Corner Gas Fireplace Ideas to Warm Up the House

Corner gas fireplace ideas are one of the best ways to warm up the house without taking too much space. However, these days, many people prefer to use the heater to heat the room. It is more modern and faster, but it does not bring coziness and additional value to the house like a fireplace.

Nothing beats the coziness of walking into a fire room after a day out in the cold. Whether your fireplace is made from gas or wood-burning, it will make your body more relaxed and comfortable.

Having a fireplace in your home can also add value to your place. Other than just a place with fire, it is also an additional decoration to the house. Moreover, you can make it in a modern or traditional style adjusting the theme of your room.

As for those with limited space, do not worry because there are corner gas fireplace ideas that will fit in. Usually, people pay less attention to and do not use this part of the room. Therefore, utilize it to warm up the whole area.

1. Why Use Gas Corner Fireplace?

the use of gas corner fireplace

These days, two kinds of fireplace are available in the market: gas and electrical fire. Both can bring warmness to the room, but the coziness brought inside is certainly different.

To feel the comfort of a fireplace, the gas option is mostly recommended. This type brings in real fire into the house. So of course, it will produce more heat than the electrical ones.

The gas fireplace can also help save up some money. Even though you need to buy extra for gas and wood, but you will not spend much on electricity.

However, if your house does not have a fireplace yet, then you will have to invest more money for the installation. It will be a bit pricey, but it is worth the warmness and comfort you will get.

Before building one, check whether your house has a gas line or not. If it is available, then all you need is to build the fireplace considering the line. Make sure to install it properly to ensure safety in the house too.

2. Best Materials for Corner Gas Fireplace Surround

best materials for corner gas fireplace surround ideas

Before coming up with corner gas fireplace ideas, it is best to know the best materials to use. It will not only determine the design but also concerning safety. Therefore, make sure to choose an element that is safe to use with fire.

The most popular corner gas fireplace surround is steel. This one element can keep the heat inside the area and keep it warm. It also comes with many kinds of finishing to make it fit any kind of interior, so whether you have a modern or traditional design, this is a great choice.

The next type of material that can give natural and industrial touch into the house is concrete. You can use it as one of the most affordable elements since it does not need many touches to finish it. All you need to do to get a clean and beautiful result is polish it a bit in the end.

For a more neat and modern kind of look, you can use the tile as the main material. If you are planning to execute small corner gas fireplace ideas, use the small size. However, if you want to build a big one, then the big ones will cost less.

On the other hand, if you want to make a fireplace outside the house than use materials that have high endurance. Remember that you must choose an element that can keep the fire stay alive and warm the outer space.

For an affordable choice, you can choose between brick and natural stone. However, if you live in a place where the air is quite cold, then the first option will be the best choice because this is the best material that can keep the fire alive and warm the area around.

3. Modern Corner Gas Fireplace Ideas

modern corner gas fireplace decor ideas

Whether you have a big or small place in your area, you can still have your fireplace. Use the corner of the room to make a cozy and warm place to gather with the whole family. Now, if you are confused about how to use the space, here are some great modern ideas you can build.

  • Build-In Steel Fireplace

build in steel fireplace ideas

If you happen to live in a white style house, then make a build-in steel fireplace inside your wall. Not only will this look more advanced but also look pretty in the corner of your room. To make it stand out, use black steel as the main material of the hearth.

However, if the rooms inside your house are near to each other, why not build a 2 sided corner gas fireplace. To make this possible, you will need to build the hearth at the edge of the two places. Therefore, when you turn the fire on, both places can feel warm heat.

To give the same heat for both rooms, make sure to locate or divide the hearth in the right position. Of you can also make one side longer if the other place is bigger. Wherever you locate it, two-sided corner gas fireplace ideas are still brilliant to warm up two places at once.

  • Small Corner Gas Fireplace Ideas

white small corner gas fireplace ideas

Enjoy the view while warming you up with a small corner gas fireplace. Put the hearth between windows, so you can relax while looking at the scenery.

Make the corner gas fireplace surround using concrete to make it simple but trendy. As for the hearth, you can use black steal instead, to make sure the fire keeps warm throughout the day.

For the height make sure not to make it too high, therefore you can still enjoy the view behind. Make it a mid-size fireplace if your room is not too big.

Another material that can be used for this small corner gas fireplace bricks. Just like concrete, it is simple and trendy, easy to make. The best part of all it is very affordable compared to other materials available.

  • Indoor Corner Gas Fireplace for Kitchen

indoor corner gas fireplace ideas for kitchen

Most people will build their fireplace in their living room to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. However, you can also build in other parts of the house like in the kitchen.

