17 Ingenious DIY Towel Rack Ideas You Should Try

Needless to say, a chrome finish builder’s choice is basic yet expensive. That’s the reason we have collected some of the most creative DIY towel rack ideas. They let you spice your bathroom up without breaking the bank.

Handmade towel racks are not just practical, but also can be a focal point and bring some personality to the otherwise boring room. Moreover, they keep your space from feeling cluttered.

If you are looking to make the home more organized, take a gander at these storage solutions. No worries because DIY projects can be done in less than 1 hour. Regardless of your style, be ready to get inspired by our options.

1. DIY Rustic Towel Rack

diy towel rack with wooden piece material and keyhole chain

If you find some large, stunning driftwood pieces on the beach, bring one home. Then, convert the item into a useful and fabulous rustic towel rack. It seriously saves your money.

This DIY towel rack project is easy to make. Speaking of materials, you need a drill, screws, metallic hooks, spray lacquer, strong glue, keyhole hangers, and a long piece of wood.

Furthermore, the driftwood towel rack gives the bathroom a coastal ambiance and a modern edge. It also unleashes your inner beach babe. You can pair the unit with cottage or rustic decor.

2. DIY Towel Rack Bathroom

bathroom towel rack with med diy art home design

People usually hide plumbing fixtures away in their walls. However, this simple DIY towel rack requires you to use blacks pipes and wood pieces. They will infuse an industrial farmhouse appeal into your bathroom.

Before creating the rack, be sure you purchase plumbing supplies first. Furthermore, do not forget to give the pieces of wood a dark stain. They inject a warm atmosphere and welcoming vibe into space.

This DIY towel rack also features two shelves. They beautifully showcase toiletries and decorative items. Meanwhile, rolled up white and pale pink towels lend the bathroom a spa-like ambiance in no time.

3. DIY Paper Towel Holder Under Cabinet

under kitchen cabinet place for diy copper paper towels

A paper towel is something every kitchen needs. It does not only dry your damp hands but also gets rid of food spills. Due to its importance, you should give this idea a go.

In this example, the DIY copper paper towel holder can be made in less than 30 minutes. It can take the kitchen from meh to mesmerizing. More importantly, the project only needs a small amount of money.

Copper itself is currently such a hot metal, but we think it won’t get out of trend. Here, the towel holder teams well with a polished concrete countertop. The organizer adds an industrial flair to the kitchen.

This copper organizer securely accommodates paper towel roll in any size. With just a light pull, it offers dispensing sheets.

Since the copper paper towel holder hangs under a kitchen cabinet, it saves precious counter space. Moreover, the organizer exudes a bit of warmth.

Another option is to incorporate this copper rack into your bathroom. It can serve as a chic toilet paper holder.

4. DIY Towel Rack from An Old Headboard

diy towel rack from old headboard with cream walls

Are you looking for clever DIY towel drying rack ideas? Then, implement this project to create a unique storage solution.

If you still have an old headboard, do not throw it out. Transform the unit into a one-of-a-kind towel holder. Unlike ordinary store-bought chrome rack, this one can work as a statement-making piece.

Moreover, this headboard towel holder injects shabby chic charm and elegance into the bathroom. It enables you to perk your bathroom up in about 1 hour. Cute yellow hooks exhibit a cheerful atmosphere.

This towel holder encourages your kids to hang their wet towels on. Window and beige walls maintain the bathroom’s airy feeling.

5. DIY Wood Towel Rack

farmhouse style towel rack with a combination of black metal hooks and cut wood

This DIY towel rack is undoubtedly a nice complement to the farmhouse style bathroom. We also adore the terrific combination of black metal hooks and rustic wood pieces.

Moreover, this simple yet charming towel holder just costs around $10 to create. In a flash, the handmade rack reinsures the bathroom with an inviting vibe. The crisp white backdrop allows it to stand out even more.

Here, the DIY towel rack has two hooks for towel and mesh bath pouf. Meanwhile, the short and long floating shelves display toilet paper as well as ornamental items.

It is time to replace your dull store-bought towel holder with this handmade rack. We guarantee your bathroom gets more attractive.

6. DIY Towel Hanger

fabulous diy bathroom wall decor

Low budget? No problem. You can turn your old window into a functional towel hanger. It will take the bathroom from plain to pretty, too. Furthermore, this DIY project is not time-consuming.

By securing two mason jars to the steel window clamps, you get a little additional storage space for bath essentials. The metallic towel bar on the bottom window’s edge holds gray towels in place.

This window towel hanger doubles as wall decor and lends the bathroom a vintage flair. A stunning little wreath titivates it effortlessly. Meanwhile, geometric patterned fabric backing offers a modern twist.

7. DIY Towel Rack for Pool

towel rack and grate ideas for the entire pool

Towel racks and bars are certainly not cheap. After finishing a whole pool remodel, they seem more expensive. That’s why you have to apply this idea.

In this example, the DIY pool towel rack is constructed out of post cap, ladder hangers, and 4×4 post. You also need some paint for a more eye-catching organizer. The rubber mulch tree ring lets everyone step on it to hang their towels.

This DIY towel rack accommodates 8 towels and keeps them off the ground. You can place it in your swimming pool. Colorful hooks add a happy ambiance to the outdoor space.

8. DIY PVC Towel Rack

towel rack ideas with white pvc pipes near your swimming pool

Getting ready for summer months involves an endless preparation. You don’t need to spend a great amount of money on a towel rack. Just steal this brilliant storage solution.

You can build your towel holder out of PVC pipe. The material is not only very straightforward and inexpensive but also durable. There are countless DIY projects, but this rack is probably the most interesting option.

