PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group Moves to Sponsor Open Source Initiatives to Promote Usability of PICMG Specifications, Including CompactPCI


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WAKEFIELD, Mass., March 9, 1999 At the March 4 PICMG Executive Members meeting in Los Angeles, PICMG voted to endorse the Open Source for Open Telecom initiative recently announced by Natural MicroSystems and others. The initiative is aimed at providing the public, in source code form, the hot swap software infrastructure for CompactPCI and the software for telecom circuit switching and resource management using the CT Bus (H.100/H.110), specified in PICMG's CompactPCI Computer Telephony Specification.

"PICMG is strongly in favor of this type of initiative because it gives a great boost to the adoption of our technologies. It helps both the vendor and customer communities," said Rob Davidson of Ziatech, PICMG's Vice President of Marketing.

In addition, the PICMG Executive membership voted to authorize the officers of the organization to bring the initiative into the PICMG sphere of activities, as a model for future software enhancement efforts. This will add to PICMG's effectiveness in promoting the rapid adoption of new technologies.

In the same meeting, a new committee was proposed to specify software APIs and specific implementations of CompactPCI Hot Swap. "This is an extension of PICMG's activities in the hardware arena and, by using the same procedures, it should result in the same high caliber of specifications being defined within a short time," according to Dick Somes of Compaq, the PICMG Technical Officer.

"The Open Source model and the specification model both have their places in PICMG," said Joe Pavlat of Motorola, PICMG President. "They will complement each other in providing both definition and implementation details."

"Our customers and prospects are widely adopting CompactPCI for next-generation telecommunications systems," said R. Brough Turner, Natural MicroSystems' Senior Vice President, Technology. "We've offered our source code and started the Open Source for Open Telecom initiative in an effort to reduce interoperability issues and increase the sharing of knowledge, in order to speed deployment of CompactPCI-based Open Telecommunications systems."


PICMG was founded in May, 1994 as a consortium of industrial computer product vendors, with the mission of developing specifications for PCI-based systems and boards to be used in industrial and telecommunications applications. PICMG also conducts periodic product compatibility workshops for its membership. PICMG members now number more than 450 companies worldwide, at three membership levels: Executive, Associate, and Affiliate.

For information about PICMG membership, or to find out how to obtain PICMG specifications, visit the PICMG website at http://www.picmg.org or call PICMG headquarters at (781) 246-9318.


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