As there is not much space in the kitchen, come up with some small or mini corner gas fireplace ideas. By building this, it will add a unique and cosmopolitan décor to the room.

If you decide to do this, then it is best to come up with corner gas fireplace ideas that have high resistance. One of them is the metal frame that is robust and durable. This will also match any combination of the theme of your kitchen furniture.

  • White Contemporary Corner Gas Fireplace

white contemporary corner gas fireplace ideas

Keep your style simple as well as modern with ideas of modern corner gas fireplace from marbles and steel. You can use these materials to create a contemporary theme for your place.

Then, for this design, build a high tray, to place the fire. Adjust the height with the furniture inside the room, so people can enjoy the warmness. Then, to make sure it is safe, cover it up with glass, however, make sure the heat can still come out and make the room feel warm.

  • Corner Gas Fireplace Tile

corner gas fireplace tile ideas

If you are getting bored with your existing style, why not modify it into a corner gas fireplace tile. You will not need to break the whole thing down, just the frame or front part of it.

First, determine what kinds of tile you would want to use for your fireplace. Then, before breaking it down, try the tiles and make a visual frame on the existing one. This way, you can see whether the lengths and quantity you will need to build it up.

To give it a better look, paint a resistant heat around the fireplace and build a new cement backer board. When it is all dry, then start putting in the tiles to make a new looking.

4. Outdoor Corner Gas Fireplace Ideas to Build

outdoor rocky corner gas fireplace ideas to build

Who says that building corner gas fireplace ideas must be indoor? Even though it is located outside, people can still feel the warm and cozy atmosphere from the heating fire.

In fact, by having corner gas fireplace ideas in the backyard, it can enable you to use the rooms even in the cold seasons. Therefore, whatever the season and weather are, you can use it to treat your guests.

However, not like the ones indoor, corner gas fireplace ideas for an outside area can be more flexible and have a wider range. You can choose between inexpensive materials, portable, to DIY ones.

One thing you need to make sure when building an outdoor fireplace is where you locate it. Make sure that it is not blown by wind easily or dies off when it rains.

Therefore, to help you out, here are some beautiful outdoor corner fireplace ideas you can consider:

  • Mix and Match Bricks Fireplace

mix and match bricks fireplace ideas

One of the corner gas fireplace ideas that you can have for your outdoor area is a mix and match between bricks and stones. Sprinkle them around with uneven and wavy patterns to make them look artistic.

Using these materials will fit in with the outside nature, so you do not need extra effort to make it match. For the hearth inside you can use the same elements too.

To make sure that it is safe from rain, snow, or other weather, then give a trunk cover on the top. To prevent the wind from turning off the fire, you can install a half-height cover. This will also protect the people from the sparks.

  • Portable Steel Fireplace with Chimney

portable steel fireplace with chimney ideas

One of the simple corner gas fireplace ideas that anyone can have despite their room is the portable model. This is best to buy, as it is simple, small, and very affordable. You can even move it around from one place to another.

However, the only minus thing about portable steel is that it does not cover too much area. Even though your yard is not big, you will have to cuddle up near the fireplace to feel warm.

  • Double-Sided Fireplace

double sided fireplace ideas

Need more than one fireplace to heat your outside yard? If so, then why not make a double side fireplace. This will not only be used to warm up the area but also be a room divider between the inside and outer side.

Another benefit of this kind of fireplace is you can use one side for barbequing, so if you decide to make some marshmallows with your friends, you can use the outer side while enjoying the night sky.

  • Outdoor Contemporary Corner Gas Fireplace

outdoor contemporary corner gas fireplace ideas

The last corner gas fireplace ideas to make for your outside area are a contemporary and modern look. Rather than making it high like a chimney, make it long so it can cover up the wider area too. Start from the corner of the room and divide half on the right the other to the left.

To make it look modern, you can use marble or concrete as the main material for the fireplace. Then for the cover, use a high-quality cord to protect the sparks from coming out. Just make sure to clean it after using it, so it stays clean.

Overall, corner gas fireplace ideas are great option designs for both small and big living rooms. They can be installed inside or outside the room too and make your hang out more comfortable.

Before buying one, it is important to determine the function of it first. Do you want one for additional décor only? Alternatively, do you need corner gas fireplace ideas to heat the room? It is because this will nail down the design and type.

Now, whether you build it inside or outside, make sure to pay attention to safety. Therefore, choose the best yet most affordable kind of material that is not dangerous like steel and marble. On the other hand, do not forget to install it in a safe place too, like the living room.

Next, when choosing corner gas fireplace ideas, also consider the size that fits perfectly with your room. Choose one that is proportional to your home and makes it look pretty because if it is too big or small, it will just make it awkward.

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