. These probably have the support under the boards and the shelf will sit against the wall. The front lip is also coming up around the edge of the shelves.

4. Determine How Many Brackets Is Needed In The Room

Determine How Many Brackets Is Needed In The Room

Not only just needs two brackets, but many shelving projects add more support to hold the middle of the shelf. That’s why you should also think about the leverage than choosing the strong one.

DIY wood shelf brackets usually have different materials and it can depend on what they are being used daily.

5. Easy Steps on How to Make Wood Shelf Brackets

Easy Steps on How to Make Wood Shelf Brackets

It’s easy to add a simple but slightly modern to your room by installing wood shelf brackets. You can put up artwork, books, and plants on the shelves for a new idea. Here are some materials and instruction to make the space-saving storage.

Preparing the Materials

Preparing the Materials

How to make wood shelf brackets are a simple thing to do. You don’t have to prepare a lot of materials and tools to make it. Just check out the home improvement store to find all your needs.

You can use any kind of boards like pine or Maple which 1x2x8 in size or other materials such as a miter saw, 1/8” drill bit, wood glue, and 1 ½” screws. To make it more astonishing, paint or stain are needed.

Cut the Boards

Cut the Boards for Wood Shelf Brackets

Start by cutting 1x2s boards to size according to the wood shelf bracket plans that have been prepared. You can use a miter saw to cut the materials.

Then, make sure to cut the diagonal support for shelf brackets at 45 degrees on each end.

Sand the Materials

Sand the Materials for Wood Shelf Brackets

After cutting all of the boards, you should use a medium sanding block to give them quick sandpaper. No need to worry about getting the bracket smooth, just try to fix up a few tears out areas.

Connect Top and Back

Connect Top and Back with pre-drilling the hole first using a drill bit

The next step is you should connect the top and back of the DIY wood shelf brackets. Use screw and wood glue to the top of the material piece. To prevent the wood from splitting, pre-drilling the hole first using a 1/8” drill bit.

Diagonal Supports

Diagonal Supports with the wood glue on the end and line it up inside the bracket

To attach the diagonal support, you can stick the wood glue on the end and line it up inside the bracket so that fits against both the top and bottom perfectly. After that, start to pre-drill a hole through the outside of the piece.

Drill 1 ½” wood screws in the holes, make sure it is slightly sunken in. The bracket will sit against the wall while the shelf placed on top of it.

Paint or Stain

Paint or Stain

It’s time to paint or stain the DIY wood shelf brackets when you’re finished building it. Put your favorite color into the shelves to make it better and look astonishing.

6. Shelf Bracket Installation

Shelf Bracket Installation

Installing DIY wood shelf brackets into wall studs is probably preferable. However, this step can affect the placement. As an option, you can use a wall anchor if it’s not possible to do it.

Make sure to place the brackets near each end of the shelf, no more than 6”. This will make the end of the area will be weak and not supported than the middle one. The shelves also look slightly more modern than traditional.

To make multiple shelves, you can use painter’s tape to map out the installation. This simple way will help someone to determine the best placement for the storage.

7. Quick and Easy DIY Wood Shelf Brackets Ideas

Quick and Easy DIY Wood Shelf Brackets Ideas

Installing the shelves probably need more time or skill, but there are a lot of quick DIY wood shelf brackets recommendations that easy to do for 30 minutes or less. Here’s the list you should know.

Rustic Shelves

Rustic Shelves of DIY Wood Shelf Brackets Ideas

These long wood shelves with wood brackets are pretty easy to do. You can drill the metal directly into the wall’s stud or accomplished by using anchors.

After that, you can spray any color to the brackets. To make it more pops up, copper is recommended to use next to the reclaimed wood beams.


Triangle of DIY Wood Shelf Brackets Ideas

You should prepare the materials like wood, sandpaper, glue, nails, and miter saw to make wood triangle shelf brackets. Make a 30° cut on the pieces of wood at one end, and flip it into 180°. Keep the all the length consistent for about 12” long.

Once all the pieces are cut, you should hit the ends using wood glue. Before nail, it together, just let dry for a few minutes.

Bedroom Shelves

wooden shelf brackets for bookshelves using the hex bolts

Wood, brackets, hex bolts, screws, and cap nuts are needed to build the bedroom shelves. You don’t need a lot of time to do this simple and easy storage.

