Consider White Painted Wood Floors with These Pros and Cons

White painted wood floors issue has recently widely discussed by home decor experts. Various pros and cons emerge regarding how effective this method provides a positive feel to daily living. Some people find it very useful, but not a few who judge this as worthless.

However, before talking more specifically about colors, particularly white painted wood floors, it is better to start with something more general. As many people do not understand the facts behind flooring and painting, let us first discuss the ins and outs.

1. The Development of Flooring

Development white painted wood floor

As we know, floors have a big influence in determining the aesthetic value. Beautiful house floors provide comfort and make you feel at home. Nevertheless, over time, the flooring system changes in many ways and developed long before the issue of white painted wood floors.

In the past, people were quite satisfied with the raw ground floor, without any additions. However, considering various things, people began to avoid direct contact with the earth. Then tiles began to appear in many buildings.

The use of tiles is also encouraged by a desire to give a more beautiful impression in a residence. Moreover, for centuries, tiles have continued to develop and improve following the development of public tastes and needs.

Increasingly, people began to develop other natural objects for flooring. While the tiles were originally made from pottery, innovation began to appear by using stone, marble, ceramics, and so on. This method also managed to survive for centuries, even today.

Nevertheless, lately, a new trend began to emerge. Although using tiles is considered the neatest way of flooring, many people now use paint instead. Painting floors began to be applied to various materials ranging from wood, tiles, and other materials.

Although this method reaped debate, modern society has begun to implement it a lot. There are some reasons to do it, for example, low prices or easier ways of applying. However, there is one question, is it a good idea?

2. Painted Wood Floors Pros and Cons

white painted wood floors strengths and weaknesses

It is mentioned above that the use of something like white painted wood floors is still much debated. To be more easily understood, let us first discuss the strengths and weaknesses of applying this in a house.


  • Budget-friendly – People do painting floors mainly because of economic reasons. It is cheaper than installing new tiles. You can use the remaining paint at home to give a new nuance to the house. With a little trick, you can get the perfect complexion on your new floor.
  • Easier and faster work – Changing tiles cost not only an expensive budget but also a great effort. You have to take thorough measurements to ensure its perfection. Besides, you have to dismantle the old floors first to install the new ones.
    It will be more practical to carve a brush on the old floor and make it new again.
  • Customizable – Aside from budget reasons, another nice thing about painting floors is its customizability. No need to hunt or wait for stock as you can create it anytime in any way. Choose the color you like and paint it with your style. The results will not be found anywhere else.
  • Can be changed anytime – If you are bored with the old nuances, replacing them will not be difficult either. You can just repaint as you wish. Your mood will never die!


  • Not all materials can be painted – Despite its flexibility; you have to admit that not all materials can be painted. The glasses materials may require special paint. Besides, any layer of wax on the surface usually reduces the durability of the paint.
  • Another problem is that not all parts of the house are suitable for using painted floors. You might not be able to use it on watery spots, such as bathrooms.
  • The smell of paint can be disturbing – The smell of paint may be very strong and disturbing. It can disappear over time, but not everyone can stand. This might be anticipated by using less-odor paint. The use of room perfume might also help.
  • You must wait long to dry – After doing painting, make sure that it is completely dry before stepping on. If not, your painting will be damaged and your feet will be dirty. Some people choose to leave the house for several days after done with the floor.
  • Can be harmful – It is undeniable that paints may contain harmful chemicals. Use it on the wall is safer as you do not always need to touch it. However, it is different if you use it for the floor. Surely, you will touch every day by foot or daily items used.
  • Need to be extra careful – Painted floors mean extra care. Dirty feet or items will easily make it dull. There are too many preventive actions should be taken to avoid the mess.
  • Less durable – Compared to the tiles, the painting floor is less durable. It will be easily eroded by the activities you do. Besides, it is difficult to clean so the clinging dirt will damage its beauty.

Based on the considerations, now you can decide to use painted floors or not. Of course, the choice of the decor must also be adjusted to the conditions in the house. If you feel unnecessary, just skip the rest of this article. Nevertheless, if interested, let us move on to the next explanation.

3. Working on Painted Floors

Working on Painted Floors of White Painted Wood Floors

Painting can be done on materials such as vinyl, tiles, and even ceramics, but so far, the best results can be seen in the wood. Therefore, the focus of our discussion here will be on that type of floor.

Painting floors is similar to the other paint-finishing flat surface. However, as arriving at this page means that you are interested in using a painted floor, please pay attention seriously and carefully. The following are the steps to do it.

