Different Wall Textures to Acknowledge & Consider

Adding character to your house can be done in many ways. Rather than adding so much décor in your house why not use different wall textures to make it unique.

Many people may not be aware, but the sides of a room are not always flat and plain. You can apply many kinds of different wall textures in your house, which will give different characters to the room.

However, other than adding character to the room, one of the main functions of different wall textures is to give a final change. Sometimes just some imperfections cannot be hidden even with paint. Therefore, with additional touch, it will hide it all into an interesting place.

Now, before choosing between the different kinds of wall textures, it is important also to consider the size and theme of the room. Not all surfaces will match, and some can even make your room look smaller. Therefore, ensure to do a trial before changing the whole thing.

1. Pros and Cons of Using Different Wall Textures

pros and cons of using different dall textures

Even though different wall textures can bring benefit to the room, many people are still concerned about whether to use them or not. Therefore, before you decide, it is better to know the pros and cons of using them for your house.

First, using different kinds of wall textures in the house can add dimension to the room. If you have a place in the house where all the ceilings to are drywall, then adding these panels can add some dimension to it. It will make the space more different and far from looking homogenous.

Different wall textures for different rooms will also create unique looks. Even if the artist is the same, the results of each place will be different. Therefore, this kind of design is a favorite for many people.

However, using different plaster wall textures will also affect the patterns you make for the room. If you want the best result, it is best to use one type or kind, so that at least the results you get are the same.

The most common reason why people use it is that it can hide the imperfections. Rather than having to get it repaired, people can choose between many different wall textures to cover up the damage.

People can get these benefits if they can apply different wall textures correctly. If not, then it may just add some problems to your house.

Now after knowing the pros of applying wall textures on your walls, it is also important to know the cons. Therefore, you know the consequences of making them in your house.

As mention before, there many kinds of different wall textures that people can choose from. However, not all of them will always be a trend. Therefore, when it is not booming anymore, it is likely that you will want to change the design.

This is the hard part because removing textured on drywall is difficult to do. If you do it on your own, you are likely to damage the surface beneath the walls. Therefore, it is best to hire a professional to do this job.

Different Wall textures are also harder to clean or paint because their surface is not flat. You will need extra effort to clean them daily. It is also recommended not to make them if you have small kids, as it can be dangerous too.

What makes it worst is, texture walls can decrease the selling price of a house. Not everyone likes them because of their hard maintenance, so if you are not planning to live in that home forever, it is best not to modify the walls.

Alternatively, if you plan to buy a house, it is important to know the different inside wall textures. Is it still strong and smooth to use? If not, then you will have to add some cost to fix it.

2. Different Types of Wall Textures Known Most

different types of wall textures known most

Well, after knowing the pros and cons of using wall texture and you still decide to go on, then it is to choose the design. You may not know many different types of wall textures. You might have seen them before, but you never heard of them.

Every person can create different wall texture, so do not hope that you can create the same as others. Even though you use the same method and equipment, the results are unique.

So, if you are planning to make a unique kind of wall, try these different interior textures to give an extra character to your house.

Comb Drywall Texture

comb drywall texture has various widths and lengths

At first sight, many people see this kind of texture like a fan or a rainbow shape pattern. This is because the design is made with a toothed trowel that has various widths and lengths.

Before applying the trowel, compound the wall using the roller. Make sure to do it all until the wall is smooth and flat. Once you are done, you can start applying the wet compound.

The technique of this texture is by repeating the rainbow shape on the drywall. You can brush an area more than once to make sure that the result can be seen.

There is no wrong and right in making these different wall textures because no design will look the same. However, if you want to make it look better than you had better practice first.

Now, before priming and painting the walls, it is best to wait at least 24 hours first until it dries. Once it is hard enough, you can continue the process.

Popcorn Walls and Ceilings

popcorn walls and ceilings it can hide all the imperfections of a wall

Another kind of interior for your wall texture is popcorn style. Some people may not like this model because it looks like crumbles and not neat.

However, this style was quite popular in the 70s and now is being used again in many homes in the world. One of the main reasons why people prefer to choose this design is because it can hide all the imperfections of a wall.

With the different wall textures, no one can see whether there is a hole or damage to it. There are also no rules in making the right design. They key in making it, is just do it and do not pay too much attention.

