Adopting Spanish Style Kitchen Ideas to Stirring up Your Cooking Mood

Spanish style kitchen is probably one of the most widely adopted designs in modern society today. The reason is simple. It looks sophisticated yet functional at the same time.

But before talking a lot about Spanish style kitchen design, first, we can talk about the kitchen.

Many societies assume that a kitchen brings a crucial role for a civilization. People believe that a keep-steaming kitchen indicates the availability of good food to be consumed by anyone who lives in.

Not everyone agrees with that. Some people just don’t like going to the kitchen because they think it’s dirty, chaotic, often smelly, and other unpleasant conditions.

If the householder is reluctant to go to the kitchen, then the cooking moment is considered as a burden. Food is not well available so it impacts the quality of the occupants themselves.

Some people might argue that food can be obtained easily from the outside. Why bother cooking if there are still many restaurants out there. Everything can be done practically in modern times. But are you sure about that?

Indeed, food is widely available outside. But can you make sure it’s cooked well? Are the ingredients hygienic? Are the cooking utensils clean? What if there are harmful ingredients used during the process? Nobody knows.

The doubts above certainly will not exist if you cook by yourself. You will intervene directly in the process so you can make sure everything goes as you wish.

Therefore, to be more enthusiastic about cooking, surely you need a little motivation. One of the solutions is turning a terrible kitchen into one pleasant place.

Why Should Choose Spanish Style Kitchen Decor?

A kitchen should adapt to modern demands

A simple arrangement with a luxury impression makes people more eager to spend time in the cooking room. That is the reason why this design is preferable. A modern Spanish style kitchen will allure you to step there.

The Spanish style kitchen itself is one of the many Mediterranean concepts. You may find similar spatial planning in some European countries like Italy and Greece, but with slightly different tastes.

In ancient times, it might only emphasize function. But over time, some aesthetic ​​and comfort values inserted to build mood and comfort when cooking. Besides, a kitchen should adapt to modern demands.

The Characteristics of Spanish Style Kitchen Décor

The hallmark of the Mediterranean concept is to incorporate natural elements

As mentioned above, the Mediterranean style is a typical design that commonly found in European countries, including Spain. The concept is widely known as moderately everlasting and timeless.

The hallmark of the Mediterranean concept is to incorporate natural elements, especially in the use of colors. Therefore, this style seems identical to the use of materials such as wood, pottery, or stone.

That simple concept can be attractive to most people. You can explore the broadest imagination and creativity to build the most luxurious and comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen.

As you might have known, the Mediterranean style is very suitable to be applied in various environmental conditions. For tropical Indonesia, rural rustic style can be a choice since most people are fond of natural themes.

A little traditional touch can be a good idea. For example, you can choose wood material as the Spanish style kitchen table, cabinet, chair, or other furniture.

You can also combine it with a typical European natural style which is mostly inspired by beaches. A little blue or white nuance will give a modern and classy impression on your cooking moments.

Besides, some people even apply mod-Mediterranean designs or modern-Mediterranean interior design styles. This concept is a combination of traditional and modern elements that are put together in a unique nuance.

Choosing Design for Your Spanish Style Kitchen

Spanish Kitchen with Wood Cabinet

There are some considerations to think about before choosing a design. It can be a difficult process as the results will determine your kitchen appearance.

Therefore, you must be careful in doing so. Here are some considerations to think about:

Where is Your Home Location?

It must be an important concern. Those who live in densely populated residential areas should design their kitchen the kitchen in such a way so that the smoke and rubbish do not disturb the neighbors.

Those who live in tenuous locations may be more flexible when designing a kitchen. However, you still have to pay attention to the comfort of the people around you.

Besides, the condition of the area is also a serious thing. If you live in a hot area, like the beach, a lot of ventilation in the kitchen will be important to regulate air circulation.

How Wide is Your Land Area?

The width of the land area determines what your kitchen will be like. You can’t build a large kitchen in a narrow area. But even if it is mini-sized, there are always tricks to make it feel comfortable.

Who Lives in the House?

Building a kitchen depends on the occupants. Are there any children inside? What is the profession of family members? Those are some factors to be considered.

How Many People Live in the House?

The more people in the house, the higher the activity in the kitchen. Therefore, you need to build a flexible kitchen to meet the cooking needs of all house members.

What Foods are Often Cooked?

Everyone’s taste is certainly different. Those who prefer practical food will be no need to build a complicated kitchen. In another case, those who love to cook heavy food certainly need the greater kitchen.

How Often Do You Cook?

As explained above, self-cooked food will be much better. But again, it depends on the intensity of you and your family at home. Office workers generally do not use the kitchen too often.

What’s Your Favorite Design?

If you have considered the factors above, now is the time you look for your kitchen preferences. Match it with your tastes and conditions. Don’t forget to pay attention to air circulation, waterways, and lighting.

Some Spanish Style Kitchen Ideas to Steal

Good idea build a Spanish kitchen

It’s good that you immediately directly see some ideas to be emulated when you’re going to build a Spanish style kitchen. So, without further ado, here we go!

