Open Source Initiative Addemdum

Initial Contributors to the Open Source for Open Telecom Initiative

Addendum to the March 2, 1999 press release titled "Natural MicroSystems Launches Open Source for Open Telecom Initiative"
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Motorola Computer Group

"The Open Source for Open Telecommunications initiative will play a major role in moving the telecommunications industry forward," said Cousy Maher, director of business development for Motorola Computer Group's Telecommunications Business. "We're pleased to join Natural MicroSystems in this effort to bring vendors together for the benefit of our development partners and our customers. This initiative promises to set a standard for interoperability and will help the growth of next-generation telephony services through mission-critical platforms like CompactPCI."


"Ericsson has released one of its development and run-time platforms for open systems, Erlang/OTP, as Open Source," said Mike Williams, director of open system platforms for Ericsson. "We believe that releasing telecom software as Open Source stimulates growth of the telecom industry as a whole, and all of us, including Ericsson benefit from a growing market."

Lucent Technologies Microelectronics Group

"Lucent is pleased to join this initiative and strongly believes it will serve as a key source of momentum for driving future innovations from the development community," said Ed Cavanagh, product manager for Lucent's Microelectronics Group. "The telecommunications industry will reap the benefit from this effort and it will promote widespread support for strategic technologies."

Additional Industry Support for the Open Source for Open Telecom Initiative

Clarent Corporation

"This initiative emphasizes the 'open' in open telecommunications," said Mike Vargo, chief technical officer and co-founder, Clarent Corporation, a leading IP telephony technology supplier to mainstream carriers and service providers world wide. "Open Source for Open Telecom technologies from Natural Microsystems will enhance our ability to leverage best-of-breed technologies and simplify the integration of multi-vendor solutions. This helps Clarent deliver more cost-effective solutions and gives us the ability to bring these solutions to market quickly."

Santa Cruz Operation

"SCO applauds Natural MicroSystems for driving the growth of open, standards based computing for the telecommunications market," said Ray Anderson, senior vice president of marketing at SCO. "We look forward to contributing to this effort and helping to energize the innovation of new telecoms solutions built on UnixWare 7 and CompactPCI."

Sun Microsystems

"Sun Microsystems is strongly committed to supporting developers of high-performance, high-availability solutions for the telecommunications market," said Jeff Veis, group marketing manager for Sun Microsystems. "Initiatives like Open Source for Open Telecom, which are designed to make development and achieving interoperability more efficient, are a positive step for the growth of open systems-based solutions in the network infrastructure. We applaud the initiative and look forward to continuing our strategic relationship with Natural MicroSystems and other leading technology providers in support of this market."

Brooktrout Technology

"The Open Source for Open Telecom initiative is an aggressive move to accelerate development and deployment of enhanced services and infrastructure solutions," said Eric Giler, president of Brooktrout Technology. "High availability is clearly a requirement. Access to proven source code promises substantial advantages for technology suppliers, including improved interoperability, shorter development cycles and quicker return on investment."

Treillage Network Strategies

"Everyone from telecommunications companies to customers benefit from open standards that make developing new, revenue-generating voice and data services more time- and cost-effective," said Deb Mielke, president of Treillage Network Strategies, Inc., a leading consulting organization providing services to incumbent and next-generation carriers, network equipment providers and enterprises. "The lack of such standards at the systems level in the telecommunications industry means that application developers, systems integrators and the telcos spend significant amounts of unproductive time wrestling with proprietary code and interface issues. Efforts like Open Source for Open Telecommunications promise to help remedy that for all parties involved, ultimately enabling customers to get access to value-add solutions faster -- and with a substantially higher degree of interoperability."

International Data Corporation

"The telecommunications sector has yet to enjoy the tremendous adoption of open standards-based hardware and software that the PC industry has experienced," said Tom Valovic, research manager, International Data Corporation. "The convergence of voice and data networks, coupled with the demand for faster time-to-market for new service offerings, is forcing that situation to change for the better. The Open Source for Open Telecom initiative is an example of this change."


"Ziatech is pleased to join Natural MicroSystems in this initiative to achieve the next level of compatibility and interoperability for CompactPCI", said Jim Medeiros, Ziatech product marketing manager. "As the creator of the CompactPCI concept, Ziatech has shown how a collective process to define standards rapidly improves the speed of its adoption. Open Source will extend the reach and adoption of CompactPCI within several lucrative and growing markets. By providing an open environment, developers and integrators can quickly adapt CompactPCI to applications that demand quick time-to-market and robust operation."

Force Computers

"The Open Source initiative will make it easier for customers to integrate mission-critical technologies such as CompactPCI into service provider solutions for high availability applications." said Chris Williams, vice president of marketing for Force Computers.

Pigeon Point Systems

"Pigeon Point Systems whole-heartedly endorses the Open Source for Open Telecom initiative," said Mark Overgaard, president of Pigeon Point Systems. "We led development of the software aspects of the PICMG hot swap specification and have supported Natural MicroSystems, Motorola and the PICMG membership with market-leading hot swap enabling software on multiple OS platforms. We're delighted that this work can contribute to accelerating the overall growth of the CompactPCI market and look forward to assisting other companies in applying this valuable repository of open source."

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