21 Wall Shoe Organizer Ideas to Hold the Clutter at Bay

You might be familiar with the mess in the mudroom or closet due to the scattered footwear. If you have had enough of it, now it is time for you to tap into one of these brilliant ideas of wall shoe organizer that will hold the clutter at bay.

1. Wall Shoe Organizer for an Awkward Nook and Cranny

Wall Shoe Organizer for an Awkward Nook

Every nook and cranny counts when it comes to limited space. You can even tap into the awkward space that has been lying dormant for ages. To make it more useful, you can turn it into a wall shoe organizer.

The space between a corner and a wardrobe like the one you can see here is awkward. It is supposed to accommodate fewer shelves.

However, with the power of creativity, it can host more shelves, which means you can store more shoes and make your closet tidier.

Instead of installing the shelves horizontally, you can try sloping them a little bit to form some Vs so that they can fit in with the space and – more importantly – incorporate additional storage space.

2. Wall Shoe Shelves

Wall Shoe with Shelves

Limited space requires you to see potential spots that you can use to add more storage space.

Since you lack floor space, it would be a bad idea to invest in more racks or cubes to store your footwear. The best option would be purchasing – or even making – a wall-mounted shoe organizer.

This kind of wall shoe organizer is available in any home-improvement store. However, instead of splurging out on fancy shelves, why do you not just make one yourself?

To make a wall-mounted shelf for your shoes, you just need a plywood board, screws, and two L-brackets for extra support. You can stain, paint, or whitewash it to suit your style well.

3. Wall Shoe Holder Idea

Good Idea Wall Shoe Holder

You probably put your slippers on a shoe rack standing on the floor in the hallway or bathroom. It can get rid of clutter, but it takes up some valuable space. Now, it is time for you to swap it for stylish shoe holders.

They are rods that are screwed to the wall. Then you will have to slip your slippers into them, allowing the upper vamp to be stuck.

Since the upper vamps are stuck, the slippers will remain there and will not fall to the floor.

4. Copper Wall Shoe Rack

Awesome Copper Wall Shoe Rack

If you are into mid-century modern or industrial style, this copper wall-mounted shoe rack might be what you have been looking for.

This kind of rack is available in a home-improvement store. However, you can make it one from scratch.

To make this floating shoe rack, you need to pre-drill some holes on the wall and add anchors as needed. Then, begin to assemble the first wall mount using 3-floor flanges, copper fitting, copper pipe, and ‘T’ adaptor.

It will not as hard as you think because once the first mount is up, everything will be like a puzzle.

5. Wall Hanging Shoe Organizer

Amazing Wall Hanging Shoe Organizer

This adjustable wall shoe organizer will not only help you keep your footwear tidy, but also allow you to store your purses. It features wires that are bent to hold your shoes and slippers in place.

The good news is it is not only for walls but also for the door of your closet. If you do not have any wardrobe, you can just hang this wall shoe organizer behind your bedroom door.

6. Wall Upright Shoe Organizer

Nice Wall Upright Shoe Organizer

This is another adjustable wall shoe organizer that you can try. Instead of featuring a flat wood board on which you put your shoes, this rack is constructed from some thin wires that will prevent your footwear from slipping.

7. Closet Wall Shoe Organizer

walk-in Closet Wall Shoe Organizer

If you are lucky enough to have a walk-in closet, you can put your shoe rack in it. Unfortunately, if it is not that big, you have to do some tricks to save a lot of space. One of the best solutions is installing wall shoe organizers.

These wall shoe organizers are made of stainless steel, making them durable and long-lasting. You just need to screw them to the wall, and that is it!

8. Hacked Cubby

save your valuable floor space with Hacked Cubby

Well, maybe it is not a wall shoe organizer, but you can tweak it a little bit by screwing it to the wall so that it can float. As a result, you save your valuable floor space.

This is a cubby that has been turned into a shoe rack by adding a twist. To make this footwear organizer, you just need to drill some holes on both sides. After that, thread sturdy ropes through the holes. Screw the cubby to the wall, and you are good to go.

9. Transparent Hanging Wall Shoe Organizer

Vertical Transparent Hanging Wall Shoe Organizer

Do not let small space hinder you from getting things organized. If you lack floor space, just go vertical by tapping into your walls and doors.

This wall shoe organizer is your safe bet when it comes to saving some space. It consists of many transparent plastic pockets, which allows you to see what is being stored in it.

This kind of shoe organizer is extremely versatile. You can use it to store many other things, such as stuffed animals, toys, or even bathroom essentials that you usually use daily.

If you want to store shoes in it, just make sure that they are not wet and muddy because it does not have holes. As a result, excess water and dirt would be just trapped in it.

10. PVC Pipe Wall Shoe Organizer

Simply PVC Pipe Wall Shoe Organizer

If you want to get a cheap wall shoe organizer without the hassle, you can try this idea.
This wall shoe organizer is simply made of PVC pipes and heavy-duty adhesive. All you need to do is just cutting the pipes into several pieces. After that, glue them down to the wall. Try to use your creativity to arrange them so that they can form an intriguing pattern.