  • Prepare tools and materials, ranging from paints, brushes, cleaning tools, and other materials that may be needed for painting.
  • Remove all the furniture on the floor to be painted.
  • Make sure the floor is not damaged or perforated. If there is any broken part, please repair it with a compound or something similar.
  • Clean the surface to be painted. Make sure you have removed all the traces of wax, sand, dirt, or other particles that might disturb the results of the painting.
  • Gently rub the floor with sand or something similar. This process is important so that the surface is not too slippery to make a better result. Besides, this technique will give distressed white painted wood floors effect.
  • During the painting process, it is better to use an extension handle on a roller so that you can do it from the far distance. Besides, you should prepare the polyurethane for the last touch.
  • In painting wood floors, apply at least two layers of paint before two to four layers of polyurethane.
  • When painting, manage to do it from inside to the way out. In case you do not use an extension handle, please wear rubber-soled shoes when reentering the room to avoid scarring the surface.
  • Wait for the floor to dry. If possible, use tools that can help speed it up.
  • In case you want to add a touch of picture or decoration, wait until it is dry enough. Do not forget to use rubber shoes to avoid damaging the floor.

Those are a few simple steps to apply painted floors. In addition to the steps above, you can also explore with supporting materials and equipment.

4. White Painted Wood Floors

floors clean and spacious feel

After understanding the all-about flooring, now it is time to talk about color selection. There are no special rules because everything depends on taste. However, it seems that lately many people have debated the use of white painted wood floors.

Many people do not agree to use this style, as it will easily look dirty. Besides, stains on it cannot always be cleaned well.

However, several reasons why you should not hesitate to use white painted wood floors are they give a modern impression, eliminate the dark and gloomy atmosphere, can be coated with waterproof materials, as well as offer a clean and spacious feel.

Besides, they are energizing, more interesting, suitable for any furniture, and easy to be decorated, distressed, or ornamented.

5. Distressing White Painted Wood Floors

creating painted wood floors

Plain white might be too boring. Therefore, you may do various experiments. One of them is creating distressed white painted wood floors. Thus, the results of the painting will show the typical stripes commonly found in wood, not just plain white like walls. Here are some steps to do.

  • Give a light sanding at first. It will repair any imperfections and clean the wood surface. This step will give more preparation for wood to be painted. After that, vacuum up the dust so that no debris left.
  • Paint the surface well. Enamel paint will be good, while oil-based one is better for finishing. Let them dry.
  • Scuff the floor with sand to make a natural look. The amount of sand is depended on your taste and needs.
  • Clean and dry it again perfectly.
  • When everything is done, seal it with polyacrylic, wax, or lacquer. This step will protect your white painted wood floors well.
  • Now you have your artistic view at home. You can even add white painted wood floors dark molding touch to give a unique impression.

6. Some Strategies for Applying White Painted Wood Floors

Some Strategies for Applying White Painted Wood Floors

Each part of the house has different characters, durability, and usability. That is why they should not be treated in the same way. The following are some strategies for using white painted wood floors in some parts of your home.

  • White Painted Wood Floors in Kitchen

not recommended white kitchen flooring

Having white painted wood floors in the kitchen is not a sin. You can apply as much as you want to provide comfort. Even so, you also still need to pay attention to the cleanliness factor. Despite its modern and bright nuance, it will make your kitchen dirty easily.

White painted wood floors are not very recommended for a busy kitchen. However, you can still use it on rarely used parts. Do not use it near the stove, refrigerator, or food-processing part. The best spot to use white is at the entrance.

  • White Painted Wood Floors in Bedroom

bedroom with white windows

A bedroom is maybe the best place to apply white painted wood floors. As long as you do not put it around the bathroom, in case you have it inside, everything will be fine. This style will provide an abundance of energy.

It also gives a bright impression to make you feel comfortable. Combined with the cheerful-colored walls and furniture, your bedroom white painted wood floors will be the perfect part of your house.

  • White Painted Wood Floors in Bathroom

bathroom with dark walls

Just like the kitchen, applying white painted wood floors in the bathroom is not also a good idea. You may use a water-resistant coating to overcome the problems, but it will be long-lasting. However, it is still okay to use it as long as you do not put it around the watery spots.

  • White Painted Wood Floors in Other Parts of the House

white room with two windows

If you cannot use this style in your favorite location, do not be sad. Other locations might be an option. The white painted wood floors with carpet looks will look good in the living room.

Besides, you can also still apply white painted wood floors in other spots such as terraces, lounge, dressing rooms, or other places that do not involve heavy and dirty activities. Those places will not prohibit you to step on the nice wooden materials.

Flooring can be fun. Now you know that tiles, marble, or onyx are not the only cool materials in home decor. The painting floor is the easy way to bring a good mood to your house. It is not only about comfort but also creativity.

For those who are previously hesitant to use white painted wood floors as part of the house, now you can decide. Do not be a boring person. Sometimes you should break the rule and habit just to know which one is the best. Do your best flooring now!

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