Therefore, this is surely a great option for those who have a limited budget, because you can do it on your own. All you need to make this texture is the air compressor, hopper gun, and some polystyrene.

Before making these patterns on your wall, it is best to prime the wall and ceilings of your house. Then mix the drywall mud with polystyrene until it becomes a wide bone color. Then mix some water into it and follow the instructions on the package.

When your compound is ready, then start spraying it on your wall. Make sure to cover up the spots near the wall so that the compound does not stain it.

Orange Peel Texture

orange peel texture have different wall texture

Have you ever seen an orange peel before? If so, then you can imagine how a wall orange peel texture will look like because it is just the same.

This kind of design will have different wall texture, so none of the shapes will be the same. Nevertheless, do not worry because the uneven patterns will just add some value to it.

However, you cannot just jump in and apply orange peel texture on the wall. You need to clean, sand and prime it until it becomes smooth, then you can stick it on.

As for the compound, mix it up with water until it becomes thick like paint or pancake batter. Once it is enough, pour it inside the hopper and test a bit of it. Shoot small amounts first on the wall to see if the pattern as you desire.

It is best to try both splatters to see the shape that is made. Once you like the shape and pattern, you can keep applying it to other parts of the wall.

Knockdown Style

knockdown style bring a unique and rustic touch into the room

This technique is an additional step that you can add after the orange peel design. These different style wall textures bring a unique and rustic touch into the room.

The steps are very simple and easy because you can do it on your own too. First, after applying the orange peel, try flatting the bumps on the wall using a knockdown knife. The purpose of doing this is to make the imperfect smaller but still seen.

However, for small rooms, you will have to wait 10–15 minutes after the spraying, so it dries up first. On the other hand, for bigger rooms, the spray will usually dry up faster, so you knock them down once it is done.

Just make sure that you are not knocking down wet sprays because this will cause lines on the wall. These will make different style wall textures; however, the lines will ruin the whole design.

When you have knockdown the amount you want, then start painting and priming it to the color you like. Just with an additional simple step, you can get a different theme.

Slap Brush Texture

slap brush texture it also looks like a panda paw or animal foot

The next idea for different interior wall textures is the slap brush style. Just like its name, the design is made from a stomp of brushes. However, if you look at it again, it also looks like a panda paw or animal foot.

This one great different interior wall textures can hide the imperfection of your house because nothing can go wrong when you apply this style in your rooms.

Just like other different wall textures, you will need to compound the layers first. However, in this case, you do not need to do it until it is smooth because the bumpy parts can be covered with a slap brush.

Then continue the process with creating the design. You can slap, stomp, shake, or twist the brush to make the pattern that you like. Remember, nothing can go wrong with this kind of style. So, make sure to have fun when you are creating it.

3. How to Make Different Wall and Ceiling Textures Stand Out

how to make different wall and ceiling textures stand out

Other than different wall textures, these kinds of designs can also be made on your ceilings. Even though people will not look up to see it, but it will surely decorate the room.

However, to make it stand out more, it is better to use different wall and ceiling textures at once. Nevertheless, make sure to use simple texture when you choose to use them both. Therefore, your room does not get too crowded or over.

Now, to make sure that your different wall textures stand out, it is important to give some lighting above or around the area. This way, people will notice in the area and see how interesting and beautiful it is.

While seeing different wall textures is nice, you may want too to add some illusions in front of it too. This will add the value on the walls and make it just different compared to just plain surface. You can add a painting or a plant in front of it to create an additional theme.

Well, making different wall textures can be fun and exciting but also a bit challenging. Remember that once you have made the patterns, it will be likely to be uneven and not the same.

Therefore, it will make different wall paint textures too as a result. However, this is the beauty in making these designs.

Nevertheless, before you determine in making different wall textures remember that they are hard to remove and can damage your existing walls. You may also need extra cost to remove them once you get bored with them.

However, despite the cost, different wall textures can add an artistic to the house, especially the room. To make sure that you do not waste money on it is best to get help from a professional to build it up.

Moreover, to make sure that you do not ruin your wall in the future, choose different wall textures that may long last. Therefore, your wall can stand long and strong until years ahead.

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