15 Patterned Stair Carpet Ideas You Will Admire

The stairway is one of the most essential home parts. However, many homeowners often ignore it. That’s the reason staircases typically look tired and dull. If you want to jazz yours up, take a gander at these patterned stair carpet ideas.

Carpeting delivers warmth and texture to space, especially when put on a gorgeous staircase. With an extra pop of color, it can complete the interior and connect two different areas.

Speaking of staircase carpet coverage, there are full carpet and runner. The first one is suitable for homeowners who deal with drafts. Meanwhile, the latter is normally added to hardwood stairs since it can reduce noise.

Here, we have gathered up some striking patterned carpet designs for the staircase. From vivid blue stars to classic stripes, there must be at least one idea that steals your heart.

1. Contemporary Carpets for Stairs

Great Contemporary Stairs with white walls

Pictured above is a completely carpeted staircase. The custom made carpet itself showcases repetitive patterns. Not only do they represent contemporary style, but also offer maximum comfort underfoot.

The staircase carpet has muted colors. That’s why it does not overwhelm the small hallway. Moreover, the repetitive patterns draw the eye in no time. They spice up the otherwise plain space.

Crisp white wall, newel post, and balustrade allow the patterned carpet to stand out even more. They produce a clean and airy environment, too.

An area rug tops the rustic wood floor. It displays the same patterns and evokes a sense of cohesiveness as well. The wooden handrail and chair fill the room with homey vibes.

2. Patterned Carpet with Recessed Lighting

Patterned Carpet with Recessed Lighting

In this example, the subtly patterned carpets are entirely installed both on the stairs and hallway flooring. They elongate the hall area and create visual interest without making the room feel heavy.

The staircase itself leads down to the cozy and open social zone. Carpeting boasts fabulous rope patterns. Since the carpets come in a subdued neutral shade, they contrast beautifully with dark wood railings and furniture.

Furthermore, stair risers feature recessed lighting. It does not only provide additional illumination but also adds a modern flair and elegance to the room. Both carpets and light fixtures turn the empty hallway into a welcoming space.

3. Red Patterned Stair Carpet

Nice Red Patterned Carpet

If the rest of the entrance or hallway employs hardwood flooring, opting for a staircase runner is a great option. Unlike regular patterned stair carpet, it gives warmth underfoot and reduces unwanted noise.

Daring patterns in bold colors are making a huge comeback in 2020. Intense shades effectively can produce an outstanding feature out of the tiny area and generate a head-turning statement.

Here, the patterned stair runner comes in dark red. It showcases oriental patterns and looks terrific on the light-toned wood flooring.

Moreover, the red patterned stair runner lends the hallway a classic appeal. Pure white balustrade and wall panel imparts a light feeling.

4. Simple Stair Carpet Runner

Simple Stair Carpet Runner

Many people find carpeting old-fashioned. However, the picture above proves that the carpet on a particular staircase can be lovely and modern as well. Choosing safety and comfort does mean you have to sacrifice style.

This staircase carpeting is far from outdated. The stairs boast straight lines and sharp edges for a trendy look. Instead of an ordinary patterned stair carpet, the homeowner adorned her stairway with a trendy light gray runner.

White walls and risers set an open ambiance, while dark wood treads provide a high contrast to them. The stair runner comes with simple patterns. It exudes a calm atmosphere and maintains the room’s minimalist feeling.

The patterned stair carpet is utilized as a runner in the waterfall installation style. This offers a warm feel underfoot and an extra grip since the staircase’s edges are not contoured.

5. Soft Neutral Monotone with Berber Stair Carpet

Soft Neutral Monotone with Berber

If you aren’t into vibrant colors, give this patterned stair carpet idea a try. As the image shows, the Berber carpeting introduces a soft, subdued tone that fits in perfectly with the overall interior.

Berber itself is such a versatile staircase carpet style. Additionally, it works well in various decor types.

Many people usually associate Berber carpet with basement home offices and game rooms. Now, it is a famous option for all home areas.

Even though the Berber patterned stair carpet has a monotone color scheme, it does not look monotonous at all. On the other hand, it emanates a relaxed feel and an inviting scene.

Furthermore, the waffle patterns are continued on the flooring. They pull two floors together and make the hall appear more expansive than it truly is.

6. Blue Patterned Stair Carpet

wooden staircase with star carpet

Your existing stairway seems slightly tatty. Bring it back to life by installing a blue star-spangled stair carpet. It injects an eclectic touch into the angled staircase design.

The blue star patterned stair carpet is used as a staircase runner. Not only does the carpeting adds texture and an invigorating pop of color to the area, but also rounds out the interior. It offsets the light-wood flooring and white walls, too.

Moreover, a blue stair runner converts a plain hallway into a fun space. In addition to that, it exhibits a cheerful ambiance instantly. The flooring and wall let bold carpet pop.

Since the stair carpet is made from woven wool. It can naturally keep stains away and conceal soil marks. However, you will have to remove them quickly.

7. Patterned Carpet Stair Treads

wooden staircase to match with elegant wooden floor

Instead of going for a carpeted staircase, you should purchase carpet stair treads. Those pieces create a homey atmosphere while elevating the room. They also showcase the elegant hardwood flooring.

Carpet stair treads are commonly non-skid. They ensure the safety of your family, children, and friends. Furthermore, those items can turn any slippery stairs into the slip-resistant steps.

If you have pets, carpet stair treads are such a good bet. Since the carpeting provides desirable traction, it encourages your furry friends to take the staircase confidently.

These dark patterned carpet staircase treads are not suitable for a small hallway. However here, large proportions allow them to make a dramatic effect.

8. Modern Stair Carpet Ideas

Modernizing the stairway in your home

Modernizing the stairway in your home doesn’t need to involve a major renovation. Just paint the staircase and walls white. They generate a fresh look and keep the space airy as well as bright.