11. Repurposed Wood Crates

Nice Repurposed Wood Crates

Wood crates are extremely versatile. You can turn them into any furniture that you can think of, such as a coffee table, a spice rack, or even a wall shoe organizer.

You do not have to be an expert to make a wall shoe organizer from a wood crate. You just need to sand it down thoroughly to remove any splinter. After that, mount it by screwing it to the wall.

To make it more appealing, you can apply any finish as you wish. You can just stain it to accentuate the rustic look while keeping it long-lasting, or paint it the color of your choice.

12. Repurposed Rain Gutter

Repurposed Rain Gutter Cool

This is another unusual-yet-brilliant idea that you can use to make a wall shoe organizer.

Who would have guessed that a rain gutter could make a great wall-mounted shoe rack? What makes it wonderful is you do not need to break a sweat to install it.

All you need to do is screwing it to the wall, and that is it! To store your shoes in it, you have to slip them inside the gutter.

13. Foldable Wall Shoe Organizer

this piano-like wall shoe organizers

Nothing is more space-saving than a foldable shelf. It would be much better if it were adjustable.

Well, it is not only in your dream anymore because this piano-like wall shoe organizers will make this idea tangible.

Several strips of wood are screwed to the wall. You will just need to unfold some of them to create a platform on which you put your shoes.

If you do not use them, fold them back to their initial position so that they are flush against the wall and you can save more space.

14. Rustic Shoe Rack with Galvanized Hooks

Shoe Rack with Galvanized Hooks

If you love the rustic look, you need to try to make this shoe rack. You just need to get some boards, sand them down, and apply gel stain to accentuate the natural grain. Do not forget to add two coats of polyurethane to seal and make the finish long-lasting.

Once the finish is dry, screw galvanized hooks onto the boards. Attach the rack on the wall in your mudroom, and you are good to go.

Now, you can store your shoes neatly by hanging them upside down or tying the shoelaces on the hooks.

15. Wall Shoe Organizer from Old Skateboards

Shoe Organizer from Old Skateboards

The best way to get stylish wall shoe organizers on the cheap is by repurposing unused things that you have at home, one of which is your old skateboards.

Making a wall shoe organizer out of an old skateboard is just a piece of cake. You just need to remove the wheels and screw two L-brackets to the wall to support the skateboard.

To make it sturdier, you can screw the board to the brackets. By doing this, it will not slip and fall apart.

16. Pallet Wood Shoe Rack

Simply Pallet Wood Shoe Rack

Besides crates, Pallet wood is another versatile material that you can turn into anything you want. It can be a dining table, bed frame, bench; you name it! You can also make a wall shoe organizer from it.

You just need to remove the planks, cut them as necessary, sand them down thoroughly especially if you want to apply a certain finish, assemble the pieces using nails or screws, stain or paint it, and – finally – attach it to the wall.

17. Effortless Wire Shoe Rack

Awesome Effortless Wire Shoe Rack

Mudroom is prone to clutter because you can find muddy, dirty shoes scattered around the floor. To overcome this problem without taking up much of your time, you can try out this idea.

It is eminently simple. You just need to install hooks on the wall. After that, hang wire baskets using some threads on them. Simply put the shoes in.

The holes in the wire baskets will allow any excess water or mud to fall onto the floor instead of being trapped inside.

18. Industrial-Style Wall Shoe Organizer

Cool Industrial-Style Wall Shoe Organizer

If you are really into steampunk style that entails an industrial look, this idea is worth a try.

To make this wall shoe organizer, you will need some galvanized pipes and fittings, screws, and wooden boards. It would be better if they have a well-worn finish to accentuate the rustic look.

19. Hanging Planter Hack

Shoe Organizer Hanging Planter Hack

A hanging planter basket can do more than just holding beautiful flowers on your porch or patio. It can make a fantastic wall shoe organizer, too.

This wrought-iron hanging planter basket allows you to put your wet shoes in it. Just screw it on the wall in your porch so that you will not ruin your hallway with dirt.

The gaps in the basket allow the mud to fall and prevent the shoes to be damp.

20. DIY Wooden Dowel Shoe Rack

DIY Wooden Dowel Shoe Rack

This DIY idea is super easy and can be done within a day. You just need to prepare a wooden board, dowels, screws, and any finish you like.

Begin with sanding the board to remove any annoying splinters as well as making it smoother. After that, you need to drill some holes for the dowels using a bit.

To make it easier, you can use a nail or screw to make a little indentation that prevents the drill bit from jumping or traveling. Next, place the dowels in each hole. Attach the rack to the wall. Finally, store your shoes and boots by hanging them upside down.

21. Tin Can Shoe Rack

Brilliant Tin Can Shoe Rack

Do you have many tin cans at home? Do not throw them away as you can give them a second life by turning them into inexpensive shoe racks.

To make this kind of shoe rack, you need to attach the tin cans to a wooden board that has been sanded previously. After that, screw it to the wall.

Those are some brilliant wall shoe organizer ideas that are worth the try. You can get them at the home-improvement store near you, but you can always use your creativity and a little bit of hard work to make one on the cheap.

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