1. Authentic Spanish Style Kitchen

Spanish kitchen with traditional impression

As mentioned above, a Mediterranean style, including a Spanish kitchen, emphasizes on natural things. You will see the nuances in the selection of material and color.

For authentic themes, Spanish style kitchen tiles will not be too fancy. The use of terra-cotta as a flooring material is very popular for this design as it gives a classic and traditional impression.

Spanish style kitchen backsplash usually also uses a kind of tile material, instead of marble or other modern materials. Goldie colors, such as brown or dark yellow, are the best choice because of its warm atmosphere.

2. Colonial Spanish Style Kitchen

 Awesome Colonial Style Kitchen

Another style you can adopt is colonial. The main hallmarks of this design are the vaulted ceilings along with wooden beams. It is as classic as the authentic style but distinguished from the type of floor and furniture.

Colonial style is more modern than authentic because the floor used is no longer terra-cotta tiles. You can see that the furniture is using glass materials.

3. Small Spanish Style Kitchen

Amazing Small Style Kitchen

Not everyone has a spacious kitchen. Even if your space is limited, there are always ways to adopt a Spanish style kitchen into the house.

Place some tiny Spanish style kitchen cabinets, with large storage capacities, in several corners. Put most of the cooking utensils in it to save space.

To enhance your appearance, try giving a bright color to the backsplash, floor, and furniture. It doesn’t need a lot of decoration to avoid a crowded impression in your small Spanish style kitchen.

However, working with small spaces is sometimes a challenge. Therefore, it is better to put the furniture right and left so that it gives space to move straight in the kitchen.

4. Modern Spanish Style Kitchen

Modern Kitchen Style colorful and brighter

A modern-themed kitchen will apply colorful, brighter, and can be uplifting nuances.

This style is probably the most widely adopted by the community because it gives the impression of comfort and a little luxury. Usually, modern-themed kitchens will apply colorful, brighter, and can be uplifting nuances.

Another characteristic is the use of minimalist furniture to avoid crowded impression. In contrast to authentic, this style also applies maximum lighting so that everything looks brighter.

5. Wooden Spanish Style Kitchen

you can also use wooden materials for your cooking room

Slightly adopt the colonial theme; you can also use wooden materials for your cooking room. Use this material for a table, chair, or storage. But as much as possible avoid wooden-themed items around the flame.

You can still use wood as a backlash, but make sure this part is equipped with oil and water repellent coating. However, I still recommend using pottery or tiles for this important part.

6. Luxurious Spanish Style Kitchen

Any furniture made from marble, glass, or decorations will give a luxurious impression

For those who have wide space, luxurious themes can be an option. You can even place the dining table in the kitchen area, complete with a variety of beautiful furniture.

Any furniture made from marble, glass, or decorations will give a luxurious impression. A marble or onyx is the best choice for Spanish style kitchen backsplash materials.

7. Spanish Style Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen can be the right choice

Don’t just stick to your limited room. A Spanish style outdoor kitchen can also be the right choice. Cooking might be more fun with a refreshing outside view. It’s certainly fun for a garden party or barbecue moment.

You can still apply the Mediterranean concept with wood or goldish furniture. But make sure that the stove and electronics are well protected from the effects of the weather.

Additional Tips to Boost Your Cooking Mood

Cleanliness is important in the kitchen life

However, good kitchen design is certainly not the only factor that will support the cooking mood. Some other things are equally important to do. Here are some tips:

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Cleanliness is an important rule you should always consider in the kitchen life. It’s okay to mess up while preparing perfect food. But afterward, don’t forget to clean and tidy up your zone again.

Procrastination will have an adverse effect. The room will look dirty and smelly, making you lazy to enter it. Besides, delaying washing cooking utensils will also complicate you when using the next time.

You also must clean the floor frequently. Do not let the oil or water stain makes it slippery that endangers kitchen users. Accumulated dirt can also be a harmful den of disease.

Use Your Space Well

The spacious kitchen will stir you up. However, it will be in vain if you don’t use it properly. Put cooking utensils in a neat place to avoid full and messy impression.

If your kitchen is small, you can use a wall or space under the sink. Use an organizer to store small items so they don’t seem cluttered. Once again, cleanliness and neatness are the main keys to improve mood.

Watch Your Cookware Placement

You should put any frequently-used cookware in a reachable spot. For this, you have to set priorities.

Use Portable Furniture

The choice of furniture also determines comfort. For example, you may choose Spanish style kitchen chairs with high artistic value, but you better use the portable ones. Why?

Because there is a possibility that one day you get bored with the current arrangement or you need more space to do something. Everything will be easy to do if you use portable objects that are easy to move.

Use Unique Decorations

To avoid reluctance, arrange your kitchen according to your taste. Fun furnishings, colorful cooking utensils, and a pleasant arrangement of space will help you stay motivated while in the kitchen. You can also change the settings at any time.

That’s all about adopting Spanish style kitchen into your home. In essence, you can apply any design to make your kitchen feel fun. Whatever the conditions, there are always ways to make it a pleasant place.

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