Do not forget to install a patterned stair carpet with stripes on the staircase. Here, the item has beige and black shades. The clean background and walls let it become the focus of attention.

Moreover, the sophisticated stripes create a lasting impression that won’t get out of trend. In addition to drawing the eye, they elongate the space. The short hallway seems bigger and longer.

The patterned stair carpet boasts ornamental stair rods. Since the pieces have a chrome finish, they lend the area a stylish appeal.

Black flooring reinsures the space with visual depth. It is a nice, drastic contrast to the white staircase. Diagonal checkered patterns on the floor bring extra interest to the room.

9. Herringbone Patterned Stair Carpet Ideas

Herringbone Patterned Stair Carpet Ideas

If you love minimalist interior, try this idea. Here, the monochrome carpeting on the staircase complements a posh, ultra-modern room. It adds a touch of subtle texture and focal point to space as well.

Unlike the full patterned stair carpet, this staircase runner helps reduce noise as you climb up and down the hardwood steps. It provides a cozy feel underfoot and additional grip, too.

Not every hallway or entrance can accommodate an intricately patterned stair carpet, but this area has grand proportions. That’s why it allows for herringbone patterns.

White balustrade and risers evoke a sense of openness. They develop an airy ambiance as well. The hardwood flooring carves an intimate feeling. It balances out the cool tones and prevents the space from becoming too chilly.

10. Polka Dot Patterned Stair Carpet

Polka Dot Patterned Stair Carpet

Talking about the best carpet for stairs, look no further than polka dot patterned staircase runner in candy pink. It gives your vintage style hallway a great finishing touch.

The polka dot patterned stair carpets are also available in gray, blue, green, and yellow to fit all color schemes. Since the units are constructed from 20% nylon and 80% wool, they ooze comfort in an instant.

Speaking of cleaning, this polka dot stair carpet runner is still practical. It hides unpleasant soil marks from sight, too. Gold detailing infuses the space with glamor.

The candy pink carpet with polka dots also covers the floor. It exudes a feeling of continuity between two separate floors.

Crisp white staircase and walls open up the room. Water jugs and boots serve as flower vases. The classic telephone and whitewashed table fill the area with some vintage charm.

11. Chevron Patterned Carpet for Stairs

Chevron Patterned Carpet for Stairs

This clean stairway employs a chevron-patterned stair carpet runner. The stuff comes in earth tones. It instantly crafts a visual interest and a serene environment. Moreover, carpeting enlivens the otherwise empty and stark space.

The stair runner is constructed from tweed. This hardwearing material enables you to get a long-term charmer. Furthermore, the flatweave technique ensures that the carpet has maximum durability.

As you see, chevron-patterned carpet runner steals the show, thanks to white background and wall. They also develop an airy setting and evoke a sense of cleanliness.

Wood flooring, newel post, and balustrade are a captivating contrast to the crisp white elements. They do not just emanate an inviting atmosphere as you go upstairs and downstairs, but also make your guests feel welcome.

12. Persian Patterned Carpet for Stairs and Landing

Persian Patterned Carpet for Stairs and Landing

In this example, the patterned stair carpet combines teal and blue. Those versatile colors lend the hallway vibrancy and a fresh appearance.

The rich patterns in bold shades create a mind-blowing statement. They effortlessly convert the often-overlooked hall into a lively space.

Furthermore, this Persian-inspired stair carpet brings exotic vibes into the room. The striking patterns are also adopted on the flooring to develop the illusion of one integrated area.

The landings are also topped with Persian carpeting. They provide warmth and coziness underfoot. Meanwhile, the off-white background keeps the entire look open and bright.

Dark-toned wood handrail injects a bit of intimacy into space. Large windows allow ample daylight to pass through. What a magnificent hallway!

13. Floral Patterned Stair Carpet Ideas

Floral Patterned Stair Carpet Ideas

If you want to experiment with vivid colors and bold patterns, the hallway is a perfect place. The intense hues can create a major statement in a small space.

One of the latest carpet trends for stairs is psychedelic floral patterns. They do not only infuse energy and eclecticism into the room but also generate a wow factor.

Another great option is installing this classically patterned stair carpet with highly ornamental floral patterns or popularly known as Liberty Prints. It is not so overpowering, thanks to the minimal surface area.

The dark gray background allows the chic multicolored flowers to shine. Moreover, floral patterns tie two spaces together.

14. Sisal Carpet Runner for Stairs

Sisal Carpet Runner for Stairs

This space employs a patterned sisal carpet runner. It lends the interior warmth and nature-inspired texture. Furthermore, the carpeting nicely complements the textured wallpaper and flooring.

Sisal itself is one of the most long-lasting carpet materials. It works perfectly in a busy home. If you decorate your interior in a coastal theme, this type of staircase carpeting is a go-to option for sure.

In this picture, pure white background lets that sisal carpet runner become the centerpiece. The red stripes elongate the space and steal the attention in a flash. They keep the room from being lifeless and boring.

15. Dark Patterned Stair Carpet

Dark Patterned Stair Carpet

Your hallway has huge proportions. That means it can delightfully take dark-colored carpeting. Do not hesitate to lay a black and white carpet for stairs on. The unit certainly offers visual drama while hiding tiny scuffs from sight.

Pure white walls and risers give the patterned carpet license to catch the eye. Dark-painted hardwood stair treads impressively contrast with them.

That classic floral patterns on the stair carpet tie in the black spiral features of the nearby balustrade. They produce a seamless look.

We hope those patterned stair carpet ideas inspire you. The pictures in this gallery prove that carpeting is both appealing and functional. There is no reason not to incorporate it into your interior.

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