Open Telecom Documentation

The following are manuals are developer documentation (as opposed to internals documentation, for which you'll have to rely on the source files...). You can also find a range of related, possibly interesting, manuals on the Natural MicroSystems Developer's Support group's "Natural Edge" web server.

For both an overview and details on both low-level and higher-level Hot Swap software:
Hot Swap Developer's Manual
Hot Swap Manager Develop's Reference Manual

For overview and details on the Point-to-Point Switching (PPX) Service:
Point-to-Point Switching Service Developer's Reference Manual

For the device driver level circuit switching interface, see:
CT Bus (ECTF H.100 & H.110) Switching Device Driver Specification

There is a Hot Swap API Function specification here: HotSwap Function API This should allow you to communicate to HotSwap Drivers in an OS independent fashion.

For details on the CT Access computer telephony software framework:
CT Access Developer's Reference Manual

To add new services within the CT Access framework, see:
CT Access Service Writer's Manual

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