25 Home Coffee Station Ideas for Your Joyful Morning

Before starting your day in the morning, slurping some warm espresso or tea would provide good vibes. Instead of making a run to the nearest cafe, why don’t you just have your very own personal home coffee station so that you can enjoy a cup of joy every day?

1. Setting up Home Coffee Station

Setting up your Home Coffee

Having a home coffee station is such a fascinating idea that you might have been looking forward to. However, setting up an excellent one does not simply put a coffee maker and some cups on the countertop. You need to consider some other supplies, too.

To make a perfect home coffee station for your joyful morning, make sure the following things are in your list:

  • Coffee makers, such as espresso machines, French presses, drip coffee, etc
  • Mugs, cups, saucers, and teacups
  • Sugar, syrups, cinnamon, and dried creamer (in case you want to add some flavors into your coffee)
  • Grinders
  • Coffee
  • Spoons

2. Home Coffee Station Furniture

Coffee Station Furniture for your home

In addition to preparing all the materials and ingredients you need to make a cup of delectable coffee, you also have to consider whether or not you need a special piece of furniture for your coffee station, and how you will store everything.

If you have plenty of space and budget, you can opt for a coffee cabinet station for home that can be located anywhere, such as by the breakfast nook, near the kitchen, or in the dining room.

However, if you are short on space, you can just use the existing cabinet in your kitchen and install some hooks on the wall to hang your cups and mugs.

A cart would also a great alternative to a coffee cabinet station as it can be moved anywhere you want. You can even bring it to your backyard easily when you are having a barbecue party with some guests.

You can also build several shelves above the countertop to set down cups and ingredients. If you do not want the hassle, just stash them away in the cabinets and drawers in your kitchen.

3. Home Coffee Station Accessories

Accessories of Home Coffee for awesome your coffee station

Once you have decided on the furniture you are going to use and places where you will position your home coffee station, now it is time for you to perk up it.

You can do several ways to make your home coffee station look more appealing, one of which is by adding some color.

If your kitchen is stark due to the absence of a color scheme, you may want to add pop colors to your home coffee station. You can paint the cart or side table on which you set down your coffee maker and cups bright hues.

The same idea can be implemented to the coffee station that you set up on the counter space. Try displaying cups and jars with different colors.

You can also paint the tray that anchors all the coffee-making essentials in the color of your choice.

Most cafés use a chalkboard to write down the menu. That is what you are going to adopt to emulate the authentic feeling. To get this look, you can hang a chalkboard on the wall.

You can also paint the wall directly by applying two coats of chalkboard paint. After that, you can draw or write anything you like, such as an inspirational quote, your daily schedule, important notes to your family using chalk.

Another thing that can improve the appearance of your home coffee station well is some pieces of art. Consider the following artwork that you can hang on the wall behind it:

  • Home coffee station signs
  • Mosaic or ceramic tiles
  • A vintage clock
  • A wall decal
  • Vintage café boards

To round out the look, invest in some decorative jars to store sugar, coffee, and other ingredients. Glass jars and containers would be perfect as they are transparent so that you can see what is inside. You still have to attach a label on each of them, though.

Vintage tins and antique tins can also be nice alternatives to clear glass jars especially if you love the shabby-chic look.

4. Coffee Station in Home Kitchen

Awesome Coffee Station in Home Kitchen

This is an ordinary cabinet. The homeowner added a twist in it so that it can make a perfect home coffee station.

Some additional shelves are added under the cabinet to store cups and mugs. The bottom shelf is the largest as it is used to host a coffee maker.

To make it easier for you and any user when making coffee, the bottom shelf features drawer slides that allow you to pull it out so that the coffee maker will protrude a little bit. A small sconce is installed inside it so that you can see everything more clearly.

5. Coffee Table Station at Home

An attractive coffee table with an arrangement beside the kitchen

A coffee station can be in the form of a side table or any ready-made one that you can purchase in a home-improvement store. However, finding the best one that fits in with a certain space in your home will be a little bit tricky. Therefore, making one yourself is better.

This coffee station features four drawers that provide ample storage to stash away clutter. You can use a wall-mounted shelf above it to store some mugs and host artwork. It also features S-hooks to hang dry the cups.

6. Corner Home Coffee Station

coffee station in a corner of your kitchen

Do not let limited space become an obstacle for you to enjoy scrumptious espresso every morning. You can still make a home coffee station in a corner of your kitchen, just like what you can see here.

This corner home coffee station looks cohesive because it matches the existing wall perfectly. It even has the same color scheme and baseboard trim. It features two floating shelves that provide ample storage space for cups and other family treasures.

7. Monochromatic Home Coffee Station

Monochromatic for your awesome coffee table

This home coffee station stands nicely against the shiplap paneling. Its crisp-white color even matches the wall and ceiling well, making them flow into one being.

The home coffee station cabinet offers you a lot of storage space that you can use to store cups and some other supplies.

X shelf gives the cabinet a modern farmhouse look while providing ample space to store some bottles. The countertop is quite spacious. It allows you to have more than one coffee maker. To make it look like an authentic cafe, a chalkboard is added.