This great DIY towel rack project requires you to buy a white PVC pipe, elbows, and tees. Its bars can house a maximum of six towels. They keep your pool toys in place as well.

Furthermore, this white PVC towel holder can perfectly fit in your garage without consuming too much floor space. It lets your vibrant towels and pool toys draw the eye.

By having this DIY towel rack, your towels won’t get damaged by unpredictable summer rains. Since the stuff is lightweight, it allows for easy movement.

9. Towel Rack Ideas for Small Bathrooms

towel rack ideas for small bathrooms with decorative plants

Do you have a tiny bathroom? If so, try applying this idea. As the picture shows, the little organizer is made out of stainless steel and wood. The materials create a delightful textural contrast.

Two floating shelves accompany the stainless-steel towel bar. They showcase a mini potted plant, hand soap pump bottle, and decoration. Meanwhile, that textured wall blends well with the pieces of wood.

Moreover, this towel rack with open shelving lends the bathroom a modern touch. Even though the organizer is small, it packs lots of storage into the small space.

10. Picture Frame Towel Racks

towel rack with antique white painted picture frame

You get your hands on vintage picture frames. Why not transform them into marvelous towel racks? They can take your bathroom from boring to beautiful effortlessly.

For this cool DIY towel rack project, you must prepare white-painted antique picture frames and black coat hooks. They add ornate details and a classic appeal to the bathroom.

The black coat hooks are a drastic contrast to crisp white picture frames. Moreover, they elegantly hold towels in place. The light gray backdrop sets a tranquil atmosphere and an airy feel.

11. DIY Ladder Towel Rack

staircase shelves with a rustic feel to your room

Towel racks in stores are costly. Instead of spending your money on them, give this idea a try. That way, you can have an inexpensive but impressive organizer for towels. It will complete the interior, too.

This DIY towel rack project is super easy and only costs less than $10. Furthermore, you could even build it without any tools. However, the drill is still needed.

For no tool method, you need to prepare sandpaper, two 1×3 wooden boards, drill, tack cloth, measure tape, paint, brush, countersink bit, screws, wood glue, and miter box with a saw. Once the rack is done, it adds a rustic feel to your room.

12. How to Make Towel Holder at Home

the idea of making a towel at home to make it look beautiful

If your bathroom needs something glamorous, steal this idea. Here, the lucite towel bar gives the space a luxury touch. The materials to make the organizer are ceiling brackets, acrylic rod, gold spray paint, super glue, and drill.

First of all, paint the brackets with gold spray paint. Once they were dry, mount them to your bathroom wall. Before slipping the clear acrylic rod into the ceiling brackets, apply a bit of strong glue on it.

This DIY towel rack is so pretty and stylish. More importantly, the project only takes less than 1 hour to complete.

13. DIY Towel Rack Outdoor

outdoor rack with nautical rope and vintage wood

Just because you are on a tight budget, doesn’t mean creating a functional yet cute pool towel rack seems impossible. Grab a jigsaw, some paint, nautical rope, and scrap wood pieces. Then, get to work.

This DIY rack project is really fun. It also allows you to try spring-inspired paint color mixes. Furthermore, the wooden flip flops give the otherwise neutral towel holder some vibrancy.

The coat racks come in different shapes and colors. They ooze a bit of vintage charm. Meanwhile, the nautical rope and wood lend the pool towel holder a rustic flavor.

14. DIY Towel Rack with Angled Shelving

diy towel rack with angled shelving dan whitewashed wood

You have gorgeous towels. It would be better if they are put on display. In this example, the DIY towel rack features angled shelves. White-painted wood and stainless steel hook create a lovely combination.

The handmade towel rack maximizes your vertical space. It also brings style and function to the bathroom.

Metallic hook holds an unfolded towel. That angled shelves showcase the rolled-up ones. They add a luxurious spa feeling to the bathroom instantly. Gray walls and white windows develop a bright, airy environment.

15. Handmade Popsicle Towel Rack

handmade colorful popsicle hooks for your room

When summer is around the corner, you think about getting more towels. Instead of sinking lots of money into preparing for the springtime, make this popsicle towel rack yourself.

All materials needed for this project are wood boards, jigsaw, drill, paint, brush, screws, dowels, ruler, strong glue, and pencil. When it comes to painting the popsicles, there’s no exact rule. Just be sure each of them is unique.

As the image shows, the colorful popsicle hooks fill the space with summer vibes. They also accommodate a towel, bag, and a scarf.

16. DIY Leather Towel Rack

simple yet stylish towel rack made of leather belt and wooden dowels

Replacing your old towel rack with the new handmade one is an easy way to transform the bathroom. Lean into a modern aesthetic by incorporating this organizer into your space.

The simple yet stylish DIY towel rack is made of leather belts and oak dowels. They add a Scandinavian touch and nature’s rawness to the interior. That light blue wall provides a nice backdrop.

Moreover, you can hang the towel rack on the wall in any room. It has four pegs for displaying loofah sponge and towels. What a brilliant storage solution!

17. Repurposed Chair Towel Rack

reusable chair towel rack and antique look in the room

Want to spruce your space up, but have a small budget? Don’t despair. Try this smart storage solution. We completely guarantee the guest bathroom is not cluttered anymore.

Here, this DIY towel rack is crafted out of the old chair’s ladder back. The distressed finish gives it a shabby chic look. Meanwhile, burlap lends the item a rustic twist.

Not only is this handmade towel rack lovely and functional, but also works as a head-turning piece. You can find the vintage chair at your local antique shop for under ten dollars. The white color scheme produces an open atmosphere.

Hopefully, those amazing DIY towel rack ideas motivated you to give your room an update. They also prove that trash can be transformed into treasures with a little bit of creativity. Let’s get the project started!

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