Moreover, you should put the brackets on the wood without attaching them. This will allow the process of pre-drill the holes to run perfectly.

Attach the wooden shelf brackets for bookshelves using the hex bolts and cap nuts to keep it secure to your wall.

Coat Shelf

Coat Shelf of DIY Wood Shelf Brackets Ideas

To create your coat shelf, the first thing to do is glue the wood horizontally and secure it with the corner brackets. Next, you can paint the materials with any color, like gold, and sand it to give a more worn look.

Try to drill the bottom part of the corner to secure the wall, and finally, you’ve got stylish wood shelves and gold brackets.

Hexagon Shelves

Hexagon Shelves of DIY Wood Shelf Brackets Ideas

If you think triangle shelves are mainstream, try to make the hexagon one. The materials are also easy to find like a wood, hammer, miter saw, and nails.

Take six pieces of wood that have been measured out and cut 30° angles into the ends part of them. You should secure them in place using glue and let it dry for a while. Then, hit the materials with a hammer and nail all the pieces together.

Industrial Shelves

Industrial Shelves of DIY Wood Shelf Brackets Ideas

Want to make your apartment going for a more industrial look? You need to prepare some materials like wood, stain, seven steel flanges, and nipples.
You can create DIY wood shelf brackets by throwing some stained wood into the mix. Make sure to keep the shelves level and screws in stud, or anchored perfectly on the walls.

Laundry Room Shelves

Laundry Room Shelves

DIY wood shelf brackets for the laundry room is straightforward. You have to throw the shelves up on a wall and simply secure it. Try to level the materials while drilling into studs, or anchors.

Floating Bathroom Shelves

Floating Bathroom Shelves

It’s incredibly easy to make your DIY wood shelf brackets for the bathroom. Before building these shelves, there are important things to do like making sure the length of the stick on its level and measuring where you drilling the materials.

Once that the materials set, start to secure your corner brackets with a screw to the wall. Place the wood on top of them to make it sitting flat properly.

Then voila, your DIY wood shelf brackets are ready to use.

Nursery Room Bookshelves

Nursery Room Bookshelves

Are you looking for simple storage? DIY wood shelf brackets can be a great idea for a nursery room. It is really easy to find the supplies like 6 or 10-foot of boards.

This shelving unit will cover an entire wall whether it is thin or wide. Now, you can keep organized books easily.

Branch Shelves

Branch Shelves of DIY Wood Shelf Brackets Ideas

These DIY wood shelf brackets showcase a beautiful, practical, and frugal look at the same time. You have to find branches that fit to build this shelving unit in your room.

Get the same size of branches and cut them. You can add the smaller one to hold the level and give more security.

Chalkboard Shelf

Chalkboard Shelf of DIY Wood Shelf Brackets Ideas

The chalkboard shelf is a great idea for the kitchen or anywhere that you usually keep notes. Someone can write the schedule or even grocery lists on a board section. There are also hooks to hang hats, coats, backpacks, etc.

Stocked End Table

Stocked End Table of DIY Wood Shelf Brackets Ideas

This shelving unit is easy and cheap. All you need is to take an old end table and try to cut it in half. The materials can be bought at thrift stores or yard sales.

There are loads of spaces for knickknacks, books, photos, or anything you want to display. These functional shelves are secured to the wall and hold the possessions perfectly.

Pegboard Shelves

Pegboard Shelves is neat idea and an easy one to accomplish for your home

You will need some wooden dowels, plywood, and other supplies and tools to make pegboard shelves. It can be a neat idea and an easy one to accomplish for your home.

After preparing the materials, you should sand and stain or paint the pegboard and dowels. Cutting out the holes should be precise if you want them to have a color than natural.

That’s some information about DIY wood shelf brackets you should try at home. These shelves are easy and simple to make as décor or storage. It is also functional to store books, towels, plants, toys, and many more.

You can buy the supplies at home improvement store, thrift shop, or even using old furniture. Use paint or stain to make the shelves looks new and more astonishing.

Although the installation of the shelf and the brackets are also simple, it can be quite tricky for beginners. Lastly, do not hesitate to ask some experts to help your DIY wood shelf brackets process.

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