8. Hidden Home Coffee Station

hidden coffee station is incredibly awesome

You can see it, but now you do not.

This is what makes this coffee station incredibly awesome. Instead of being displayed on a countertop or a special table, it hides perfectly in the kitchen pantry.

Anyone who sees it might think that it is just an ordinary pantry where you can find condiments, snacks, cereals, and all that jazz. However, when you open it, you will find a nice coffee maker and all the things you need to make a tasty latte.

The pantry has many shelves that can accommodate various kinds of coffees and flavorings. You can even find over-the-door racks that hang behind each door. It also features LED string lights that illuminate the space.

9. Inexpensive Home Coffee Station

Inexpensive coffee table is good idea

Well, the idea of having a home coffee station is to enjoy scrumptious coffee anytime without costing you a fortune. Therefore, you do not have to splurge out on a fancy cabinet. You do not even have to make one yourself if carpentry is not your forte.

The best way to get a coffee station on the cheap without breaking a sweat is by using what you already have. Tap into your countertop! It is a perfect place for your coffee maker to nestle.

To make it tidier and look more organized, invest in a tray, a wicker basket, or any container. Arrange the jars and flavorings in it to anchor them in place.

You can also hang some simple decoration like chalkboard sign or papercraft to kick it up a notch. It will require your creativity and imagination. It is fun, though.

10. Industrial Style Home Coffee Station

Industrial Style for your coffee table is good implementing idea

If you want to add a little bit of industrial style into your house, you can try implementing this coffee station idea.

One of the significant features of the industrial look is the use of galvanized pipes. Therefore, if you want to carve out this style in your coffee station, you should make some shelves from weathered-finish boards and wrought-iron pipes.

It would be better if you incorporate some copper things, such as cups, mugs, spoons, etc. Do not forget to round out the look by adding some embellishments.

11. Modern Home Coffee Station

modern coffee table looking elegant

Modern flair is seen in this home coffee station. The white cabinet features a clean-lined design with clear-cut hardware that makes it look more obvious.

The charcoal gray paneling adds a distinctive charm to the coffee station. To accentuate the modern flair and simplicity, white cups are displayed on the shelves.

12. Movable Home Coffee Station

Movable or portable coffee table is good idea

If your home is short on space, investing in a coffee station, which is placed near the kitchen, is unlikely. Instead of having a permanent one, try opting for a cart.

This cart features four casters that enable this home coffee station to be easy to move. You can even bring it to your backyard or porch instantly, meaning you can serve fresh espresso to your guests without unloading the cups and coffee maker first.

13. Repurposed Wooden Crates

Repurposed Wooden Crates for additional storage space

Did you know that wooden crates are extremely versatile? You can turn them into chic and functional shelves that can incorporate additional storage space. Even better, you can make a home coffee station from them.

You just need to grab a table. It can be any kind of table at home, such as a nightstand, repurposed dressing table, or even a sewing machine.

Sand the crates thoroughly to make the surface smoother. Stain them well. Apply two coats of polyurethane to seal the finish and make it long-lasting. Screw the crates to the wall. Put cups, jars, and knick-knacks in them.

14. Keep Things Organized

Keep Things Organized for your coffee station

Although your home lacks space, it does not mean you can let the clutter conquer your kitchen especially your coffee station. To prevent this plight from happening, you can invest in drawer dividers.

Drawer dividers are your savior. They allow you to organize things more easily. You can store and sort sugar, tea bags, and many other small items in the drawer without creating a mess.

You can get drawer dividers in a store. You can always make them from cardboard, wood boards, or even cereal boxes.

15. Tiered Home Coffee Station

Tiered Coffee Station can boost the good vibes

Do not have enough space for a coffee station that can boost the good vibes? You can try this one out.

This home coffee station is a 3-tier plant stand. It goes vertical, which makes it fit in with any awkward space including this corner.

It features a curvy design that brings in classic ambiance to this corner. Since it does not have much counter space, the cups are hung along with the towel. It is not a big deal, though. Most importantly, you can still have a coffee despite the limited space.

16. DIY Home Coffee Station

DIY Coffee Station help you apply any finish easily

Having a stylish coffee station does not always entail many bucks. You can make it from scratch, which will help you salt away some money.

To make this simple-yet-chic coffee station, you will need some copper pipes and boards.
Make sure you have sanded down the boards well to remove annoying splinters before assembling them. Doing this step will also help you apply any finish easily.

Once the boards have been sanded and painted or stained, make holes with a drill bit to thread the copper pipes. That is it! It is easy, isn’t it? You can also add four casters at the bottom so that you can move it easily.

17. Mid-Century Modern Home Coffee Station

The minimalist design denotes mid-century modern well

Who would have guessed a side table could make a great coffee station? The minimalist design denotes mid-century modern well. The turquoise coffee maker adds a splash of color to it.

Those are what you need to create a fantastic home coffee station. Which one is your favorite?

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