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Subject:   New Linux driver and libraries

Hello fellow developers.

First of all let me apologize for not having written sooner. The reason is that I have been trying to get a clean build of a CTACCESS 2.1 release for Linux.

I have updated the Opentelecom source tree to reflect the changes made for linux. I have also added a tar ball that will install all binary versions of NMS's libraries that support CTACCESS 2.1 Some of these libraries are not yet under open source, so for now you will not be able to build these yourselves.

A few words about the driver:

The Linux driver depends on the LiS open source streams package put out by gcom (, their excellent package faithfully reproduces the behavior of streams in linux. Without this package it would have taken a lot longer to arrive at a working linux driver. However because it is yet another thing to keep track off, and because it is yet another thing to obtain, install etc. one of the things in my agenda is to replace this driver with a standard vanilla character based driver, however this is in the future.

For now in order to use the linux CT driver, you must obtain the LiS package from gcom at the above URL. The version that was current when we got it was 1.25.

The linux driver was written to work with kernels 2.2.1 and above ( yes I know that the odd kernels are considered unstable ). You can obtain the latest kernel from S.u.S.E or Red Hat web sites. Install the new kernel first and then install the LiS package.

Run the Configuration script taking the default values for all except queuing, this should be answered "b".

Once configured run make to build the LiS package.

Go to the directory of the CT driver, you will find this at: <src_root>/software/drv/ag/streams/linux

Edit the "Configure" file to reflect the boards in your system and run make.

The Makefile will associate the aghw, agsw, agmx, ag95sw files with the streams package and leave the streams module ready to be loaded.

At this point you can install the driver(s) by issuing a
   insmod streams

Look at the /var/log/messages file to see the driver banner as it is loaded onto the kernel.

Driver limitations:

At this point there is a bug in the driver that prevents it from working with NMS PCI cards, I will release an update when I have solved this problem.

Updating your software tree:

If you populated the source tree by using the P4 agent, all you should have to do now is to perform a "p4 sync" command from the root of the source tree.

If you used the tar balls found at our web site, you have to obtain the update tar ball ( update-0330-99.tgz ), and overlay this on your source tree. Be careful because with this method you may loose any modifications that you may have made to the files being overlaid.

Binary Package for NMSs libraries:

At this point in time I have not had time to generate an RPM package for the NMS package. This is coming in the near future, however for now you can obtain the "pkgCTACCESS2_1_LINUX.tgz" file and expand this from the root directory. This file exists in the directory.

You can set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable to point to /opt/nms/lib when you are done, or you can create an entry in the /etc/ file and run "ldconfig" to tell the linker where to find these libraries.

The executables found in this tar ball will work with the driver. You have to obtain the source for the driver separately and meet the kernel and streams package requirements in order to load this driver.

I will document the process better however I know that some of you are eagerly awating this package and therefore I must put it out now and document later.


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